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Ackermann Tom
Gwanda/Bulawayo/Gwelo/Marandellas/Bindura/Fort Victoria Mens University :)
BSAP .... Cold Storage Commision Bulawayo ... Nuanetsi/ Beitbridge
Acton Geof
G'Day Georgina!
I started life in Nyasaland in 1949 and was raised and schooled there apart from a couple years in the UK.
Dad was in the Nyasaland Police, and later Malawi Police force.
Returned to work in Malawi from 68 to 71, and moved to Rhodesia from 71 to 74.
Lived in Avondale & Park Meadowlands in Salisbury.
Spent most of my time in the bush surveying powerlines for CAPCO, from Que to Wankie
was the most memorable one - through the National Park was fantastic.
1974 to the UK to qualify, then 79 to Papua New Guinea for 3 years.83 - 85 back to Africa, Maseru,
Lesotho this time.85 to 86. The Cayman Islands, 87 - 88 Saint Lucia, 88 to 92 Qatar, through Gulf War.
In 92 I drove back to UK through Saudi, Jordan, Syria, Turkey,Yugoslavia,Hungary, Slovakia, Poland,
Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France.
In 95 I finally got my immigration papers for Oz and spent 4 years in Perth, then a couple in Kalgoorlie,
& finally came to rest here in Northern Queensland.
It's great, but there was never anywhere like Salisbury, Rhodesia - "Bamba Zonke".
God bless all Rhodesians and Zimbabweans - the Tyrant's end will come!
Congratulations on a great site, G!!
Addison Tim
Born 1958 Salisbury.
Hatfield Junior School then Allan Wilson High.
Worked BSAP (CID) until 1980 then to South Africa.
Moved to Sydney Australia in 2000. Now living near Port Macquarie on the Holiday Coast of NSW.
Have 3 sons (all in Sydney) and 2 brothers (Mike and Paul) also in Sydney - plus
loads of other family here.
Australias Great - Love It!
Andrews Melissa (nee Hines)
Brilliant site!!
Born in Rhodesia in 1971, grew up in Waterfalls.
Went to Frank Johnson Junior, Bothashof High and Hatfield Girls High.
Married Steve Andrews in 1990, thereafter 16 years of doing expatriate contracts in Botswana, Malawi, Ethiopia, NZ, UK.
Immigrated to Aus with our two kids Schelley (16) and Codey (9) in August 2006 and ended up in sunny Queensland.
Loving it although I still miss the colours of the Msasa's in Spring and the smell of the bush after the rain.
Steve went to Frank Johnson and Lord Malvern for school.
If you know us drop us a line, would love to hear from you.... we're both on FB as well!
Atkins Arthur
Born Byo1956. St Christopher Junior school Gwanda. Milton Senior.
Left 1974. Army intake 147.
Worked for Wankie Colliery.
Austen Graham
Born,lived and schooled in QueQue.
Left Zim and lived in Botswana for 18 years.
Singapore for a while now living in Western Australia
Austin Morny (Muriel) (nee Hiscock)
Salisbury - Belvedere 1975 - 1979
Baldwin Ann
Hartley Primary and Jameson High School.
Banks Doug
Worked: RLI.
Barthorpe Joan
Lived Highlands.
Attended Roosevelt Girls High 1970-1974.
Worked for Standard Bank Cecil Square.
Bartlett Dennis
Moved to Oz in March 12.
Would love to connect with other Zimbos over here (Sunshine Coast specifically).
From Bulawayo, lived in Percy Ave (5A) Hillside initially, then Paddonhurst (Reading Ave), and Hillside (4A Napier).
Went to Marula School 1968-69, then Milton Junior (1970-73) and Senior (1974-1979).
Belstead Susan
Went to school in Thornhill, Umtali Girls High and Eveline High.
Trained as a nurse in Gwelo.
Left Rhodesia in 1981 after getting married to David Openshaw,
Bennett Michael
BSAP 1965-68 Swift transport until 1981
Bennett Peter
Went to Oriel Boys High.
Sometime at Henry Low school in Bulawayo.
Worked for Safmarine.
Berry Grant
Hello there!
I'm ex Marlborough Primary & High schools, plus ex Ellis Robins, Bothashof/Eaglesvale.
Worked at Philips Electrical, and STC.
Moved to UK in 2000, then to sunny Australia in 2003.
Best Christopher
Hillside primary 64 - 65.
Hamilton 66 - 70.
City of Bulawayo Electricity Department 71 - 75.
Railways Running Sheds.
City of Harare Department of Works 81 - 89.
Perth Western Australia 89 - 94, moved to Karratha then to Port Hedland in 2001 still here.
Bester Charles Daniel
Shabani born and bred,went to Fort Vic High.
Had good fun in the army!!
Bester Ian
Eduacated at Churchill Boy's High Salisbury. Married to Trish.
Two daughters. Heather and Tracey.
Moved to Sydney in 1981. Would love to hear from any ex rhodies.
Bezuidenhout Heather (nee Trenchard)
Left Salisbury in 1977 - lived in East London South Africa and from late 1999.
Moved over to Brisbane - get in touch if you remember me.
Bingham Greg
Went to school all over Rhodesia incl.Godrey Huggins (3 times !);Chiredzi,Hatfield,Ruwa, Hugh Beadle,
Sir John Kennedy, Hugh Beadle, Northlea & finally Mrandellas High from 1974-1978;
Army 1978 -1980 and then moved back to Byo.
Left Byo to Perth, Australia in 2002.
Married with son & daughter aged 21 & 19.
Miss Africa & its wonderful people !
Blackburn Robin
Born Gatooma.
Junior school Reps 1948 to 51 then Allan Wilson to 57.
Went to college in UK 1958.
Joined Brit Army 1961.
Blackwell Richard
Born in Bombay,India 1946 and moved to Salisbury when 2 weeks old.
Kumalo Byo St.Micheal's Sby and finally Northlea High Byo.
Moved to Sydney 1977, love it here.
Would like to hear from any one who attended Northlea from 1959 - 1963
Blair Allan
Went to Hallingbury, Avonlea Primary, then Marlborough High.
Left Zimb 1991, 8 yrs Cape Town, 3 yrs UK and now in Perth.
Married, 2 daughters.
Blyth Christopher
Lived at Eiffel Blue Farm, near Eiffel Flats, 1943-68.
Went Ruzawi School, Marandellas 1951-55, then Plumtree School, Plumtree, 1956-60.
Booth Caroline
I went to Vainona Primary School, then went to Mount Pleasant High School in the 1970's.
Am particularly looking to re-connect with Neil Horne and Mark Fynes-Clinton & friends of mine through my brother
Lawrence Booth, 2 years older than me, including Peter Brown, Paul Walker, Rory Croghan and
any others who hung out in that general crowd.
Am generally fairly difficult to get hold of, but PLEASE email me and I will answer back!!
Also looking for Gary Curtis...
Booy Ken
Visit my website
Courtney Selous and Admiral Tate junior school then onto Guinea Fowl senior in 1962.
Been in Perth since 1986 and having a ball.
Married to Marlene (nee Stander) with 2 sons: Sean now 36 and Lee now 26.
Self Employed and life has never been better.
Booyens Duella (Ella)
Lived in Queensdale.
Booyens Graham
Lived in Greendale.
Boyd-Moss Duncan
Born Salisbury 1959.
Widdecombe and Cranborne schools.
BSAP 78 to 80 -Mabelreign, SB Matabeleland and Rhodesville.
Married to Carol and have two wonderful sons - Keegan 23 and Mitchell 20.
Living in Melbourne since 2002.
Bradley Louise (nee Jennings)
Went to Umtali Girls High till 73.Then to UND.
Married Sean Bradley in 77.
Lived in Sipolilo and Salisbury.
Then transferred to Joburg to Rhodesian Trade Mission.
Left SA in Jan 03 for NZ.Sean transferred to Brisbane, with Coke, 08.
Brandt Mike
Ellis Robins until 1969.
Lived in Salisbury and Umtali , family from Bulawayo, and still there.
Came to Australia 1980.
Would love to catch up with old friends.
Thank you for the site , a great idea.
Brink Roiseen (ne) Marriott
Born Bulawayo 1943. Eductaion: Byo Convent, Baines, Eveline.
Cape Town Technical College to do Commercial Teacher's Course.
Taught Marandellas High 1964, 65.
Married Len Brink (engineering surveyor with Main Roads) 1966 - lived Tokwe River, Figtree, Shamva,
Fort Victoria and Salisbury.
Emigrated to Brisbane Aus. 1981, now living in Far North Queensland.
Broughton Carole and Graham
Graham was at Umtali and Milton.
Carole (Gilbert) at Baines and Northlea in Bulawayo.
Lived in Byo, Gatooma and Fort Vic
Just about to leave South Africa for Victoria, Australia
Bruens Merimy (nee Waters)
Have lived in Tasmania since 83, love it.
Own an interior decorating, curtain and blind business.
Children, Ryan and TAryn. & grandchildren Max and Stephanie.
Love to hear from old Chaplin/Gwelo/Redcliff/Que Que friends.
Bruggemann Ian
Born in Luanshya Northern Rhodesia (Zambia). Lived in Kranskop Natal midlands, Durban, Greytown, Johannesburg.
Moved to Sydney Australia in 1974 and married an Australian.
Have lived in Coffs Harbour and Geelong Victoria but mostly in Sydney.
Have a son and daughter from the first marriage, an adopted son and daughter from my second marriage and
now have another son born April 2002.
Have been in all aspects of retail and ahve travelled extensivly, UK France,United Arab Emirates, Taiwan,
Hong Kong and have met many people from all over the world.
Currently work at Sydney International Airport as Logistics and Supply chain manager
for 18 duty free outlets within the airport.
Buckie Paul
Originally from Harare, junior schooled at Godfrey Huggins in Marandellas till 1979 then senoir schooled at Churchill in Harare.
Left Zim in 1989 to go to the UK, then skipped UK to land in Aus in 2007.
Buisman Ugalene
I am trying to find information on my biological parents, and the only info I have is the following:-
Father may have worked at the "Three Monkeys Inn" Marrandallas, around 1967/68/69 period.
He may be from England,
May also have farmed a tobacco farm in the same area.

I believe that both my mother and her brother Bruce was adopted with the surname of De Kock or Kok.

Bruce worked for Barclays bank in Johannesburg where he moved to.
I am presuming he worked for Barclays in Zimbabwe.

My mother's name is Madelene Janet De Kock (spelling could also be De Kok).
Madelene left Rhodesia late 1968 or beginning of 1969 and went to South Africa before she gave birth to me in July 1969.
She may be known as Janet and may have attended the Marrandellas High School around 1963/1964

Any information would be greatly appreciated, so that I can have closure to this chapter in my life.
Bulloch Nevill
Born Salisbury 26.3.59.
Grew up on Halstead Farm near Mermaids Pool (Chinamora TTL Border)Highlands Junior School, Oriel Boys High School.
Rhodesian Army 1978 - 1980 Operation Hurricane & Operation Grapple, Pilot Mashonaland Flying Club.
Member Mashonaland Skydiving Club.
Worked for Nedlaw, Philips, DHL, UTC & Shearwater.
Cain Clinton
Lived in Fort Victoria, BSAP Rural.
Now happy in Brisbane, Australia, but miss the wildlife and old days in Africa...
Campbell Watt Andrew
Prince Edward High School Salisbury 1958.
Rhodes University 1963 - 1967
Perth Western Australia 1982 to present time
Carter Antony (Tony)
Lived in Melfort then Goromonzi.
Godfrey Huggins 54/56.
Churchill 57/60.
Guinea Fowl 60/63.
Served with the RAF as a Navigator on Canberras 64/71.
Migrated to Australia 1971.
Married 3 sons.
Wife Diane Southon (aka Downing, Paterson).
Live in Lota, Brisbane, Queensland.
Carter Diane(nee Southon aka Downing, Paterson)
Visit my website
Lord Malvern 59/63 (Head Girl 63)
TTC, Bulawayo 64/66.
Teaching until 2006 when I retired.
Also Deputy Head Hillcrest, Umtali 87/02.
Head Mvurachena, Chipinge 02/06.
Daughters with Geoff Downing Alison and Jenna . Alison passed away 2007 Pancreatic cancer.
6 Grandchildren.
Eloped with my first boyfriend Tony Carter (ex GFS) of 1963 in 2006.
Am now a professional speaker and author Dare to Live Trust Yourself and Get a Life Dare to Succeed
Now living in Lota, Brisbane.
Casale Richard
Lived in Ndola Zambia, 1948-1977.
Went to St Georges College, 1958-1964. Am now living in Brisbane (for the past 3 months).
Glad to hear from any old friends!
Clair Vaughn
Visit my website
From Bulawayo, Baines and Northlea School.
Now in Brisbane Australia.
Clay Annette (nee Guernier)
Went to Dominican Convent Bulawayo from 1956 to 1964.
Worked at H Oldham & Sons from 1964 - 1967, then spent two years in the UK.
Returned and lived in Salisbury for six months before heading down to Jo'burg for 3 years, then Durban for 11 years before moving to
Far North Queensland Australia in 1984.
28 years in Cairns and now retired to Atherton ... love it!!
Colby Jones Gary
St. Georges 1962-1968
Cole Michael
Collins Karen (Gibson)
Visit my website
Grew up in Melsetter; High school - UGHS; worked in Harare
Run the Zimbabwe Situation website to inform the world of what is happening there and keep
Rhodesians and Zimbabweans up to date with whatever news we can find.
Connor Frank
Ex Redcliff, worked at Risco, went to Byo Tech and was in Intake 140. Left Rhodesia in 1976.
Worked in USA, UK, Europe, Middle east, North Afica, South Africa, SE Asia and now resident in Perth.
Cosgrave Mom Doreen,Jimmy, Norah ,Susan
Check info in Johnston Anne.
Cottier Merlene (ne Young)
Went to Northlea High School worked in Bulawayo for Bestobell.
Left and spent 8 years in Durban, then 4 years in Sussex UK.
Now live in Perth, Australia, would love to make contact with any family and friends.
Coulson Joy
Live on the Bluff. Born in Durban SA - lived in Bulawayo from 1965 - 1975.
Been involved in the Scout Movement and was cub leader at 3rd Bulawayo Airscouts.
Thats where I met my husband Bob Coulson -married and have two son of our own and Bob as three children.
We now live in Queensland Australia having come over in 1979.
I am still in the Scout Movement and we are now retired.
Cousins David
Born Bulawayo 1945
Milton School(Junior and High)
Worked on Rhodesian Railways.
Cousins Lesley (nee Masters)
Born 1948.
Lived in Bulawayo.
Schools Baines Junior and Northlea High.
Pipe Band.
Living in Australia since 1978.
Cox Michael
Lived in Umtali and Bulawayo.
Attended Henry Low and Hamilton High School.
Moved to Durban, Amanzimtoti in 1978.
Married Ann Oliver and moved to Esctourt Natal where our two daughters were born.
Moved to Auckland in 2001 and Brisbane in 2008.
Loving Australia.
Craig Vivienne (nee Bowker)
Visit my website
Born in Umtali. Moved to Northern Rhodesia and went to school at St Peters in Bulawayo for 6 years.
Completed secondary schooling at Que Que High School, then went to TTC.
Left Zimbabwe in 1982 and eventually settled in Australia. Taught.
Husband Pete and 3 children.
Now run my own travel agency.
da Silva Teresa(nee van der Merwe)
From Bulawayo. Attended Coghlan Primary and Eveline Girls' High.
Attended the University of Pretoria and then lived in South Africa before moving to Australia.
Daniels Jo (Joan)
Born 1957 Gwelo,father in BSAP (Alec Barthorpe)moved to Salisbury, educated at Convent, Highlands.
Finished at Roosevelt 1974.
Worked for Standard Bank Cecil Square, married Rob Daniels.
Migrated to SA (Kempton Park)spent 4 yrs there before migrating to Sydney 1982.
Living in Brisbane, divorced, 3 great sons and 2 beautiful Grand girls.
Darvall Brett
Lived in Mabelreign, Sunridge & Avondale Harare.
Halingbury Primary School - 1978 Std 1
Alfred Beit Primary School - 1979/1980 Std 2 & 3
Selborne Routledge Primary School 1981/1982 Std 4 & 5
Davies Louise
David Livingstone Primary School.
Davies Norman & Heidi (nee Tarr)
Norman educated at Vainona Primary and Mt Pleasant, Heidi in Ft Vic, Umtali and Gwelo.
Norman worked for Public Health lab in North Ave and at Harare Hospital.
Heidi nursed at Andrew Fleming and in Gwelo.
Married in 1980, and left for Tasmania in 1981.
Had our 2 children (Kylie and Robin) there, and moved to Perth in 1994.
Now the proud grandparents of 2 boys (Jordan and Riley).
Drop us a line!
Dawkins John
Visit my website
Nice to meet you. A great idea.
I was born Salisbury 1949 and moved to Australia 1984. God's own country.
de Haast Richard
BSAP 1967 in and around Salisbury, then to Trek Express in Bulawayo.
1979 to Cape Town and Durban.
Finally home to Brisbane Australia in 2004.
de Speville Gerard (Gerry)
Started school at David Livingstone in '63 and was there for two years.
Lived in Greendale - next to the sportsclub.'65 started at Greengrove School and was there until '68.
Did my last year at David Livingstone in '69. 70-'73 was at Churchill. '74 to '75 Ellis Robins - lived in Mabelreign.
National service from 76'77.
Gwebi College '78-'80 - Course 30.
Worked as a Sales Agronomist for ZFC Limited from '80 to '91 - based in Kadom and in Mtepatepa.
Emigrated to Ausie in late'91 and have lived in several places.
Currently in Townsville (Feb 2010) in North Queensland and shortly to move to Cairns, Far North Queensland.
Made contact with Duncan Barker, Kev Bestwick and Ken Potgeiter - trying to find the others!
de Vries Hank and Wendy
Born in Fort Victoria 1950, schooled in Mashaba Junior school 1958 - 1962.
Attended Fort Victoria High school 1963 - 1968.
Studied teaching at Bulawayo TTC 1969 - 1971
Got married to Hank ( an Aussie) and moved to Australia 1975.
Have 2 daughters, Misty 27 and Tamarah 23.
I love this sunburnt country, but miss my family and friends in Africa.
Would love to hear from anyone who knew Carol and I.
Dendy John
Visit my website
Derry Christopher
Mushangwe Estates.
Rhodesia Herald.
Salisbury Municipality.
City Health Department.
Dewil Judy
Lived:Windsor Park, Khumalo.
School: Baines, Northlea
College: Bulawayo Tech
Dance School: Dorothy Ainscough
Dickens Norma Chippindall
Lived Llewellin Barracks.
Schooled Fairbridge & Coghlan Bulawayo.
Diedericks Meyer
Left the college of knowledge, Hamilton High (Byo)in 1981.
Turned professional uni student, banker, computer guru and now setlled in Oz.
Anyone wanting to share a beer and catch up with times...give me a shout!!
Pamberi Rhodies
Dodworth Sheila
I trained at the Salisbury Central Hospital from 1963 until 1967.
I would love to contact any members of Group W.
I am in contact already with Jess Prentice, Madelieine Gantvoort, Margaret Anderson and Jill Blair.
Sheila (nee Molloy) known as Molly
Donaldson Louise
Lived in Chiredzi 1964 to 1980.
Attended Bishopslea till 1976 then Queen Elizabeth till 1981.
Lived in SA Nelspruit till 2003 and have been on the Central Coast New south Wales Australia since then...
Donaldson maiden name now Schoeman...
Driver Desmond
Worked at Marandellas Tractors.
Shooled at Marandellas High.
Married Wendy Cook from Beatrice.
Moved to Melbourne in 1982.
du Plooy Glen
Born in Salisbury.
Junior school was Frank Johnson, High School Lord Malvern.
Left Zims in 1987 for RSA.
Left there in 2000 and have been in Adelaide ever since and loving it.
Du Toit Christy (Nunns)
Lived in Bulawayo went to Hillside Primary.
Moved to Marandellas and went to Godfrey Huggins grad in 1979.
Moved to Harare and went to Oriel Girls High.
Immigrated to SA in 1983.
Dwyer John
Schooled at Borrowdale and Oriel Boys 68-75.
I would really like to hear from any other scatterlings from my old days".
Eales Mark
Highlands .Oriel Boys School.N/S then took the gap!
Eastley Rob
Lived in Bulawayo.Schooled at Khumalo Primary,Fairbridge College, Guinea Fowl High School.
Worked at E.R.M.I & Rhodox from '65 to '67.
Edwards Allan
Hi - Like to contact anyone who remembers me.
Went to Tennyson, Milton, Oriel Boys.
Worked at all Salisbury/Harare Ad Agencies.
Currently in Perth.
Elsom Barry
Born in Harare.
Went to Widdicome Junior School, Cranborne High School.
Served my apprenticeship at Carins Motors and Tune-up Centre.
Called up into 119 intake.
Lived at Admirals cabin Lake Mac.
Erasmus Gwynn
Went to school at Henry Low and Hamilton Boys High in Bulawayo.
I also was a member of the 8th scout troop
Ericsen Miller Fred
Visit my website
Ran The Wise Owl In Umtali, 70 to73 then Cabs and Old Mutual in Gwelo.
From East london originally.
Now run Springbokfoods on the Gold Coast in Oz
Evans Bruce
Lived Malbelreign Salisbury - born 1956.
Looking for old friends.
Interested in hearing from all - ex Ballroom dancing.
Fairlamb Rachael (Murie)
Ex Bulawayo. Attended Townsend 1978 - 1983.
Would love to hear from old friends
Featherstone Helen
Lewisam Junior School, Oriel Girls High.
Finished matric in Johannesburg, RSA. UCT 1985/6
Finlayson Sandy
Born Gweru. Attended Chaplin High School. Lived Fenella Redrup Hostel Bulawayo.
Worked Beverley Building Society (Main Branch), and Employment 80, Bulawayo.
Now live New South Wales, Australia since 1989.
Flight Ivan George
I was born in Bulawayo.
Worked in Harare.
Flood Kim
Grew up in Umtali.
Went to Chancellor Junior School and Umtali Girls High.
Our family business was Mutare Clothing and Elastics and Tape.
Lived at 'Greenacres' Christmas Pass.
Paragliding nut!
Flowers Cecile
Lived in Sinoia, went to school there.
Moved to SA.
Been in NZ for 9yrs and just recently moved to Perth.
Ford Brian
A born & bred Matabele.
Semi educated at Greenfield & Gifford Tech
Francis Sharon (nee Williams)
Kumalo Jnr.Townsend high.Oriel high
Freemantle David
Visit my website
Born in Que Que 1956.
Lived in Bulawayo, worked on the Railways at Pompom running sheds.
Schools are Que Que primary, Bains, and Greenfields primary.
Started high school in 1969 at Hamilton, then went to Plumtree in 71 and back to Hamilton in 72.
Furman Allan
Milton High/ Norfolk House...Bulawayo
Futter Russell and Karen
Lived in Gwelo where we went to CJR and Chaplin High School(72-78).
Moved to South Africa, living there for 17 years (9 of them in Durban).
Moved to Sydney in '98.

Gadd Gail (Cain)
Born in Bulawayo, educated at Montrose. Moved to Joburg in 1983 and moved to Sydney in 1992.
Gardiner Stephen
Website only up and running from 1st Nov (with graphic designers help!!!)
Love to hear from anyone who remembers me from Harare, Pietermaritzburg, or Pretoria.
Need to a place to stay or info on moving to Aus let us know, (especially if you are an Agronomist)
Gardner Devlin
Mashaba, Fort Victoria.
Gavin Michael
I am from Bulawayo Queens Park West and I went to Northlea School.
I worked for Rhodesia Railways and then African Associated Mines.
I went overseas came home and worked for Lever Bros in Salisbury and then moved
to Perth West Australia
Geddes Ian
Ex Bulawayo, now in Perth for 23 years. Went to Hamilton High and Townsend High.
Have two children aussie born.
Gerhardt Shirene
My husbands name is Stuart,I went to school at Northlea and Stu went to Jamison.
We'd love to hear from anyone who knows us or our families.
Gifford Tait Lynda
Lived Cranborne Hostel, Queensdale, Hillside, Mt Hampden,Mabelreign, Valencedene.
Worked Rhodesia Herald, UDC, MGHS.
Gibson Cheryl
Went to Eveline High school and finished in 1974.
Lived in Famona next to the firestation.
Goldberg Mike
Married Rosemarie Frances (Frankie) Anderson 14 September 1963.
Arrived in Perth on 18 December 2003.
Three sons Gary, Kevin, Ian and families live nearby.
Eldest son Malcolm and family settled in Guildford, Surrey, UK.
Have 7 grandsons and 1 grand-daughter
Goldsmid John and Hilary
John born in East London, South Africa.
Was Professor of Medical Microbiology at University of Rhodesia.
Moved with family to Australia in 1977 and was Professor of Medical Microbiology at University of Tasmania.
Now retired as Emeritus Professor at University of Tasmania.
Hilary born in Salisbury, Rhodesia.
Trained at GTC and Rhodes where met John.
Was Medical artist at University of Rhodesia and did free lance artwork in Tasmania after coming to Australia.
Hardy Greg
Born in the Republic of Enkeldoorn, grew up in Marandellas, BSAP in Umtali, David Whitehead in Hartley (Chegutu) RSA in 1993.
Hardy Maarten
Went To Churchill Boys High and enjoyed all sports leaving in 1975.
Did Nashos in Salisbury and left Rhodesia in 76 travelling to see the world.
Eventually went overland from England to Australia arriving and settling in 1978.
Lived in Perth and Bunbury before moving to Brisbane in 2000.
Would love to hear and catch up with old friends and reminisce.
Harley Elmerie(nee Wheeler)
Greenfield Primary, Bulawayo
Shabani Primary
Thornhill High, Gwelo
Que Que
Kempton Park Technical College, SA
Harley David
Dad Farmed tobacco and dairy at Glen Esk Estate Banket/Trelawney.
EAgle School and Plumtree BSAP cadet. 10 mths and regular patrol Officer Gwelo and Sby 3 yrs.
Left in 66 followed family to Oz.
Flew RAAF 15 yrs and Civil until '89 Strike.
Self employed Grandpa in Melbourne.
Love to catch up with old mates from EAgle and BSAP (only those still living need apply)
Harrington Johnson Rob
Born 1950 in Ndola. Moved to Umtali in 59 went to UBHS.
After 9 months Territorial Service then 3 in the BSAP followed by a Stint in Grindlays Finance.
Moved to SA in 80, Hong Kong in 97 and Sydney in 2003.
Married Jan Brewer ex GHS Sby in 77. Two Kids Heidi and Dale
Hartung Neville Keith
Bulawayo,Hamilton High School.
Railways Signal tech.
Morningside and Famona
Hastings Keith and Carol
Keith ex Concession
Carol(nee Gale)ex Vumba Mutare
Settled in Brisbane
Queensland in 1989
Two sons born in Harare
Keith running a Surveying business and Carol Primary Teaching.
Higgs Geoff
Geoff and Debbie and two girls settled well in Australia Queensland.
Geoff is a registered migration agent and handles visa for migrants,
mainly from Southern African backgrounds.
Holmes June
Jnr School Coghlan.
Snr School Eveline High.
Lived in Bulawayo worked at CW Botton & Sons nee Bunce.
Then Edgars
Married Tilbury
Lived in Fort Vic now Holmes
Huckle Keith
Born in Selukwe, went to school there and Guinea Fowl 1960-1965.
Married Jenny Marshall from Chaplin.
Now live in WA
Hunt David G
Farming outside Bulawayo.
Huntly Mike (Van Schalkwyk)
Bulawayo 1969 - 1976
Hugh Beedle Primary School
Chipinga 1976 - 1976
Chipinga Primary School (Boarder)
Ingram Liz and Wayne
We were both born in Rhodesia!
I went to GHS in Salisbury - Liz Duncan; brother Henry Duncan (played great cricket) and Wayne went to P.E.
We both went to Routledge Junior School.
We have lived in Perth for many years, then New Zealand for 3.5 and then in Arizona USA for past two years.
Moved to the Hunter Valley NSW area where Wayne is State Manager for Netafim Australia
with whom he has worked for past 16 or so years.
Life has been a great adventure and we have enjoyed it all so far!
Really pleased to be back in Ozzie too.
Ireland Susan
School all over the place but mostly Chaplin, Mount Pleasant and Townsend.
Have moved back and forth to UK / Zim/ currently on contract in Aus....3 kids, all boys..
James Deborah (nee Haybittel /Miller)
Bulawayo - Greenfield Junior School until 1972.
Montrose until 1976 then Que Que High until 1978.
Worked in Bulawayo
James Margaret (nee Barnes)
Attended Blakiston & GHS Sby. Emigrated '79 - great country but sometimes miss Africa.
Enjoying life in Albany, WA.
Jardine Doug & Anne (nee Combe)
Visit my website
Born 1952 in Salisbury - went to Borrowdale Junior and Ellis Robins.
Worked for 1Fld Regt Rhodesia Artillery, Manica Freight Services, Glens Forwarding,
Bridge Shipping - and now in Sydney - Speak soon!
John Colin Barry
Hi to any who knew me.
Was born in Byo in 1945. Moved to Plumtree in 1953, and attended Plumtree School 58-62.
Joined BSAP stationed Plumtree, Mrewa, Kariba, Banket, Sopolilo, Kanyemba, Rusape, Lalapanzi, Bikity,and Sinoia.
Married Sybil and have 2 sons Neil and Andrew.
Moved to Australia in 1984.
Presently in Real estate in Woombye Queensland.
Sadly Sybil passed away in 2001.
Would to be good to hear for any old mates.
Johnson Judith
I was born in Lusaka, Northern Rhodesia.
We moved to Salisbury, Rhodesia when I was 3 years old and grew up in Greendale, Salisbury.
I went to Courteney Selous School and then Roosevelt Girls High School.
Then I attended Commercial Careers College for 6 months to train as a receptionist.
I went nursing at 17 years old at The Andrew Fleming Hospital, which later became Parirenyatwa Hospital.
I worked until 1982, then worked at Delta corporation Limited, Harare.
Later I worked at the Avenues clinic.
I lived in the U.K. for approx 9 months, returned again to Zimbabwe.
Worked again at The Avenues clinic, before migrating to Adelaide, South Australia in 1989.
Johnson Debbie (Kee)
Lived in Hillside.
Schools - Sir John Kennedy, Eastridge and QE.
Worked at CIMAS and H & M Coachbuilders.
Moved on to SA, UK and Oz
Jolly Brian
Worked at Supersonic Radio Bulawayo for 1 year (1968).
Played soccer for the works team with Tony Kelly and Alan Hooley.
Knew a Fred Bellman who also worked at Supersonic.
Jones David
Greendale is Salibury. Greengrove and Churchill school.
Farmec Salisbury. Waterholes -- Redfox, Monos,Kamfinsa Park, Park Lane.
Jones Desmond
Jowett Ian
Chilliabombwe on the Copper Belt.
Kah-Nutt Paul
Trying to identify my Dad's tobacco farm in the Doma district near Sinoia (Chinohyi).
I believe the farm prior to being sold in 1960 was known as Sunkist.
My fathers name was Jeremy Donovan Nutt son of Donovan George Nutt (Don).
I was in Zim recently however due to security reasons I was unable to visit the area and locate the farm.
If anyone has any knowledge that would assist in locating the farm I would sincerely appreciate it.
Keys Connie
Born Salisbury 1951
School: Haig Park & Mabelreign Girls High School
Worked: BSAP, Gulliver & Pulbrook, Wright & Underwood.
King Stephanie
Birth name, Sharon Diniz Simoes Terras, fostered name, Sharon Bathurst.
Resided, Dominican Convent then 82 Central Avenue, Salisbury.
Attended David Livingstone School.
Parents, Mary and Louis Bathurst, brothers, Winston and Joey Bathurst.
Next door neighbor that I spent time playing with was Sheila.
Seeking to contact any of the Bathurst family.
Koekemoer Amanda
Born in Salisbury 1954.
Lived in Greendale most of my life in Zimbabwe.
Went to Greengrove Primary School and Oriel Girls High School.
Have 2 children, Sonia and Anthony.
Left Zimbabwe for Australia in 1989.
Now living a wonderful life in sunny Perth.
Laing Andrew
Ex Vainona, Mount Pleasant.
Left Zims 1998 for Pmb, worked in Moz until moving to NSW.
Partner is Ash also from Zim, four kids. TJ in the UK, Chris, Stephen and Nicole down under.
Would love to catch up with anyone in NSW.
Anyone know where you can buy wors?
Larkin Margaret (nee Parsons)
Lived in Ft Vic, Bulawayo and Salisbury.
Trained as a RN at Salisbury Central/Andrew Fleming Hospitals.
Laughlan Susan Havnar (nee Goddard)
Went to school in Gwelo at Chaplin.
Le Bron Vivian (ne Drummond)
Lived in Salisbury. Left Rhodesia in 1976 and came to Perth Western Australia.
I went to Blakiston Primary, Mabelreign Girls High for 1 year and then GHS for 2 years.
Went to Commercial Careers College after that.
Worked for Beverley Building Society and then the Treasurey Department before leaving.
Lee Tony and Felicity
Born Bulawayo.
Grew up in Port Elizabeth.
Went to school Plumtree.
Lived Chipinga,Triangle,Fort Victoria,Beit Bridge,Bulawayo,Salisbury.
I was in Llewellyn Barracks round about 1960 or 1961 (cant remember exact dates)
When the RSM was RSM Erasmus perhaps your husband.? Reply - Yes, that was my late husband
He was a very good RSM but as a troopie we all were dead scared of him.!
Good times looking back. (It was the time of the Nyasaland emergency)and as the new C Company we had
to stay behind while the others went to Nyasaland.
We had to guard/patrol the area of the Army staff houses.
Moved to SA 1977 Benoni.Held up at Gunpoint 4 times in SA, car hijacked.
Emigrated to Australia 2007and loving it.
Lee Coxall Upton Ruth
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Born South Africa, lived Rhodesia, Zambia, SWA(Namibia)& USA. Graduated from Plumstead HS 1970.
Living in Perth, running a catering business with my step-son.
Lincoln Diane (nee Arnold)
My parents Andy Arnold and Charmayne Turner lived and met in Rhodesia.
I was born in Salisbury in June 1963 at Lady Chancellor Hospital and left Salisbury at 18 months old to live in Stilfontein, South Africa.
My father, Andrew Richard Arnold was schooled in Northern & Southern Rhodesia.
His sister, Yvonne Arnold went to Mabelreighn Girls High.
My mother Charmayne Magdalina Arnold (born Turner) was born in Durban in1945, and went to Mabelreighn Girls High in Salisbury 60-62.
Charmayne is currently living in Durban.
The Turner family lived in Bindura & Sinoia.
My Scottish grandfather, Alexander (Sandy) Turner had a maize farm at Redlands, and also worked on Glendale estate.
Sandy married Elizabeth (Betty) Turner, and he died on Wigtown Farm close to Banket, Rhodesia on 10 October 1966 - buried at Warren Hills.
Linden Deryck
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Lived in Bulawayo.
Worked Barclays Bank Cheredzi.
Lombard Peter
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Born Bulawayo Rhodesia, schooled at Hugh Beadle and Northlea.
Worked for PTC as Exchange supervisor.
Lived Sauerstown,North End and City.
Loudon Ian
Born Blantyre, Malawi 1957.
Schools: Treverton 1965-1972, Gifford 1973-1974
Most working life in Salisbury / Harare but stints in Bulawayo, Chiredzi, Beitbridge
National Service Intake 155 - Artillery
Now living in Brisbane with wife Sally. 1 son in UK - pilot,
1 son in Brisbane - in Uni to become Paramedic, 1 daughter - Shop assistant
Macfarlane Alastair
Mount Pleasant
Mrewa Bikita Melsetter
Internal affairs
Mutare with Derry and Co
Macleod Philip
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Lived in Bulawayo from 9 to 17 years then moved to Natal University Pietermaritzburg then Australia
Madden Stephen
First went to Salisbury in 1956.
EAC motors 1968-1976, Air Rhodesia engine and power plant 1977-1982
Maidwell Cathro Marie Louise
Skypemarie maidwell cathro
Lobels Sweets & Biscuits.
Matabeleland Taxidermist.
Makaripe Fadzy
Malton Laurence
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I live in Kalbarri a small town in Western Australia.
Born and bred in Bulawayo and left Gifford Tech High School in 1972.
Spent time in infat and then intake 157 engineers.
Worked on the railways as an electrician and left Bulawayo in 1980 and backpacked around
Europe and Asia ending up in Australia.
Been here ever since.
Now have a boat hire business and living the good life.
Anyone remember me?
Marais Andrew
Lived in Macheke at Elim park farm
Marsden-Huggins Caroleta (Colby-Jones)
Teachers Coll, Uni Rhod.
Taught Gov schools, Sby Convent & Uni R.
Lived Umtali, Byo & Sby.
Marshall Peter
Born in Bulawayo 1949 and lived in North End for most of my childhood.
Attended Baines and Northlea High School.
Served in the BSAP from '68 to '78Salisbury, Lomagundi, Mazoe Vallley, Midlands.
Left Rhodesia in 1980 and moved to RSA and then to UK in 2004.
Moved to Sydney in 2012 to be with Family.
Married to Liz (nee Philpot) also from Bulawayo.
Matthews Gordon
Salisbury,Ellis Robins,Leyland.
Matthews Paddy
Went to Digglefold Junior and Queen Elizabeth Girls High.
I lived in Enterprise farming district, then in Salisbury once married.
Matthews Rob
Lived in Highlands and Borrowdale.
Worked at RTV in sales
McAdam Sheila
Went to Mabelreign Girls High,three daughters Sandra and twins Lynda and Sue.
Was married to Mike McAdam and we owned ADB Butchery in Mabelreign.
Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me, and if anyone out there knows a
John McKay - he would probably be about 60 now please let me know -
he also went to Ellis Robins and then I think lived in Gwelo for a while.
McCarter Graham
Attended John Mcleary Hillside 1975-1976, Courtney Selous 1977-1980, Admiral Tait Junior 1981.
McCarthy Pauline Mary (nee Clarke)
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SkypePauline McCarthy
1953 - Born on Brinkburn Farm, Bindura.
I grew up at Mangula Mine but attended Umtali Domincan Convent and finished Std 4 and 5 at Mangula Primary School.
I went to Sinoia High School for one year and for the rest was at Mabelreign Girls High School.
I joined the BSAP in 1972 and finally left Zimbabwe at the end of 1981 when I moved to South Africa where
I married John van Rooyen (also BSAP).
After being divorced in 1999 I moved to Natal, but left South Africa at the end of February 2013 and moved
to Perth where I married Bill McCarthy (also ex-BSAP).
McClymont Melissa
Alex Park Primary School and Queen Elizabeth High School.
Worked at QV Pharmacies, CAPS and Zemco.
McGregor Alan
Born Bulawayo 11.2.1945
Father: Gordon Alan
Mother: Joyce Mary
Brothers: Donald and Ian.
Leander Avenue School.
Hillside School.
Milton High School.
Bulawayo Pipe Band.
Manica Trading Company.
Rhoallide Services(Pvt)Ltd.
Contex (Pvt) Ltd.
Cargo Services(1974)(Pvt)Ltd.
Alvern Farming(Pvt)Ltd.
Married to Verna nee Minter.
Children:Dean Gordon 18.2.1966
Sharon Ann 6.7.1970
Glen Donald 7.10.1974
Farms: Mazonwe Farm, Sterkloop Farm and Nyamakari Farm.
Refugee'd Perth, Australia 23.1.2010.
McNamara Christine
Born in Salisbury, went to Salisbury Girls High School 1970-1975.
Did my General Nursing at the Bulawayo Central Hospital, 1977-1980.
Now live in Melbourne, Australia and love it.
Would enjoy hearing from anyone who went to Salisbury Girls High or did their training at the Byo Central.
Mendes Ana (nee Acorrer)
Lived in Bulawayo, Salisbury and Triangle.
Went to Baines, Northlea and Lord Malvern.
Worked for Standard Bank, Rhotreads and Triangle Ltd.
Left Zimbabwe in 1980 for Australia.
Married Carlos Mendes now divorced have two children.
Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Mitchie David
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We all have places we call home, but Africa will always be where the heart is.
Mitchell Kim(nee Bakker)
Attended Lewisham Primary Harare from 1974-1976, then Chisipite Junior School until 1980.
My aunt and uncle owned Foodtown in the Kamfinsa Mall in Greendale Salisbury.
Mitchell Ken
Rhodesville Rd.
Moresby White Gavin
Born in Broken-Hill Northern Rhodesia 1956, immigrated to Southern Rhodesia 1972.
Schooled at Ellis Robins & St Stephens.
Prime work Rhodesian Army.
Emmigrated from Zim end 1985 to Australia.
Morgan Lyn & Richard
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Moved to Perth from Salisbury in 1980.
This is the best idea I have seen on a webpage.
Munro Brigitte
Lived in Harare and attended Blakiston Jnr School, Queen Elizabeth and then Chaplin.
Worked for RBZ,Tandem Scania, J W Searcy and Pioneer Overseas Corp (ART Farm).
Moved to Brisbane Australia in November 1999.
O'Brien Linda (nee Jack)
From Harare.
Been in Perth since 1983. Love it, but it is NOT Africa!
Would love to hear from anyone who knew me.
Married to David - 2 (kids) Brendan and Cara 26 & 17.
Ockerse Doreen (nee Cherry)
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Also from Byo.Good luck
O'Dea Theresa
Lived and went to school in Bulawayo.
Oliver Dick, Margaret and Robert
Ran a market garden "Welston" approx 35km north of Salisbury towards Mzowie near "Sweet Water Gardens".
Dick also ran a petrol station and associated mechanics workshop in Salisbury.
Margaret was a school teacher.
Children Robert and Ian went to Widecome and Hatfield primary schools before emigrating to Australia in 1981.
Ott Keith
Schools : Henry Low, Hamilton.
UCT, Air Force, migrated to Australia.
1977 Worked in Health in Perth & Hobart.
Retired in 1999.
Park Donald
This is a great idea.
Born in Salisbury, went to Hatfield Junior School then Alan Wilson High School.
Left Zim after completing my electrical apprentice ship.
Moved to East london SA where i lived for thirteen years.
Now live in Melbourne.Missing the lovely African weather.
Was a when we,then a where to, now a how's it going mate?
Would be great to hear from any of my old school pals.
Pedersen Mike
Class of 1976 Fort Victoria.Lived in the Lowveld for many years.
Peters Fiona (nee McBain)
Born in Salisbury in April 1969.
Went to Belvedere Primary School 74 - 78, Admiral Tait Primary School 78 - 81 and Roosevelt Girls High School82 - 84.
Emigrated to South Africa in 1984.
Pickett Janice Mary(Walmsley)
Skypejanice pickett
School:Townsend Bulawayo. 50s left 1990
Actor Byo Theatre during 60,70,80
Worked RBC/ZBC
Pinto Isabel
Born in Bulawayo 1965.
Went to Northlea High School.
Left Bulawayo 1984.
Lived in Jo'burg till 1997 and now in Perth!!
Pires Denise (nee Sumption)
Lived in Gatooma went to Jamieson High. Been here for years.
Please contact me if you know me.
Plaistowe Matt
I grew up in Greendale Harare and went to school at Courtney Selous 1964-66,
David Livingstone 1967-69 and Churchill 1970-75.
I went to Saasveld College for foresters in South Africa 1978-79 and
worked as forester in Inyanga in 1980-81.
I live in Canberra with my wife and 2 daughters.
Plant Engela(nee' Joubert)
Born in Gwelo - primary school Cecil John Rhodes and moved to Kwe Kwe High.
Lived in Harare, Mutare as an adult.
Worked for Dulux in Harare and Zimbabwe Electricity Commission before arriving in Perth and now living in Melborne.
Would love to catch up with other people from Zimbabwe/Rhodesia miss the bush and the animals mostly!
Pratt Michael
Lived in Salisbury.
Schooled Prince Edward.
Pretorius Margaret (nee Leggatt)
Lived in Bulawayo.
Moved to Jo'burg, South Africa, and then to Toowoomba, Qld, Australia.
Quinlan Jennifer
Courtney Selous School.
Roosevelt Girls High.
Worked Stewarts & Lloyds.
Radajewski Elisabeth (nee Snihur)
Lived in Highlands Salisbury from 61 to 75.
Went to Roosevelt Girls High.
now in brisbane australia.
Looking for Manon (nee dutoit) and Renee (nee Richardson)
Rampling Kim
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Hartmann House 1968/69
St Georges College 1970 to 1975
Ray Karen (ne Jones)
Born in Rhodesia in 1956 to American parents. Lived in Salisbury, growing up in Parktown, Waterfalls.
Attended Frank Johnson PS & Lord Malvern HS.
Had two brothers, Byron & Gary Jones and a sister Kay.
Left in 1974 to attend university in Texas.
Have been back only once, in 1975.
Have lived in Australia for the past 20 years.
Now in Adelaide but have lived in and around Melbourne.
Married to Mark and have 3 children - 2 who live and work in the U.S. and one who is finishing up Yr12.
Many great memories of growing up there - would love to hear from anyone who remembers me or my family.
Riddick Christopher John
Eagle School, Vumba
SAS,Medical Corps
Bain Farm Equipment
Eastern Districts Engineers
Riley Dennis
Born in Bulawayo. Milton High 1964 to 1969.
Engineering at UCT 1970 -1973.
Now living in Brisbane Australia
Roberts Gary
I worked for Aerotec and Field Aircraft Services.
Grew up in Penhalonga and worked in Salisbury.
Robinson Julie (nee Cutsforth)
Born Southern Rhodesia 1962, attended Courteney Selous Primary school, then Oriel Girls....
Looking for anyone who remembers me from then or
Mercia Hetherington Academy of Dance/Rhodesian National Ballet.
Anyone heard of Sheldon Berg/Peter Lowe?
Roche Liz (nee Smith)
Lived in Harare from 1954 to 1980. (Have twin sister Pauline).
Went to Queen Elizabeth High School from 1960 - 1965.
Married Graham Roche in Dec. 1969 in Virginia OFS.
Lived there briefly before returning to Harare late 1970.
Have two sons, Brett & Clint.
Left Zimbabwe permanently in June 1980 for Johannesburg.
Divorced in 1981.
Left South Africa in Jan. 1984 for new life in Perth, Australia.
Would love to hear from anyone who knew me in those early years.
Rogers Tony & Marion
Born SBY. 1947, went to Cranbourne Boys High, worked at Crasters, then to RSA in 79 to 97 when we came to Oz.
Now living in Brisbane and very happy and settled now.
Marion went to GHS in Sby then did hairdressing, moved to National Parks.
Love to hear from anyone who knows us.
Rose Fred
Worked for Dulys and later DeTroit Motors in BYO with George Griffin for 20 years.
Rose Baard Lori
Hi, Salisbury born but lived almost everywhere as my Dad was on the Rhodesia Railways and
we transferred around the country a lot.
Primary schools included Queensdale Junior and Lochinvar Junior - both in Harare.
Lundi Park and CJR in Gwelo.
High schools were Eveline Girls High in Bulawayo, Mabelreign Girls in Harare and Umtali Girls.
Our family finally settled in Mutare in about 1982.
Met and married my husband in Mutare, lived in Bindura for 12 years and finally relocated to Australia in 2001.
Rudman Richard Alden
From Bulawayo.
Went to Milton and then Northlea.
Ex 147, 5 indep and then 4 RR.
Worked for Henock Ranching.
Salmon Trevor
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School: Allan Wilson, Sby. 1959
Lived variously in: Bulawayo, Fort Victoria, Umtali, Salisbury, Wankie and Kariba.
Worked: RLI, Railways, Colliery, and CAPCO.
Sandilands Eddie &Tracy (ne Smith)
Bulawayo - Northlea,Baines.
Sayers Mags(nee Prinsloo)
Lived in Gwelo, went to CJR and Riverside then Thornhill High.
Married Ross Sayers and have two girls. Kelly (18) and Sharne (14).
Would love to catch up with friends from junior school and high school.
Immigrated to Perth in 2000 and still here.
Schoeman Louise (nee Donaldson)
Lived in Chiredzi till 1979, then Harare before moving to SA 1981.
Attended Bishopslea and Queen Elizabeth High school.
Scott David
Went to Hamilton High in Bulawayo then to University of Cape Town.
Back to Zim where I worked on NRZ.
Now with Riotinto in Australia.
Still have a house in Bulawayo and go back every year.
Seagrave Myrna
Nee Looij.
We lived in a number of places; Bulawayo, The Lowveld to name a few and then Salisbury.
Sebecke Ulf
Attended Fort Victoria Junior and High School until 1975.
Left in 1980 for South Africa.
Now reside in Australia (Gold Coast) after spending 3 years in Munich and 3 years in Dubai with my wife and two children.
Shaw Ian
Lived in Bulawayo 1961-1976.
Attended St Thomas Aquinas, CBC, Milton Junior,then Gifford Technical High.
Sheehan Kevin
Attended Highlands Junior School 1961 - 65, Churchill High School 1966 - 70.
Worked for CABS, Speke Ave Branch, Founders Building Society, First Street (?) Branch
& Old Mutual (including FAS 1979 - 1983).
Travelled extensively to Asia & Australia December 1982 to March 1983 and left
Zimbabwe for Perth in December 1983.
Have younger brothers David (Lobengula) in Zimb & Gary in South Africa and
younger sister Anne (Gruva) based in Zimb & who travels overseas to UK & Europe for 6+ months a year.
Sheppard Val (nee Freeman)
Was born in Zambia, but went to school at St Peters in Bulawayo and Marymount in Umtali.
Lived at Empress Nickel Mine in Gatooma before moving to Salisbury/Harare.
Left late 70's for Namibia and South Africa before moving over to Perth in 2000.
Shooter Beryl
Salisbury, Gwanda, Wankie, Umtali.
Simpson Jim
Finished school at Que Que high 1957.
Worked at Riscom as an apprentice carpenter.
Finshed work at Risco as supervisor on new bar rod mill.
Lived in Australia for the last 30 odd years.
Sinclair Erica (nee Bugles)
I am trying to trace any information on my mother who lived and went to school in Luanshya, Zambia around 1935-1950.
Sklenar Diana (ne Brooke-Smith)
Born Bulawayo.
Lived in Salisbury.
School Alex Park 1967 to 1970.
Borrowdale 1971 to 1973.
Vainona High 1974 to 1978.
Andrew Fleming 1979 to 1980.
Smith Bryan
Born 1959.
Went to Karoi Junior 65-69 and Umvukwes Junior 70-71 and then to Plumtree High 72-76.
Served 4 Years apprenticeship as an Auto Electrician.
Worked for Risco and Farm Mechanisation. N/S 78-79 with 5 Engineers Squadron (Redcliff).
Spent time in Vic Falls and Deka.
Met and married Jenny Smith nee Turner-Dauncey who went to Roosevelt.
Left Rhodesia in 1983 and moved to Cape Town.
Have 3 wonderful children Jeremy, Angie and Samantha.
Emigrated to Australia in 2006, Toowoomba, QLD and now living in Kalgoorlie, WA
Smith Cornelis (Cory)
I grew up at St Josephs House for boys which was in Hillside.Wwent to Tennyson Junior and to Milton High school.
I did my Patternmaking apprenticeship with Cleminson and Plaskitt.
My two brothers Charles and George were adopted as babies and George is here, in Australia with me.We have finally met after 45 years.
Charles my sister Helen I believe are still in Zimbabwe.
Looking for Stephen Harold Smith, who went to Milton High and worked at Dunlop in Bulawayo
Smith Melvyn
Born Bulawayo 1952.
Lived 34 Gladstone Road Bellevue.
Went to Greenfield Junior and Hamilton High.
Worked Rhodesia Railways then Shabani Mine.
SA from '84 in various locations.
My son was born in Gwelo in '79 (Passed away 2000).
Did my Govt sponsored holiday with intake 141 C coy then HQ at Brady.
Moved to NZ where all my family are and then to Brisbane.
I recognise some names on here and it doesn't seem all those years ago.
So many people come flooding back to mind. Stay well all.
Smith Michael Colin
Born 1957 went to Greengrove School 64-70.70-74 Oriel Boys High .
5 yr electrical apprenticeship with Government printers.76 n/s with B.S.A.P.
Spent time Vic Falls ,Kazengula, Wankie and Byo.
Left Rhodesia in 1980 moved to Durbs by the sea .
Met my loving wife Judy Smith ne Fletcher who went to Queen Elizabeth High, also ex RHODIE.
Moved to Greytown 83 .
Emigrated to Adelaide Australia 2001 and enjoying it.
You can never forget Africa.
We are an endangered spicies
Smith Robert
Sinoia, Sinoia High School.
Sones Mike
Standard Bank 1951 -1989.
Spence Len
Went to Hartley Primary(1960-1966) with my brother Dale and sister Sandra.
Went on to Guinea Fowl High School 1967-1972.
Left Rhodesia in 1978 for Scotland.
Left Scotland for Australia in 1986.
Any contacts welcome.
Steele Jim
Lived in Greendale, went to Courteney Selous and Oriel schools.
2 years at Post Office Engineering College then BSAP and Agric-Alert.
Now live in Perth West Australia.
Steele William
I attended Riverside Junior School in Gwelo from 1966 to 1972, but then our family moved around a bit and I went to
Prince Edward (1973), Thornhill (1974-75) and Jameson High (1975-78).
I did my NS in 1980, mostly at the School of Infantry in Gwelo.
After studying and working at the University of Cape Town we have ended up in Melbourne.
Stephenson Michael
Lived in Salisbury/Harare
Highlands Junior School (68-72)
Churchill High School (73-78)
RhACR (79)
Left Zimbabwe in 2007.
Stockley Glen
Air Force '80 - '90 in Thornhill.
Worked for Agricair to '91.
Joined RAAF 1991.
Worked in Saudi '98 to '06.
Now in Sydney, Australia
Stockman Liz (nee Clatyton)
Hubby - Paul Stockman 1964 lived in Kitwe, Zambia, Vic -Falls and BYO - went to Milton
Me 1963 born Blantyre Malawi, went to school Hallingbury and Selbourne Routlege in SBY then Mabelreign Girls High
for a short while before moving to BYO and going to Townsend.
Moved to Durban in 83 then to Australia in 2000.
Would love to get together with other Rhodies
Streak Shaun
Went to Hamilton High Bulawayo from 1977-1982 then moved to Durban till 2003.
Now in Brisbane and loving it.
Strong Kim
Lived in Salisbury, Umtali and Bulawayo.
Junior schools: Selbourne Routledge, Cashel, Carmel College (Umtali). Senior school: Gifford.
Intake 155 - 1976
Living on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.
Sullivan Shaun
Went to school at Fort Victoria and Umtali Boys High.
Sutton Suzanne
David Lingstone and Oriel Girls.
Swindells Jeremy & Charlie
Ex Bulawayo.
One of the many now residing in Perth.
Have 2 children.
Would love to hear from ex Bulawayo buggers.

Talbot Robert
Born in Bulawayo.
Worked in Bulawayo and Gwelo.
Went to Milton High School.
Worked for Rhodesian Airforce, Bobs Motors and Amtec, and a couple of small businesses.
Tamblyn Neil
Henry Low, Hamilton High.
Taylor Warwick
Worked for CABS Abercorn Street Bulawayo served 9th Btn
Theron Monica
I would love to get hold of some of my friends to name a few...
William Clark Gdns friends, Anapollo (Addington)
Colleen Decker, Bruce, Collette & Vaughn Mckink, Smiths from Escome,
Sherwood primary school, Piet Retief, Ladysmith (pepworth Station)
Wendy Theron.
Living in Aussie and Love it..
Married Alan Theron(ex bouncer) Millionaires (I know it's a long time) ...
If any names ring a me....Thanx xxx
Thicthener Donna
Went to Hatfield Girls High School lived in Cranbourne Park, have two sisters Terry and Chantel and a brother named Douglas.
My parents names are Roderick and Jennifer Thicthener we lived Zims in the 80's.
Had the best up bringing in Africa and the best child hood memories we had in Africa not place quite like it.
If anyone knows of us please get in touch would love to hear from you out there.
Thonell Sue(Tubb)
Skypesue Thonell
Grew up in Bulawayo and went to the Byo Convent 1951 - 1957 and Townsend Girl's High BYO 1958 - 1964.
Higher education in Sweden.
Spent several years back in Zim at Mangula Mine and Manama/Mnene Misson Stations before leaving for South Africa in 1981.
Now in Australia.
Thornley Jim
Lived in Hillside and went to Allan Wilson Tech School.
Worked for Coca Cola and before that at Rapid metal recovery with John Havell.
Thorpe Brian Laws
Schools David Livingstone & Churchill High School
Worked at Price Waterhouse & CAPS
Tibbits Angus
Angus is primarily from Bulawayo (Hamilton High) but had a short stint at Fort Vic.
Did Law at U.R. and spent a couple of years in the BSAP.
Played hockey at Alex in Sby.
Jan is from Gatooma.
Tolmay Karin & Dave
Just moved here on the 13th December 2004 to Adelaide from Bulawayo.
Tsiaousis Nick
Went to Ellis Robins High School: 1975- 1979.
Immigrated to South Africa in 1979.
Turner Carol (nee Hodgson) Peter
Visit my website
Great to see this site.
Born in Zimbabwe, and taught at Fort Victoria as well as dominican Convent, Harare.
Moved to Australia 1984.
Have 4 children and teaching in Queensland.
Fantastic country with fantastic people.
Would love to hear from anyone who may have crossed my path.
Turner Gavin
Schooled: Umtali Boys High
Twells Sue and Rick
SkypeSue Twells
van Aarde Maureen(Cosgrave)
Went to Redcliff Junior School then Que Que High.
Worked at Grindlays Bank in Que Que.
Left for SA in 1976 and stayed until 2004.
Now living in Perth and loving it.
Editor for Rhodesia Association here in Perth.
van Aarde Pete
Visit my website
Born in Bulawayo, grew up & went to school in Que Que.
1969 to 1971 worked in Salisbury then PTC Que Que. 1977 to 2004 lived in South Africa.
Now live in Perth Australia.
van Boom Belinda
I was born in 1964 Bulawayo Zimbabwe.
I attended Bains Junior 1975, Coghlan school 1976 ST. Christophers primary Gwanda 1976
and Eveline High School 1978.
I am looking for old school friends I remember in St Christophers.
I was good friends with Lorna Machine (nee Wood) Olivia Andy, Karen, Stella, and Lindy
not sure of their surnames also Sally Ann Hollman probably married.
I am needing old school pictures of the schools I went to as well.So please fill me in on the details.
Would love to hear anyone that's been to those schools.
I am on Face book as well.
Look for Belinda Pool, Take Care and Lorna Machine(nee Wood).
No chancers only genuine responses Please.
van der Walt Nick
Lived in Redcliff.
Went to school at Que Que high.
Worked at Risco,Stewarts and Lloyds.
van Staden Julie
Born in Bulawayo 1968 to Johannes (Boet) & Maureen van Staden.
Moved to Shabani and then spent most of the 70's in Mangula. Dad worked on the mine.
Moved to Salisbury in late '70's.
Went to Alfred Beit PS and then onto Mabelreign Girls High School from 1980-1984 (Form 1-4).
Immigrated to Melbourne August 1984. It truely is a beautiful place.
Would love to touch base with anyone out there.
Vella Caroline (nee Dold)
I think this is such a great idea.
I have been in Brisbane since 1981 and love it.
My brother Derek is still in Zim.
I went to Digglefold - primary and QE High School, then Teachers College Bulawayo before leaving the country in 1968.
Verdon Patricia Elizabeth
Born Bulawayo 1948.
Lived in Jameson Str.
Went to Baines School 1953 - 1955.
Lived in Chirundu Valley on & off through the years from 1951 - 1956.
Father worked for Rhodiesian Sugar on Experimental project in the Chirundu.
Relocated to RSA in 1956. Father: Neville Verdon
Vernall Ed
Lived at Dalny Mine, Chakari & Bulawayo.
Worked at Dalny Mine, Old Nic Mine & Legion Mine.
Born in 1953 & left in 1985.
Attended Chakari Junior School, Sir John Kennedy Junior School & Jameson High School in Gatooma.
Drafted into the army in 1973 & did my National Service in 1 Field Regiment Rhodesia Artillery at Cranbourne Barricks in Salisbury.
Vickery Preston
Worked on Rhodesia Railways and lived in Bulawayo.

Walden Brian
Great story - I think there was a different RSM when I was at Llewellin Barracks
Waldie Jonathan
Hello Friends of the Lost Tribe.
Born 1961 in Umtali.
Went to UBHS and Marandellas High.
Married with 2 girls (6 and 8).
Love to hear from Craig Baton.
Anyone from RLI Support Cdo 167.
Anyone who knew me.
Walker Shealagh
Lived in Bulawayo, Townsend and Milton, went to UCT.
Now live in Australia
Wall Howard
Lived in Cranbourne and went to Cranbourne Boys High 1970 - 1974.
Spent some time in BSAP before working at Sable Chemicals, Que Que.
Have moved around a lot.
Far too much infact (UK - Zim - UK - Zim - South Africa - UK and now finally Oz.
I ain't moving again!)and have now been in Adelaide for 6 months.
I think it's as near as you can get to living in Zim without the - you know what.
Wall Lawvel (nee Wright)
I did manage to contact Ian and Sue Whitfield through your wonderful website - thank you so much for that!
I am still desperately trying to find my cousins, Lyle and Louise Wright (formerly of Kitwe, Zimbabwe).
If anyone can help, I would be eternally grateful.
Watson Lynda (nee Groom)
Lived in Greendale, Salisbury & went to Roosevelt Girls between 1968 & 1970
Westergaard Lorene
David Livingstone Junior School and Roosevelt Girls High 1970-1974.
National Ballet.
Now living in Melbourne, Australia.
Westergaard John
Grew up in Mtoko then moved to Salisbury.
Went to Churchill High, national service With RhacR .
Have lived in Perth since 1988 and love it.
Would like to hear from any old school/army friends.
Weston Mike & Michelle (nee Hofmeyr)
Lived Salisbury most of my life.
Attended Widdecombe Junior and Chaplin in Gwelo. B.S.A.P 1975-1981 then various jobs in Salisbury (Harare).
Left January 2009 for Aus.
Weston Suzanne (ne Sutton)
Moved From Zims Dec 1981 to South Africa and then on to Adelaide in Nov 2003.
I am looking for old Oriel Girls pupils.
Whiteley Lloyd
Born Bulawayo1950 - School's Newmansford & Northlea.
Worked for Conolly's- Army 107 Intake.
Played Football for Dominos, Queens, Postals,Om's,& Callies.
Left for S.A. 1977 till 2002, & now Reside in Australia.
Looking for any of the football players from that era who could help with photos for my football book.
Will be much appreciated.
Thank you
Wiegmink Paula (nee Fick)
Visit my website
Lived in Salisbury.
Danced with the National Ballet.
Owned Paula Fick dance Studio.
Willey Mike
Primary school Sinoia.
Worked in Bulawayo.
Williams Carol (nee Austin)
Would love to hear from anyone who went to school at Hillside Primary or Townsend High between 1955-1964
Williamson Trevor
One of the three sons of Mary-Anne and Malcolm Williamson.
We left Zim in 1984.
Parents living in Namibia.
Myself and better half moved to Australia 2004.
Wilson Patricia
Have been in Perth 20 years, lived in Umtali until 1960, then Bulawayo until 1983 with a few years nursing
training in Harare 1964-1966.
Last place of employment was National Parks Byo.
Would love to hear from any of National Parks Staff
Wilton Dave & Sarie
Dave - went to school at Umtali Boys High (1967 - 1972).
Presently working for MMG Limited as Senior Projects Engineer.
Sarie - numerous schools but ended up at Townsend (Bulawayo) and then Mariztzburg University.
Both emigrated to Aussie late 1985.
Have two kids Trevor (27years) & Kathleen (25years) .
Been living in Perth for the last 14 years
Winson Shaun
Hi all - looking for Ex Cranborne Boys 76-79
Wise Leslie
Lived in Logan Park from 1958-1978.Attended Hatfield Girls High School.
Worked for Southampton Ins and Rothmans.Went to London.
Emmigrated to Australia and have been in Perth since Oct 1978.
Worked for Boans then Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital then UnderWater World
and now run a wildflower exporting company.
Wood Thomson Pam
Roosevelt Girls High School
Air Rhodesia
Woodward Stephen
Bulawayo Power Station.
Yin Bill (William)
Attend Louis Mountbatten and Selborne-Routledge Junior schools
P.E. 1974-79
U.C.T. 1980-83
Worked for CF Tulley, CBS, Z.L.T., Tobacco Sales and Founders
Left for Aus in 1991, living in Perth
Young Chantal
Born in Southern Rhodesia 1965, educated at Greengrove Primary and Oriel Girls Secondary.
Two years in SA, Ferrum High in Newcastle. Perth base in WA, travelling and teaching across the state.

Zworestine Barry
Lived in Bulawayo and went to Milton High school.
Was at 3 Indep Co. Inyanga 1976
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