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Aaron Craig
Lived in Salsbury.
Went to Mount Pleasant High School.
Aberdein Sandy (nee Sutherland)
Born in Bulawayo went to Moray Primary and to Townsend Girls High.
Worked at Chantelle Hair Boutique.
Moved to Salisbury & worked at She Hair Boutique.
Abbott Roy
Lived in Sauerstown, late 70's.
Went to Milton until 1977, then intake 161, Signals Feb 1978.
Signed permanent for which I got $3500.
Left 1981 Feb for SA.
Aberdein Sandy (Sutherland)
Born in Bulawayo went to Moray Primary & Townsend High.
Also lived in Salisbury.
Adam Leonora (Lyn) (nee Geldart)
Lived in Bellevue Byo
Greenfield Junior ( 1950's)
Eveline Girls High ( 1960's )
Business Equip. Corp (1970's)
Salon Petite ( hairdressing) worked for the late Mrs Mee
Adams/Macrides/Ryan Patricia
Gwelo CJR Salisbury Lord Malvern. Worked at African Sales Fox & Carney.
Sons and Daughter at Lewisam and Oriel .Gary Antonia and Michael.
Addison Cassy - was Flaxman (nee Sparrow)
Lived in Hatfield - went to Hatfield High - sister Ursula - worked at Miekles Hotel then moved South -
Would love to make contact with old friends
Ainscough George Merrick
Born and lived Bulawayo 1963 to 2002.Now living in Jhb.
Looking for old friends.
Albon-Chris and Lorinda
After too many decades of banking we have both retired and are enjoying our freedom, although we
are very busy with visits to and from friends and relatives, including school friends and army friends, in the
UK, Ireland and Netherlands, and a number of trips around our beautiful country of South Africa.
Seeing how hectic our lives are now, we often wonder where we ever found the time to go to work?
Our son and daughter are both married and we have two lovely granddaughters aged 9 and 4 and a
strapping little grandson, also 4.
Our home is like a free B & B and we just love the stream of visitors from all over, a lot of whom
we fetch from the airport, only 20 minutes away.
We look forward to hearing from anyone who remembers us, anytime.
Ainslie Ken
Lived in Bulawayo.
Ran Mantis Motors.
Played rugby athletics swimming and did lots of army!
Albyn Gary
Mt Pleasant High and Umtali Boys' High.
Rhodesian Airforce.
Alcock Charmaine (nee Boyce-Bell)
Born in Selukwe 1953.
Attended Selukwe Junior School until 1962.
Lived in South Africa until 1965, when we returned to Bulawayo.
Attended Greenfield Junior School (Bellevue, Bulawayo), then Eveline High (1966-1969), and commuted to Northlea for A-levels (1970-1971).
Attended various varsities in SA, now live in Margate, KwaZulu-Natal, growing hothouse cucumbers with my husband, Lewis.
Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me (or my younger sister, Sheena)- miss the old days.
Allen Dean
Lived in Mabelrein Salisbury.
My folks are Barry and Sheila Allen.
Allison Jay Trevor
I lived and was born in Umtali, Zimbabwe and left there in 1983.
Amos Beverley
Went to Mabelreign Girls High in Harare.
Born 1960 and worked at FArmers Co-op and then Tulleys.
Emigrated 1983.
Andreas Fritz
I worked for 3 years in Salisbury as a consultant, helping to set up a very big textile plant.
Andreotti Eileen (Pearson)
Went to Baines Junior school and then Eveline High.
Graduated around 1963.
Twin sister by the name of Denise.
Andrews Debby (nee Jones)
Lived at Todds Hotel, West Nicholson.
Angell Michael
Rhodesia Railways.
Annear Chris
Ex Bulawayo where I worked for Standard Bank. Now in Johannesburg.
Archibald George & Liz
Born Wankie 1957.
Wankie Primary Milton.
High Wankie Colliery.
Intake 154 5 %indep 6 Batt.
Liz-Born Umtali.
Wankie Primary. Eveline.
Wankie Post Office. Move to RSA 1982.
Armstrong Derek Edward
Born in Gatooma, lived in Umtali & Salisbury.
Worked for ROC Umtali, F.W. Woolworths & Swift in Salisbury.
Left in 1971
Arnold Charmayne Magdalina (born Turner)
I was born in Durban in 1945.
Went to Salisbury at 2 years old, and attended Blakestone Junior as a boarder and Mabelreighn Girls High as a boarder.
My family lived in Bindura and Sinoia.
Did hairdressing when I left school.
Left Salisbury in 1964 after having my daughter Diane Alexandra Arnold, to live in Stilfontein, South Africa.
Moved to Durban 1978 and have been there ever since.
Astle Keith
Support CDO 1RLI
Looking for Beetle Bailey.
Also Support CDO or any others.
Atkinson Tony
Born 1957 in Que Que.
Attended Redcliff Primary School and Que Que High School.
Worked at RISCO and Sable Chemicals.
Intake 161.
Currently reside in Johannesburg R.S.A.
Aucamp Martin
Was at Chaplin High School until 1979 then moved to South Africa.
Now working for a company called High Tech Processing as a construction manager.
Auld Heather
Ex Vainona Junior and High School.
Left Zim for SA in 83.
Married with 3 kids.
Visit Zim when I can and hoping to take kids to show them my old schools and where I lived.
Auret Mary-Ann (nee Seiler)
Born in Harare.
Lived in Harare, Que Que, Bulawayo.
Austen Adrian
Lived all over.
Austen Howard John
Lived and grew up in Bulawayo.
Austen Richard
Lived in Bulawayo.
Worked for Detroit Motors as apprentice motorcyle mechanic.
Left Rhodesia 1982.
Avery Sue
Lived in Suburbs. Heyman Road. Schools Coghlan, St Peters, Bulawayo Central Hospital.
Bailey Sally
Born & brought up in Bulawayo.
Lived at Khami.
Schooled at Eveline.
Worked for Selbourne Pharmacy.
Baillie Ian
Born in Salisbury.
Educated at Prince Edward School.
Did duty with BSAP Reserve.
Baillie Quentin,Patricia
Salisbury,Norton,Sinoia,Mashaba,Umniati,Que Que,Stapleford.
Baines Dave & Rosemary
Greenfield Primary/ Hamilton High left 1973.
Worked for C.M.E.D. Byo & Gwanda left 1981.
Worked CSC Gatooma left 1982 for S.A & still here. Hate every miniute.
Married in 1976 to Rosemary Tuck ex Soutwold & worked for the loco Motion record bar.
Rose is a Coglan primary & Eveline High pupil.
Looking for old friends. Sandra Davis & Caroline Godfree.
Baines Rhett
Brought up on a farm near Gatooma then moved to Harare.
Schooled at Peterhouse and Prince Edward.
Moved to Hilton in South Africa in 2002.
Baisley Rob
Lived in Mabelreign Harare, went to Allen Wilson High School in 1984.
Claimed my nationality in 1998 as I was born in Durban.
Baker Beverley (Wilmot)
Went to Que Que high school and worked for Lyons Brook Bond in Salisbury
Baker_Mark and Chalice
Mark went to Fort Vic High and Andrew Louw.
Mark is a mine surveyor and we both worked on Dalny Mine, Chakari, plus worked at Mangula.
Looking for Adam and Marion Beer and would like to hear from anyone else who remembers us.
We now reside in Benoni.
Bales-Smith Jennifer (Phillips)
Born in Rusape.
Went to Selborne Routledge and then Sinoia High.
Married Bill in 1975 and then went farming (1978)in Karoi.
There for 24 years, until evicted.
Barbour Stanley
Visit my website
Lived in Bulawayo and Salisbury.
Went to school at Milton and worked at Reedway in Sby until 1980 then went to RSA.
Have been in East London since 1982.
Married to Val Atkinson
Banwell Maryann(nee Heaver)
I grew up in Mabelreign, Salisbury, and went To Alred Beit and then Mabelreign Girls High.
I have a younger sister Susan.
I worked at the PWD (Manica Road and Head Office) and then at Southampton Assurance Comany on 1st Street in town.
Would love to hear from anyone who may remember me from those wonderful halcyon days in that amazing country.....
Bam Norma
My brother David and I were born in Bindura in the late 50's and I am curious about life around that time as I left at an early age around 2 12
My dad, David Robert Bam (Surname from his adoptive father)was also born in Bindura in 1929 but we never got the full story of
his paternal father as he was later adopted by his adoptive dad who married his birth mom.
Origins of his real dad are subject to speculation.
His birth mom, Mary Maltman, a Kimberley lass and his stepdad lived in Cape Town where he grew up.
Later he returned to Rhodesia to work on the mines with our first three siblings.
That is how my brother David and I came to be born in Bindura, Rhodesia.
Barnett Quentin
Born Harare 1949
Lived at Widgeon Ranch, Felixburg.
Umvuma Jnr Sc, Chaplin High Sc, Byo Tech College.
Beaver Trecarrel l(nee Thomas)
Lived in Bulawayo.
Worked for Leather World, Philpot&Collins and Mowats.
Beeston Mandy (nee Delaney)
Born Shabani.
Lived Salisbury.
Went to David Livingstone Junior, 1 term at Roosevelt Girls High, 1970 second term to 1974, Eveline Girls High, border at Northward from 1970 - 1972/3.
Begbie Mark
Born in 65 & went to Greenfield junior & Hamilton High.
Left in mid form '77,
Keen to hear from others that do or do not know me 0836647240
Bekker Matie
Visit my website
Enkeldoorn,Gwelo,Fort Vic.Thornhill,Bothashoff.
Belo Margarida
I lived in Marlborough attended Dominican Convent in Salisbury from 1970 to 1973.
Worked for Barclays Bank Cnr Manica & Angwa Street Salisbury.
Benkenstein Lorna (nee Evans)
Lived in Highlands Arcturus Rd and 53 Lawson Avenue Milton Park.
Went to Girls High School Harare
Bell Tim
Lived in Salisbury.
Went to Vainona Primary & Mount Pleasant High.
Did national service 6 indep company Umtali Chipinga area.
Left country for UK Oct 1978.
Currently living in Louis Trichardt.SA.
Bellringer Mervyn
Born In Umtali
Lived In Umtali
Went to Umtali Junior School962 and Umtali Boys High School from 1963 to 1969
Worked for Grindlays Bank in Umtali & Salisbury and Intaf In Umtali
Bennet (nee Stevens) Valda
Married Stuart Bennet In Bulawayo 1976
Bentley Cox Delia
I went to Highlands Junior School and then to Oriel Girls High in Salisbury.
Went on to UCT in Cape Town.
I am now married with 2 children and live in South Africa
Bergh Sarah
Lived in Bulawayo.
Went to St Peters Std 2-4, Moray Std 5, Townsend form 1-4, Byo Tech College for 2 years
Bergoff_Jimmy & Jeanette
Jim joined The Rhodesian Army as a recruit in 1960 and retired as a Captain in 1981.
Married for over 41 years, father to two lovely daughters: Jeanette aged 40 and Paula aged 37.
Paula has blessed us with 3 magnificent grandchildren MeganAnne aged 17 yrs, Anita Rae aged 7 and
David aged 2 1/2 yrs.
He is built like Jimmy and we call him Jimmy's mini-me!
We live on a lovely smallholding in Benoni.
Jim has retired now and is starting to write a book on his experiences in the Rhodesian Army.
We maybe contacted on the following cell numbers: Jeanette 082 481 4511 Jimmy: 074 197 0949.
Unfortubately due the continuous telephone cable theft, we and our neighbours have been without landlines
since Aug 2007 and Telkom refuses to keep replacing the cables.
Berk Jill(Sampson)
Lived in Greencroft.
Went to Alfred Beit in Mabelreign and Arundel Girls High.
Married Peter Berk, now deceased
Bester Johannes
Gwelo family. 1950-1979 business.
Building and Transport, stone Crushing.
Beyleveld Rocky(Gerrit)
Went to Thomas Rudland, Northlea and Jameson High School.
Served in the army and worked in Gatooma.
Would love to hear from anyone who knew me.
Bezuidenhout Gerald
Lived in Salisbury and emmigrated to SA 1970 Jhb. Went to school Umtali Boys High.
Would like to make contact with Shaun von Lilenveld, Ernist Serfontein, Ian Webster, Jonathan Hudson.
Bezuidenhout Kathryn (nee Thompson)
Went to Baines School Bulawayo.
Immigrated 1981.
Biasin Riccardo James
Born in SA 1959.
Moved to Chiredzi 1962.
Went to Chiredzi Junior School and then on to Fort Vic High 1971 - 1975.
Did my appyship at Hippo Valley Estates as an electrician and attended Bulawayo Tech 1976 - 1981 when I qualified.
Did 2 years National Service 1978 - 1980 during my appyship.
Left Chiredzi 1984 to work in SA and been here since then.
I visit Zim each year to see my folks who live in Kariba and to visit friends in the lowveld and, of course, camp at Ghona's!
Biccard Irene (nee Smith)
Went to Raylton Junior, then Coghlan and then Eveline High.
Biljon Christopher
Born in 1951 in Bulawayo at Sister Roux's nursing home.
Schooled at Hillside KG, Moray Road, Milton Junior and Hamilton High (64-68).
Worked in BSAP(Cadet)1969, Post Office 1969 - 1980.
Came to SA in 1980.
Bird Alan & Jessie
Visit my website
Greetings from Louis Trichardt
Bishop Sue
Lived in Salisbury, worked in Insurance Industry, left in 1981.
Active in horse riding world.
Bisset Gary & Ann
Lived in Bulawayo.
Gary went to Hamilton High 1966-1972.
Ann to Eveline Girls High 1970-1975.
Left in 1976 moved to Durban RSA.
Presently living in Alberton Gauteng.
Blain James
Bulawayo, Gwanda, Salisbury.
Blanckenberg Helen
Lived in Bulawayo.
Worked at Air Rhodesia.
Also lived in Salisbury.
Blignaut Danie "Bliggy"
Lived in Mtoko and went to Highlands junior and then Churchill High school in Salisbury.
Was a border in Winston House from 71 to 75.
National service with RLI Support Comando in 76.
Now living in Kwa Zulu Natal Richards Bay
Contact me on 082 5544 180
Blignaut Heather (nee Pierce)
Born in Que Que 1960 and lived in Enkeldoorn, Gwanda and Fort Victoria.
Would love to hear from old friends and especially looking for Annie Olivier and her son Deon
from Fort Victoria and the late Gert O'Neil's family from Enkeldoorn.
Bohnen Len
Tinwald South, Prince Edward School.
WRS Electronics
Bonsall Keith
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Lived in Gwelo and shooled at Chaplin but known as Keith May whilst living there.
Boot Peter
Lived in Glen Lorne and Umwinsidale, Salisbury - went to school at Lewisam and Saint George's.
Living in SA, JHB and loving it.
Would love to hear from anyone who knows or remembers the 'good old days'!!!
Booysen Sheila (nee Harris)
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Convent School Bulawayo
CJR and Chaplin Gwelo
Left school 1957. Worked Grindlays Bank Gwelo
Married Avon in Gwelo 1961 then moved to Salisbury.
Been in sunny Durbs since 1971.
Boshoff Willem Hendrik
Rusape Primery
Bothashof 64-68
Live in Bellville.Cape Town.
Bossy Bernard
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Botes Michael
Born Rusape.Lived Rhod & Northern Rhod. Churchill Boys High.
Worked Standard Bank, CSC Grindlays.
Botha Cheryl (nee Letherbarrow)
Lived in Famona, Bulawayo.
Worked at Rhobank and Rhodesia Railways.
Botha Hannes
Visit my website
Lived in Byo, Wankie,& Triangle.
Worked Byo & Wankie power stations. Worked Triangle sugar mill.
Presently running the Zimbabwe Pensioners support Fund that supplies pensioners with food parcels.
Botha Nellie
Worked at Ok Bazaars,Windmill Fertilizers,Meikles H/O
Bourlay Anne
Lived in Salisbury.
Went to school at Cortney Selous and Oriel Girls.
Bowen Davies Paul
Born 1962. Harare went to Digglefold near Marondellas, then Avondale Junior followed by Plumtree High 1975-1981.
Living in Cape Town, married to Karen, two sons Mark & Christopher 19 & 16
Bowker Gerald
Lived in Mashaba, Fort Vic & Gatooma.
Worked Liebigs Ranch & Goromonzi.
Boy Neville
Lived in Famona, Bulawayo.
Went to Hamilton High School.
Finished school 1982.
Boyce John
Ex Que Que then Salisbury, been in SA since 1981.
How our lives change,but not as much as the DOG has changed our country.
Bragge Guy
Born Bulawayo 1964. Went to REPS and Fort Vic High.
Left in 1981. Lived in Jhb an PMB.
Anybody know where Anne Nicholson is?
Branch Scott
Born 1950 Salisbury.
Mount Pleasant Boys High.
Gwebi Agricultural College.
Farmed until 1980 Murison Ranch Umnyati.
RSA 1980 Avocado farmer 40km west of Nelspruit.
Married Di 2 kids Gary and Jaime.
Breedt Andre
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Farm Salisbury South.
School Churchill.
Worked Std Bank Marandellas.
Brent Pam
Went to Melsetter Junior School and then Umtali Girls High School between 1965 and 1970.
I lived at the Vumba where we had a small farm.
Came to South Africa in 1981 and have lived in Zululand since 1983.
Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Brewer Kevin
Attended Milton High School, worked for the PTC in Bulawayo and left in 1979.
Currently in Johannesburg and married with 4 grandchildren.
Profession is currently property auctioneer with well know group.
Brewer Leonie
Lived in Sauerstown, went to Huge Beadle and then Northlea.
Worked at Stewarts & Lloyds.
Married the late Trevor Buckle and then Kevin Brewer.
Brewer Simon
Lived in Wankie around 1980.
Was in Std 4 or 5.
Father was Jim Brewer.
Brewis Maureen(nee Sanderson)
Grew up in Balla Balla.
Attended Hillside Junior and Townsend schools.
Played squash for Rhodesia and Matabeleland.
Brice Dawn (nee Tucker)
Went to Umtali Girls High School (1968- 1972).
Worked at Scottish Jewellers.
Worked at income tax office.
Left for Cape Town on 29 January 1980.
Still living there with husband and children.
Bristow Rob & Dee (nee Kegel)
Rob went to Mount Pleasant and Maritz Bros and I went to Roosevelt.
Met in Mangula when Rob was a Policeman.
We have 4 grandchildren who are our best fun.
Britten Richard
Nettleton Junior School 61-67.
Cranborne Boys High 68.
Britton Hugh John
Belvedere. Selbourne Jnr school. Prince Edward school.
Rhodesian Airforce [12yrs]
Brodrick Trevor
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Lived in Famona.
Went to Hamilton High, then Rhodes University.
Married Kathleen Wakefield and have 4 children.
Initially a teacher and psychologist for Ministry of education.
Relocated to South Africa and retired as a director for Irvin and Johnson fishing company.
Now an olive farmer in the Breede Valley.
Bromley Marie (was Mes)
Hatfield/Harare & Bulawayo.
Hatfield Girls High & Northlea High.
Brown Gavin
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Born Bulawayo. Milton Junior and Senior from 1955 - 1964.
Brown Marie
Chaplin School 1961-65
Lived in Wankie.
Married Jim Brown lived in Fort Vic Bulawayo, have 2 children Andrew and Natalie.
Emigrated to UK in 1884.
Moved to Durban Dec 2006.
Would love to hear from anyone who remembers us.
Brown Melany (nee Kidwell)
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Born on 4 Aug 1956 in Broken Hill.
My Grandfather Basil James Webb was the Mayor at that time.
First school was the Broken Hill Dominican Convent.
Moved to Choma in 1962.
Lived in various towns as my Dad Robin Kidwell was a Standard Bank employee.
Lived in Mufulira, Luanshya, Lusaka and Kasama before leaving in 1975.
Now live in Cape Town, South Africa.
Browne Richard
Born in Umtali.
Brummer Audrey (Casson)
Born in Bulawayo.
Went to school at Eveline High School.
Bullock Jill
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Went to Baines; Townsend Girls High, joined the BSAPolice; left Rhodesia 1982.
Now living in Durban.
Burden Warwick (Rick)
Umtali Boys High, Capricorn High, Oriel Boys High.
Speciss & commercial careers colleges, Damlin College, UNISA.
Living & working in Randburg, Johannesburg
Burgess Ronald
We lived in Colleen Bawn and Bulawayo most of our lives.
I worked for Standard Bank, Consolidated Textiles and Barclays Bank.
Burnell Michael
Avondale Junior School/Mount Pleasant.
Worked for Rhobank.
Left 1982 now living in Randburg South Africa
Burns Murray
Lived in Gatooma, Salisbury, Mtoko,Wedza, Sipililo, Buhera, Nkai, Kezi.
Worked in Lands Department and Internal Affairs.
Burroughs Ian(BUZZ)
Born (1953) and bred in Bulawayo and schooled at Henry Louw, Hamilton (briefly) and Plumtree.
Married to Jeanne (nee Sinclair).
Left Zim in 1982 and have lived in the greater Durban area since.
Burrowes Chery
Henry Low 1962 - 1966
Eveline Girls 1967 - 1974
Bushell Debbie
Went to Dominican Convent in Bulawayo.
Lived in Burnside and Khumalo and then in Borrow St before immigrating in 1981.
Butcher Melanie (ne Sandberg)
I was born in Salisbury.Lived in Jameson ave.
Searching Trevor Newland-Nel
Byrne Sharon
Selukwe Junior School
Sinoia High School 1974
Que Que High School 1974-1977
Cackett Basil
Went to Churchill High.
Worked for Standard Bank Sinoia, Post Office Kamfinsa & Amato & Sons.
Cade Shan(nee Davies)
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Went to Mabelreign Girls High 1967 - 1971
Campbell Allan
Born Chingola Northern Rhodesia 1950 left for Salisbury Rhodesia 1966.
Served in Rhodesian army left for South Africa 1971.
Campbell Lorraine (nee Edmondstone)
1963 - 1970 Alfred Beit.
1971 Mabelreign Girls High.
1972 - 1975 Jameson High Gatooma. 1976 - 1977
Married Colin Campbell 1978 had to lovely kids both married and now enjoying life by the sea.
I would love to make contact with friends from the past.
Campbell Thompson Sandra
I went to school in Malawi for my final years.
I then attended The Rhodesia Business College.
After finishing I worked at The ministry f Mines, then CU Insurance.
I married my husband of 41years while there.
We later opened our Panel Beating company Ginnies Panel Beaters in Msasa
We have three daughters Michelle Chantal and Jacquilene,all married and living in SA.
Carpenter Paul & Dorothy (ne Walker)
Lord Malvern
Standard Bank
Junior schools Nettleton and Marlborough.
Senior Allan Wilson.
College Insurance institute London. Fellow of Chartered Insurance Institute.
Now lecturer at UNISA business school.
Married to Dot 1972 One daughter Leigh and two gransons.
Looking for old friend from Marlborough, Mabelreign 1960's - Trevor Todd, Terry Carter, Ray Stroud and Mike Glieg.
Worked Insurance industry 45 years
Carr Hyde Valerie (nee Coyle)
Born Gwelo 1951. Lived in Que-Que, Gwelo, Umnyati, Lowveld.
School of Ag.Sciences & Agribusiness.
Left 1971.
Married Martin (now deceased).
Anyone remember us?
Cartwright Martin (Tidge)
Visit my website
Born in Salisbury 1949, schooled Oriel Boys.
Studied teaching at Rhodes.
Married Susie Ross.
Living and retired from being a headmaster in Potchestroom
Carvalho Ana
Lived in Salisbury
Hatfield High School - girls.
Left Rhodesia in 1975.
Casalis Cathy
I lived in Mabelreign, Salisbury and attended Mabelreign Girls High School until 1980.
Cawood Elizabeth Ann (Betty)
Born 1952 and raised in Umtali.
Left in 1966 for SA
Chalmers Branden
Lived in Bulawayo went to Hamilton and then left to do an apprenticeship at Siemens in South Africa.
Cawood Irene
Chancellor Junior School
Umtali Girls High School
Chapman Louise
Lived in Hillside Salisbury.
Went to Admiral Tait / Eastridge / Roosevelt.
(Married Walters)
Chapman Malcolm
Lived in Bulawayo.
Worked for African Associated Mines.Pty.Ltd.
Chappel Julie
Born in Rhodesia in 1962 went to Borrowdale school 1967 then went to
Oriel High school Chispite.
Now living in South Africa.
Still homesick.
Love to hear from anybody that knows me.
Charles Frances (nee Greenaway)
I attended Queen Elizabeth High School from 1961-1963.
Salisbury Polytech 1964.
Was employed at Milton Buildings 1965 Royal Rhodesian Airforce.
My Dad Phil Greenaway worked at New Sarum.
Then in 1966-67 I worked at Lever Brothers.
Went overseas to Southampton, England for a year.
Four years in Bermuda.
Then back to Salisbury December 1973.
My daughter was born in 1975 and my son in 1978 at Lady Chancellor.
Left for Port Elizabeth 1978.
Now live in Cape Town.
Christie Vic
Skype vic.christie
Left St Christophers primary school, Gwanda in 1960.
Left Allan Wilson Technical High School, Salisbury in 1966.
Left Sinoia, Rhodesia 1977.
Left UCT in 1970. Now live in Pretoria.
Have 2 children , oldest doing Law at Tukkies 1s year in 2004.
Youngest's last year of school is 2005.
I am looking for James Ball who also went to Allan Wilson Technical High School.
Running a Lottery Syndicate in SA, if anyone is interested. 012-9911151
Cilliers Andre
Went to Bothashof Primary 1974-1978.
Parents farmed in Centenary MT Darwin area.
Clark Dave
Schooled at UBHS & CHAPLIN.
Now residing in Lydenburg SA.
Clarke David
Bulawayo 1955 - 1984.
South Africa 1984 - onwards.
Cleary Peter
Lived in Bulawayo from 1945 to 1963. Milton at the end.
Finally settled in Zululand where we own a motor dealership.
Hope some of the old crowd from Rhodes will be inspired to make contact.
Clegg Felicity
Tennyson Jnr Bulawayo, Redcliffe Jnr, Regina Mundi Gwelo, Que Que High,
Townsend/Milton Bulawayo, Customs Bulawayo.
Clegg Mike
Visit my website
Lived in Melsetter / Umtali went to school in both.
Left from UBH to SA 1980
Cloete Lilian
Attended Northlea High School.
My father owned Northvale Motors Roadhouse and Supermarket.
Clulow (nee Butler) Dawn
Grew up in Umtali, UGHS 66 - 69, 9 years in Railways office.
Left in 80 to go to Bible Institute and stayed in Cape Town and married Roly from PE.
Still dream of Umtali, - especially Mitchell's Bakery none can beat that! - Well from the old days anyway.
Looking for old friends and especially my brother Trev.
Coelho Francine (nee van Greuning)
Born in Kitwe Zambia.
Lived in Lochinvar the Hillcrest.
Went to Henry Low Primary then Eveline Girls High.
Coertz Herman
Visit my website
Born and bred in Bulawayo.
Went to Eric Louw High school in Messina.
South Africa from 84 to 88.
Back home till 92 then came to live in RSA.
Still going strong.
Coetzee Kevin
Was schooled at Thomas Rudland and Hugh Beadle, from there to Northlea.
Played in the Pipe Band.
Would like to hear from all old friends who may know me.
Coetzee Mark Anthony
Salisbury, Bulawayo, Kariba, Gwelo.
Coetzer Lilian (nee Botha)
Redcliff.Que-Que High.
Moved to Bulawayo 1967.
Cogill Anne (nee Marsden)
Bulawayo, Evelyn School, Railmed
Cohen Mike
Lived,worked,schooled in Bulawayo.
Attended Henry Low Junior and Hamilton High School.
Cohn Grant
Born Bulawayo 1962.
All schooling in Gweru at C.J.R and Chaplin.
Left for Varsity in 1981.
Currently living in Warner Beach, Durban.
Coles Sean
Lived in Hatfield went to Cranborne Boys.
Served in the Greys Scouts.
Comitis Peter "Panos"
Lived in Zambia, between 1966 to 1976.
Went to the following Schools Kitwe Primary 1972, Kitwe High 1973, and St.Georges College 1974 - 1976.
During 1966 to 1968 went to Holy Cross Convent, Livingstone and 1969 to 1971 went to North Rise Primary School in Ndola.
Congdon Gayle
I was born in Salisbury - went to Borrowdale School then Lewisham before going to Arundel.
Would love to hear from old friends.
Connelly Heather
Townsend High School 1977 - 1978 then Umtali Girls High School 1979 and 1980.
Left for SA in June 1982 and now live in Benoni.
Cooper Spencer
Born 23 March 1978 in Whange.
Son of Ed and Valerie Cooper from Vic. Falls.
Grandson of Alice and Willy Cooper from Kitwe, Northern Rhodesia.
Cope Douglas
Born in Bulawayo and went St. Thomas Aquinas, CBC and Bulawayo Tech.
Left in 82 with my wife Jane nee Parry.
Miss home.
Corbet Chris
Lived in Karoi, Umtali and Salisbury.
Went to UBHS and Orliel Boys High.
Now living in Cape Town.
Costello Dave
Born 1954.
Lived Lochinvar.
School Lord Malvern Waterfalls.
Worked 7 yrs U.D.C. Salisbury/Byo.
Instructor Llewellyn Bks.
S.A Trust bank Fidelity Bank.
Just turned 61 !!
Costopoulos Alex
Hi..I am staying Cape Town originally from Bulawayo.
Cotty Jean Carol Mary
Lived Chadcombe
School Queen Elizabeth High
Worked for Rhobank
Cousins Anne
Lived in Harare and went to school at Oriel Girls High and Courtney Selous.
Cowell Murray & Barbara (nee Gorman)
Have just found this great site.
Born 1948. Educated at Avondale Junior and Mount Pleasant High School.
Worked Manica Trading in Salisbury, Umtali, Bulawayo and Lever Brothers and Willards Foods Salisbury.
Married Barbara Gorman 1971 in Bulawayo and left Zim in 1981.
Currently live in PMB in Natal.
3 children, 2 in UK.
Would like to re establish friendships.
Cowie Trevor
Lived and worked in Bulawayo and Salisbury.
Cox (Nee Webster)John and Sandie
Ex-Rhodesion Airforce family now living in Pongola, KZN, South Africa.
Left Zimbabwe in 1983.
John is originally from Ireland and Sandie is from Chipinga.
Still training dogs!
Have 2 grown up daughters, Kerrie and Taryn. Kerrie is married with 2 daughters and
lives with her husband, Andrew in Hong Kong.
Cox Lorraine
Lived in Queens Park East, Bulawayo and Colleen Bawn.
Worked at W M Cuthbarts before married, then a house wife.
Am going back to Bulawayo September this year.
Craemer Martin
Born 1944.
Grew up in Wankie & Salisbury.
Worked Johnston's Motorcycles & Rothmans. Service with 5RR.
Now residing in Cape Town.
Craig Anna
Lived in Rhodesia from 1963-1979.
Pupil at Mount Pleasant School until 1974 and student at UR after that.
Craig Ian
Hi Georgina, fantastic seeing good people like you keeping the Rhodesian flag flying - God bless you.
Cranswick Mason
Visit my website
Went to school at Plumtree (84) and Chaplin (82)
Crerar Cheryl Ann (Oosthuizen)
Was born in Salisbury Lady Chancellor.
Lived in Que Que with parents till father passed away in 1980 and moved to Gwelo.
Cresswell Dane
Went to Churchill High School from 1972-1977 and was boarding in Winston House.
Crofton Nick
Grew up in Chipinga.
1955 - 1960 - Melsetter School.
1960 - 1965 - UBHS.
Worked in Salisbury for Nestle Food Products, RioTinto - Penhalonga Development Company and Rhodesian Breweries / Delta Corporation.
Left for SA in 1980 to work for SA Breweries until 2001.
Great website!!
Cronje Ina (nee Korff)
Lived in Nkana and attended Prince Charles Pre-primary school, Frederick Knapp Primary School and Kitwe Girls High School - 1963.
My father was employed by the Rhokana Corporation as a rock drill fitter. His name was Willie Korff.
Crouch Erica
Visit my website
Born Bulawayo.
Lived Chiredzi 65 to 79 then Salisbury to 83.
Schooling Chiredzi Fort Vic Junior Chaplin and Roosevelt.
Crous Michael
Lived in Hatfield went to Allan Wilson.
Worked for Standard and Grindlays Bank and served in PATU.
Left in 1980 and now live in Johannesburg.
Retired after 24 years in hospitaility and now work in auctioneering.
Crystal Ivy (Mandy)
I grew up in Wankie.
Went to Thomas Coulter Primary school for KG 1 and 2.
Moved to Salisbury, went to Prospect Junior school, then to
Lord Malvern High School for Form 1 and part of Form 2.
Moved to Chisipite and went to Oriel Girls School.
Cullingworth Penny(now Botma)
Lived in Bindura and went to Mabelreign Girls High
Would love to hear from any old friends scattered all over the world.
Cumming Gavin
Schooled Baines, Northlea, Milton.
Lived Bulawayo, Salisbury, Gwanda, Gatooma Rusapi Nuanetsi.
Worked Intaf, Supersonic Byo.
Cursons Victor \Vic
I lived in Marlborough Salisbury.
Went to Marlborough Junior and Jameson High Gatooma.
Moved to R.S.A in the 70's.
Cuzzucoli Massimo (Max)
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Milton Junior & Senior School Bulawayo, 1961- 1972
Da_Fonseca Helder and Sandra
Visit my website
I was born and grew up in Umtali, (Mutare) Rhodesia (Zimbabwe).
I was at Chancellor Junior School, and Umtali (Mutare) Boys High School.
After leaving school in 1983, I came to live in Durban, South Africa in early 1984,
and have lived here since then.
Dalziel Stewart
Cranborne Boys High
Danes Sarah
Visit my website
Lived in Mount Pleasant, studied graphic design at Harare.
Polytechnic, worked with Chaz Maviyane-Davies in Harare until 1988.
Davidson Moira
I lived in Salisbury - went to school at Queen Elizabeth Girls High from 1969 - 1973.
My married name is Tolond now.
Davies Barrie
Bulwayo, Salisbury, Umtali, Fort Vic.
Mablereign Boys High
Davies Evan and Sandra
We left Zim in 1989 and are living in Mafikeng, South Africa.
I went to school at Mount Pleasant High and Sandra went to Lord Malvern.
Greetings to old friends worldwide.
Davies Gill
Davies Liz(nee Peacocke)
Grew up in Salisbury.
Went to Highlands Junior school, Oriel Girls high school.
Also lived in Umtali, Fort Vic and Bulawayo
Dawe - Smythe Rosemary
Lived in Darwendale.
School at Queen Elizabeth 1954 - 58.
De Barros Alex
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Milton Junior 1964 1969
Milton High 1970 1976
De Barros Leonore (Lee)
Peter attending Milton High - 1975 - lived in Byo, worked at Car Mart.
Leonore attended Townsend High 1976- 1979.Lived in Wankie opposite the hockey & cricket fields
De Barros Peter
Peter attending Milton High - 1975 - lived in Byo, worked at Car Mart.
Leonore attended Townsend High 1976- 1979.Lived in Wankie opposite the hockey & cricket fields
Dearden Cliff
BSAP 1965
de Bruyn Leon
Born in Byo (Lady Rodwell), schooled at Milton Jnr and CBC, and worked in the Post Office.
Debbo Belinda
Debbo Belinda (nee Bezuidenhout) U.G.H.S - Umtali
de Clercq Aletta (Zaanzie)
Lived in Redcliff, High school in Que Que and worked in Gwelo, Risco and Salisbury.
de Klerk Lowie
Schooled at Hamilton High.Played drums for the Rubber Band.
Entertained everyone in Bulawayo at the local hotels and large city hall.
Great time in our lives.
Married Marilyn Laing and had 2 lovely daughters Lana and Belinda
Both are married - Lana in London and Belinda in PMB.
Marilyn passed away 2nd February 2004 due to that dreaded disease - cancer.
That's about all my news.
de Klerk Slingerland Lynette
SkypeLynn Slingerland
Lived in Wankie.
Thomas Coulter Primary School.
Townsend High, Bulawayo.
de Kock Johan (Joey)
Born 1954 Gwelo Schooling CJR/Chaplin till 1970.
Worked Selukwe Gwelo Kariba Triangle till 1992 now residing in Messina South Africa.
De Oliveira Salome(nee Malan)
Born in Fort Victoria.
Schooled in Plumtree, Filabusi Primary,Townsend High in Bulawayo, Gatooma.
de Wet Leon
Mainly Salisbury but also worked in Marandellas & Enkeldoorn.
De Villiers Karen(Yates)
I lived in Famona, Bulawayo and attended Montrose Girls High.
De Villiers Louis
Visit my website
Lived in Salisbury, Gatooma, Gwanda, (St Christophers School) Wankie (Thomas Coulter School) and
Bulawayo (Moray, Hamilton and Gifford)
Delport Anthony
Attended Mashaba Primary School 1970-1972 and Fort Vic Primary 1972-1975.
Interested if anyone can remember me.
Dench Vee
Visit my website
Maiden Name Wheeler.
Born in Ndola, lived in Itawa and attended Itawa Primary School.
Moved to Que Que 1969 and attended both QQ Junior and High Schools.
Now reside in Durban.
Dennis Deon
Darwendale Primary Selborne Routledge
Dennis Sian
Born and bred in Harare.
Parents Molly and Len.
Attended Blakiston, Dominican Convent and QE High School.
Settled in JHB 1976.
Degree Wits.
Married twice, 1 son.
Own business.
Would love to hear from fellow ex-Zimbabweans.
Dennison-Farrar Herb
Attended Milton Junior/High schools.
Grew up in Nuanetsi/Rutenga.
Farming in the East London area.
Married (to Angela) with 3 children: Nicola 37, Christopher 12, and James 11.
Di-Gaspero Fred
Lived in Byo then Harare.
Went to Northlea High School.
Married Les Pike.
Moved to SA in 1988.
Now live in Jhb.
Dickerson Georgie
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Penhalonga Valley and Mashaba.
Would be good to be in touch. I see Henry and Sally van Vuuren are in Somerset West.
We also stayed out at Murundu close to my sister and husband Vicky and Eric Newbold.
Myself and my family stay just outside Chintsa East near East London and run a rehab centre for horses.
Diggeden Ian
Ex Gwelo / Gweru
Dobson Eva
Visit my website
Great site Georgina.
Lived in Bulawayo then Salisbury.
Left Rhodesia for Durban in 1975 and then moved to Johannesburg in 1978.
Is anyone from Salisbury that remembers me from the good old days?
Dobson Nita(nee Lawton)
Lived in Bulawayo, moved to Gwelo.
Attended Thornhill High School.
Married to Richard Dobson
Dobson Richard
Visit my website
Born in Gwelo 1956.
Attended CJR and Chaplin.
Served in the Rhodesian Air Force 1974-79.
Now live on the KZN South Coast.
Don Chris
Lived in Mtoko.
Went to Highlands Junior 1959-1963, Churchill Senior 1964-1969, University of Natal 1970-1975 and graduated
with a Masters Sc Mechanical Engineering degree.
Been working with Mobil/Engen Petroleum since June 1975 - currently in IT as their Application &
Integration Architect.
Live in Cape Town, married with 2 grown up kids - a daughter living and working in Paris and a
son just becoming a chartered accountant in Cape Town
Don Earl cfp
Visit my website
Lived in Mtoko and went to Churchill School ending in 1973.
1974 did my army in artillery and moved to SA in 1975.
Donaldson Roger
Ex Chaplin 1963-1967.
Lived in Gwelo, Bulawayo, Que Que.
Worked: Rhod.Abrasives,Field Technical Sales.
97th intake 1968
Dorey Engela(nee Botha)
I lived in Queens Park East and attended Thomas Rudland Primary and Northlea Senior.
I worked at Income Tax and Leibigs in Byo
Dormer John
Born and bred in Gwelo - worked Rhodesian Airforce 75 - 81.
Went to CJR and Chaplin High School.
Dorrington Chris
Open house to old friends
dos Santos Tony
Vainona Salisbury.
Worked at Commercial Union.
Doulgeris John
Lived in Greendale, Salisbury.
Went to school at Courtney Selous, then at Churchill.
Did apprentaship at H & S Enterprises at Mount Hamdom.
Was in Support Comando 1RLI since 1974 to 1980.
Did Skydiving at Delport Farm outside Salisbury.
Came to Joburg in August 1980.
Dowsett Ian
Skypedowsett. 10
Salisbury - 3 Engineers, Ginger Beers.
Dracatos Mary
I was born in Salisbury in 1963 and went to Blakiston Junior School and then Queen Elizabeth High School until 1979
when we moved to Pretoria.
My sister is Tina and my parents names are Anastasios and Helen.
We all live in Johannesburg now.
Dreyer Barbara
Born in Zimbabwe and now residing in Johannesburg
du Plessis Hennie
Went to Shabanie junior , then Guinea Fowl School.
Military training 90th Intake "C" company
du Plessis JP (Koot)
Went to John Cowie (Junior School) Rusape and Marandellas High 1965.
Served with 4th Bat. Umtali.
du Plessis Sonja
I went to Hallingbury Junior School.
Lived at 5 Newport Avenue, Mabelreign. Went to Mount Plesant High.
My father was General Manager of the Reserve Bank. Johan du Plessis.
After school I went to Salisbury Polytechnic, then went on to work for Founders Building Society.
Left Rhodesia in 1981 to study in Stellenbosch.
du Plooy George
Attended Filabusi Junior school 1975 to 1977, then Gifford Tech from 1978 to 1983.
du Preez Casper (Busty)
Went to Queensdale Primary, Cranborne Boys High.
Moved to SA in standard 8 in 1983.
Had 4 sisters, Laura, Loraine, Glenda and Myrayna, who passed away.
du Preez Charlie
Born: Gwelo.
Lived:Shabani, Bancroft NR, Salisbury.RLI
du Preez Marina (now Valentine)
Greenfield Junior School - Head Girl in 1977.
Montrose Girls High School - A Level - 1983.
Now living in Pretoria.
Duarte Pamela(nee Edwards)
Oriel Girls High School.
CABs First street Harare.
Duckworth Louise (nee Hansmeyer)
Lived in Bulawayo until 1985 and worked for Air Zimbabwe and SAA.
Duffy Gavan
Visit my website
Schooled at Courtney Selous School, Churchill School.
Worked for Micro Grinding Company as a Precision Machinist.
Intake 119. School of Infantry, Gwelo.
1st Batt. Rhodesia Regiment Salisbury.
Durrett Alan
Kitwe Northern Rhodesia - Harare and Bulawayo Rhodesia/Zimbabwe.
Duvenhage Betty (nee Bester)
Born Harare 1949.
Father worked at Dalny Mine Chakari.
I went to Dalny Mine Chakari.
Sir John Kennedy 1958.
Jameson High 1962.
Easton Ruth (nee HIilliar)
Lived in Morningside Bulawayo.
Worked at ZEMCO and moved to South Africa in 1989
Eckert Arthur
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Cranborne Boy's High, (men of men) Salisbury Rhodesia.
Eckert Siegfriedt (Ziggy)
Lived in Rhodesville
Schooled Admiral Tate Junior
Worked Telecomms, Burroughs Machine
Edwards Joan
Born in Bulawayo.
Married Athur Robert Edwards, lived in Northern Rhodesia for a time.
Wondering what's happened to Rob Shattock and Ben Van As.
Sadly RT as he was known passed away when my youngest son was 12.
Never remarried.
Live in Gauteng, but still long for the bush back home, Kyle Kariba, Falls Byo the wild life.
Greetings to you all and the best for 2013.
Edwards Julie Anne
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Essexvale Junior
Thomas Meikle
Hillside Junior School
Montrose Girls High in Bulawayo
Edwards Lesley
Born and bred in Fort Victoria.
Left in 1983 and now live in Roodepoort, South Africa.
Have a son who was born in 1982 and he is now living in the UK.
Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me :-)
Edwards Orlando
Schooled Milton High
Lived Hillside Bulawayo
Worked Nat and Grindlays Bank
Edwards Patricia (nee Slaven)
Karoi, Bindura Harare.
Dominican Convent Harare.
Eley Adele
I was born in Harare & grew up on Mazoe Citrus Estates.
After college I worked in Harare until mid 1992 when I moved to SA.
Currently live in Jhb with my husband & 2 children.
Elliott Richard (Rick)
Born on Shabani.
Went to Guinea Fowl School.
Worked for Duly's before joining RLI.
After 10 years in the army joined Puzey & Payne in Bulawayo & Fort Victoria.
Enslin Sharon (ne Lurie)
Salisbury, Parktown
Lord Malvern High
Erasmus Dawn
We stayed in various places in Salisbury.
I went to Greystone Park junior and Queen Elizabeth High.
I left in 1987 and moved to SA.
My Mom was Kathy Erasmus, Dad was Ben and I have 2 sisters, Charmaine and Sharon.
Erasmus Matthew Jan
Lived in Bulawayo, attended Kumalo Junior School and Milton High School.
Played Junior baseball for Postals Club and was a member of Matabeleland U14 baseball team.
Etkin Fanchette (nee Berl)
Bulawayo Primary School. Coghlan High School. Eveline High School.
Evans Goelst Brenda
Visit my website
Born in Gatooma & went to Jameson High School.
Thereafter nursed at Groote Schuur Hospital, UK & then back to Salisbury.
Immigrated to SA in 1984 and have lived in the Eastern Cape (Beacon Bay) since 1988.
Evans (Nee Cox) Kerrie May
Born in Rusape in 1968, left Zimbabwe in 1983.
Lived in Rusape, Wankie, Gwelo, Gatooma and Salisbury.
Also lived in the UK, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong and now back in South Africa.
My husband and I have 2 lovely daughters Megan (19) and Kendra (16)
Evans Liz and Peter
We have now moved to Cape Town, South Africa.
Two daughters Fern and Laura and Grand-daughter Michaela.
Fagan Alan
Lived in Wankie, Shabani and Salisbury.
Went to Guinea Fowl School 1961 to 1964 (Sunderland).
Worked for Old Mutual Fire and General in Speke Avenue.
Left in 1970 for South Africa and returned for 2 years - 1974 to 1976 - worked for Protea assurance Co.
Miss it like crazy.
Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me or went to same school, same time.
Fagan Linda
Born in Que Que in 1950.
Attended John Orr Junior school. Attended Thornhill High School from 1963-1969.
I am trying to find my old school friend Heather Result. I am not sure if she is married.
Fairlamb Ruth Margaret
I taught at Marlborough High School, Ellis Robins High and Gateway High among others.
I lived at 8 Kirriemuir Dr Marlborough, Harare. I did my schooling in South Africa.
Fay Marilyn (nee Bromehead)
Resided - Bulawayo Raylton.
Schooled Eveline Girls High School..
Worked at Premier Electric and Steel Fabrications.
Married Basil Fay (divorced) have two daughters.
Presently reside in Cape Town Tamboerskloof (2014)
Ferguson Irene(nee O'Dea)
Lived in Borrowdale, Salisbury.
Schooled at Salisbury Dominican Convent.
Now living in Knysna after spending 30 years in Joburg.
Ferreira Danie
Allan Wilson Technical High School Salisbury.
Worked at Rhodesia Broadcasting and BSAP Signals.
Ferreira (Nee Reinbach) Lynn
Born in Gwelo, went to Chaplin High School.
Immigrated 1981 to SA.
Have been living in R/Bay since 1984.
Would love to hear from other ex Rhodesians.
Ferreira Petrus (Peter) Gerhardus
Chipinga,Tobacco auctions Salisbury.
Field Michael
School Gilbert Rennie then 1958 Hillcrest High Livingstone.
Lived with parents in Kasama couple years and Luanshya.
Filer Rob
Visit my website
Moved here in 1968, apart from 2 years in Car Hire in Durban, lived in Jhb since.
2 children Kirsten & Stuart, now adults. No grand-children yet.
Contact TEL/FAX;(011)326 3332.
Firmin George Brian
I lived in Bulawayo, schooling at Sauerstown Primary, then Northlea High.
Joined Royal Rhodesian Air Force 1963, left 1969.
Flanagan Eddie ( C.A.J. )
Schooled at Broken Hill. N'dola High.
Worked at Roan Antelope Copper mine and Risco.Rhodesia.
Now in Cape Town, RSA
Fleming David
Parker Primary till end of 1963.
Lived in Livingstone Av,Beit Av,Malota Av and 2nd Street.
My Dad William(Bill)was a fitter on the railways.
Fletcher Chris
Born and bred Rhodesian.
Only left when things started to look ominous.
I had a baby to bring up and the signs for the future were not good .
Have been living in Pretoria South Africa from 1982.
Have had a great life but it seems that there are troubles world wide , wherever you go ...
Just for interest sake I popped my name on here ....
Ford Jackie
Hi Everyone I grew up in Gweru and finally after a lot of moving around have settled in Joburg.
Forrester Albert
I schooled at Northlea and Milton.
Apprenticed in boilermaking.
Before leaving Zims I worked in Triangle for 2.5 years, entered SA in '84
Fosse Doreen
I was born in Salisbury on the 21st June 1969.
Lived in Parktown/Salisbury from 1969 to 1983.
Started school at Waterfalls Infants.
Went onto Frank Johnson and then to Bothashof.
Hoping to meet up with all my old friends from Salisury.
Fouche Linda (nee Rademeyer)
Schooled in Gwelo at CJR and Thornhill.
Lived in Chiredzi as well.
Fourie Debra
Born in Bulawayo but grew up in Kariba.
Moved back to Bulawayo when I was 12 then briefly attended Woodville School;where we stayed.
Then attended Northlea High School.
Left worked for Dulys and Andys Service Station.
Moved to Harare worked at Mount Pleasant Motors.
In 1982 married moved back to Bulawayo(see a pattern here).
Had two sons Iain and Christopher.
Emmigrated to South Africa in 1985.
Divorced and married again.
Living on East Rand Johannesburg.
Fourie Ray
Visit my website
Umtali Boys High School 1969
Worked in Salisbury until 1980
Fourie Shirley (nee Young)
Lived in Marandellas went to Godfrey Huggins primary school.
Did first year high at Marandellas High then immigrated to SA in 1976.
Like to hear from old friends.
Twin brother Neill Young and older brother Graham Young also in SA.
Fox Pam (nee Foster)
Born in Umtali.
Lived in Salisbury.
Moved to Port Elizabeth in 1981 now living in Lyndhurst Johannesburg .
Fox Susan
Born Salisbury 1954.
Went to Lochinvar Primary, then on to Kitwe Primary, Kitwe High for a year, and on to Northlea in
Bulawayo 1968.
Married LeRoy Duberly and then Vernon Wentzel.
My brother was Peter Fox.
Both LeRoy and Pete were killed in action in 1979.
Just heard that they have found the crash site of the helicopter - 30 years on.
Francois Rhona (nee) Wilson
Born 1956.
Lived in Milton Park / Avondale Salisbury.
Did Ballroom dancing.
Freemantle_Anita (ne Pretorius)
Grew up in Gwelo, went to Riverside School. Stayed in 51 Gillbert Rd, Riverside.
Moved to Bulawayo in 1981
Freitas Manuel
Harare and went to Lord Malvern School from 1977 to 1981.
French Constant Juliet (Hoenck)
Married with two great kids.
Happy in Cape Town but miss Zim.
Would love to chat to anyone who remembers me
French Mel
Born in Salisbury 1944, went to CJR and Chaplin in Gwelo.
Left for Customs in Bulawayo then to Salisbury.
Joined a band called Drifters 1963, and years later they changed name to Holy Black.
Would love to hear from anyone from those days and times.
Frost Charmaine
Lived in Salsibury no 10 Locklen Ave Maberaine.
Mom and Dad Len and Helen Frost.
Brother was Allistair, Gary, Trevor and sister Cheryl
Frost Trevor
SkypeTrevor Frost
Lived in Harare, schooled at Ellis Robbins.
Worked in exploration drilling throughout Zimbabwe.
Moved to Botswana 1973 then RSA 2001
Fryer Reynette (nee Ferreira)
Born in Salisbury, Zimbabwe and attended school at Bothashof. 1976. Wonderful times.
Studied at Stellenbosch 77-80 and now in East London.
I would love to hear from old friends.
Fulton Gene David Roy
Born 1953 in Enkeldoorn. Schooled at Lochinvar, Chipinge & Lord Malvern High - Salisbury
Worked - Salisbury Power Station, Rh-Sigs,Mashaba Mines, LohRho Mining at Legion & Muriel Mines.
Fynn Hugh (Tugg)
Hartley JS (1954-7) St George's College (1958-65)UCT (1966-9)and Loughborough (1970-1)
Taught at Churchill, M'dellas HS and Ellis Robins.
Lived in Cape Town since 1978.
Galloti Des & Paddy
Lived in Kitwe, Mufulira, where we married in 1966.
Moved to Salisbury, Gwelo, Durban, Blantyre Malawi and now Johannesburg.
Gamaroff (nee Tuson) Cathy
Schooled at Dominican Convent Bulawayo.
Church: Our Lady of Lourdes Khumalo.
Gardiner Russel Wayne
Victoria Falls 1968-1970.
Enkeldoring 1971-1981.
Went to Prince Edward High School 1978-1981.
Garrs Ian
Bindura, Umvukwes, Frank Johnson, Lord Malvern, Post Office Telephone Technician, Air Rhodesia, Electronic Industries,
Gaze Sally (nee May)
Schooled at CJR Junior and Chaplin High.
Left school in 1960.
Married Roger Gaze in Bulawayo in 1963. Moved to SA in July 1963.
Have lived in Pretoria since then.
Have 2 children, Brian & Cheryl who are both married with their own children.
Would love to contact old school friends if in SA.
Geldenhuys Sylvia (Sophie) (ne van der Merwe)
Republic of Enkeldoorn
Liebenberg School
Marandellas High School
Puzey & Diss Motors
Gelman Claudette (now Lurie)
Byo Convent .My mother Suzanne was French teacher.Lived in Kumalo 1952- 1970
Gibbon Annamaria
I was born in Byo in 1962 went to school at Baines and Dominican Convent.
Worked for CSC met my late hubby in Rhodesia we got married in SA where we had 3 daughters.
Sadly he passed away....I have since remarried also to an ex Rhodesian.
Gibbon Irene
Lived in Gwelo, went to Chaplin School.
Worked for Scot-Russell, Murray and Pugh in Gwelo and Bulawayo
Gillie Kenneth
School - Gifford in Bulawayo.
Fisher Motors in Bulawayo.
Rhodesian Army in Salisbury.
Girdlestone Diana
Born Fort Victoria. Schooled Chisipite Salisbury.
Gomes Fiona(nee Cameron)
I grew up in Bulawayo, residing in Queens Park East.
I went to Thomas Rudland Primary school and then went on to Eveline Girls High.
I went to TTC and from there was posted to Salisbury/Harare.
I taught for 3.5 years before moving to SA in 1981.
Goode Graham
Alpha and Omega Correspondence College.
Hatfield Presbyterian Church.
Boy's Brigade (16th Company)
Goodman Maureen
South British Ins. Co., Old Mutual Fire & General, Speke Ave, Salisbury
Goodwin Trevor
Bulawayo from 1957-1977.
Northlea High School.
Goodyear Rod
Redcliff, QueQue High, Airforce.
Goodyear Stephen
Umtali Boys' High School
Grant Eileen
I went St Peters Diocesan School for Girls 1954-1965.
Taught at Alfred Beit 1965-1980 and Lilfordia 1981-1983.
Grater Kennard Leon
Schooled at Thornhill High.
Worked in Bulawayo.
Was with 2RR & Chaplains Corps.
Grave Susan
Bulawayo Dominican Convent.
Gray Cheryle (nee Bonniwell)
Attended Dominican Convent in Bulawayo.
Worked at E. S & A. Robinson in Bulawayo and then transferred to Harare.
Gray Daryll
Lived Braeside, Schooled Nettleton & Cranborne Boys. Worked Mardon Printers.
Gray Paul
Arrived in Byo from UK 1947.
Lived in Sauerstown, schooled at Northlea and left in 1958.
Worked in Post Office, and Post master Makwiro 1960.
Shabani Mine and Byo.
Lived in Jhb 1965.
Married in 1967.
Finally moved to Cape Town in 1974.
The Rhodesian bush still deeply seated in my heart and always will be despite political negativity and hurt.
Gray Rosemary(Burrows)
Lived in Headlands and Kadoma (Eiffel Flats)
Schooled at Chisipite and Queen Elizabeth.
Worked at Seed Services Harare went to Rhodes Uni
Gray Tammy-Jane(nee Kleynhans)
Visit my website
On a farm 8km outside of Marandellas.
Went to Marandellas High.
Went onto work at Ormonde Freight Brokers in Salisbury.
Green John
Wandered Hither and Yon through Rhodies.
Father was with Dulys.
I went to Alfred Beit in Mabelreign, Baines in Bulawayo and Chaplin in Gwelo from 1961 to 1966.
Worked for OK Bazaars Sby & Byo. Royal Insurance Byo, Bowrings Sby & Umtali,
Barclays Bank Insurance Div Sby along with many stints of Govt Leave!
Intake 92 at Llewellyn then 2 Batt, 1 Batt and (best for last) 4 Batt.
Moved to Cape Town 1980 been here ever since.
Green Sandy (Pretorius)
Lived in Marandellas & Salisbury.
Went to Godfrey Huggins Primary, David Livingstone Primary, Girls High School & Marandellas High School.
Worked in Salisbury for Standard Bank.
Greenslade Bill & Norah
Originally from Beatrice, moved to Fort Victoria in 1975, relocated to Bulawayo in 1980, and then on to S.A in 1984
Now living in Modderfontein, Johannesburg
Greenspan Caryn (nee Turley)
Visit my website
Born in Byo, School at Byo Convent till Form 1.
Form 2 - 4 at Nagle House Marandellas.
Form 6 Chaplin, Gwelo, then Upper 6 at Fort Vic High.
Greenwood Jane
Visit my website
Lived in Harare/Salisbury
Went to Admiral Tait and Roosevelt
Greetham Bruce
Gifford Technical High School.
Grey Bronwyn
Salisbury Milton Park.
Blakiston and GHS schools. Worked following Ad Agencies : Mortimer Tiley, Cameron McKay Finch, MBT,
Eric Edwoods. Played social hockey. Sailed from Salisbury Sports Lake Mac.
Grill Bev(nee Asher)
Jameison High School Gatooma (boarder) Leander House .1967- 1972.
Now in Johannesburg SA
Grimbeek Viv
Lived in Broken Hill Zambia then Bulawayo.
Went to Henry Low, Hamilton High.
Then the RLI
Grimes Patricia (nee Sykes)
Land Bank, Rhodesia Television.
Grobler Christopher
Born 1958 in Concession.
Moved to Triangle then to Plumtree until 1972 when I moved to Bulawayo and completed my schooling at Hamilton High.
Joined the BSAP in 77 and left in 81.
Now living In Johannesburg
Grobler Shaun & Clare (ne Du Preez)
Would like to hear from any who remembers me.
Lived all over.
Father Frank Du Preez (KD) Mom Gail Du Preez ne Downing
Older sister Sally and brother Guy
Groenewald Mike
Born in Salisbury.
Schooled at Selbourne Routledge and Guinea Fowl.
Worked at Air Force, Mount Hamden Airfield and Air Rhodesia
Grover Stu
Visit my website
Left Rhodesia 1988 - live in Boksburg - Ex Prince Edward and R.L.I.
Groves Richard (Dick)
Worked on the Sunday Mail as a photo/journalist and later on the Rhodesia Herald (Business Herald)as a business and
financial journalist between 1960 and 1979.
Hadden Keith
Moray Primary
Hamilton High (left end 1974)
Rhodesia Railways Computer Bureau (left 1982)
Haddon Sue
Avondale Junior. Mount Pleasant.
Hahn Margaret (nee Reid)
Hi I'm Margie Hahn. Born in Salisbury but grew up in Redcliff Que Que.
Went to Que Que High. Would love to hear from old friends.
Thanks for such a nice web site.
Hall Gavin
Born 1964, attended Henry Low and Baines Junior before parents emigrated to South Africa in 1975.
Finished school and varsity in PE, now residing in Johannesburg.
Hall Wendy
Went to school at Montrose in Bulawayo.
Went to Gwelo to do my nursing.
Hallam Nickie
Chaplin High Bulawayo
Hamilton Marlane(nee Grooten)
Raaf Crescent, Famona. Rud Road Northend Bulawayo.
Worked at fingerprint dep B S A P and C A B S.
Moray Junior, Evelyn High.
Hamilton Rodney
Born 1950. Swim for Rhodesia.
Went to Cranbourne High.
Hamlyn Michael & Lorraine
Ex Gwelo, Bulawayo and Salisbury, now in Durban.
Hammergren Maureen
Mary Moffat Junior +- 1955
Kalalushi Primary +- 1956
Ndola Convent +1956/7
Frederick Knapp +- 1957
Luanshya High Early 1960's
Sinoia High 1967-69
Hampton Muriam(Sher)
Bulawayo born and worked till 1978.
Went to school Northlea High.
Handford Pixie (nee Sellars)
Lived in Kitwe Zambia from 1960 to 1978.
Went to Marymount College Umtali Zimbabwe 1968 to 1971.
Would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Hanly Janice
Visit my website
Lived in Harare.
Went to Roosevely Girls High 1971 - 1977.
Nursed at Andrew Fleming Hospital 1978 - 1981
Hanly Paul
Went to Churchill, 1981.
Farmed in Chegutu until 2003.
Hardie Colin
I was at nearly every school in Bulawayo but finished at Gifford Tech in 77
I now live in the Natal midlands with my wife and 2 boys.
I am searching for any guys from 5 engineers in Salisbury ??
Harding Zoe
Went to school at Greengrove and Roosevelt
Worked for Gill Godlonton and Gerrand and Windmill
Have just moved to Cape Town after spending 10 years in the UK and looking for friendship of ex-zimbos in Cape Town.
Hardwick Philippa
Born in Chiredzi in 1969 and moved to Harare in 1979 where I attended North Park primary and then Arundel.
Lived in the UK for 10 years and the States for 2 years before moving to SA, 12 years ago.
Am married with 3 kids.
If anyone knows me or my siblings, Geoff, Lynette or Michael - please make contact.
Harris Robin (Rob)
Visit my website
Vainona Primary to 1965.
Mount Pleasant to 1970.
The Teacher's College to 1973.
Worked as a teacher till 1980.
Left Zim in 1982 to move to Cape Town.
Married to Rose (nee Retief)
Harris Shiona
Visit my website
Born,schooled and married in Bulawayo.
Married Alan Harris in 1971.
Now living in South Africa.
Harrison Bruce
Shabani, Bulawayo, Founder boy at Hamilton High.
San Tin Mine.
Messina Transvaal Development.
Gwaai Mine.
Rhodesian Air Force.
Harrison Cheryl
I used to live in Slaisbury and went to Lord Malvern.
I own my own salon called "The Chatterbox" sold it and moved for a short while to Bullawayo.
I played squash at the Cranbourne Squash club.
Hartley Hilary (ne Farrant)
Godfrey Huggins 1952 1957
Marandellas High 1958 1962
Medical Cor RLI
Hartley Lynne (Richardson)
l was in the Airforce, and l worked at Hoover.
l also worked at C.I.D. Headquaters.
l married Allan Hartley also in the airforce, and we moved to South Africa in 1983/84.
Hayes Chris
Born Salisbury 1948.
Lived in Hoyuyu,Mtoko.
Schooled St.Michaels,Hartmann House, St.Georges College, Marandellas High, 1955-1965.
Farmed in Mtoko till 1980 left for SA till 1990 where I moved to the UK for 18 years.
We decided to return to SA in 2008.
Hayward Lynne
Lived in Salisbury, Marandellas, Umtali and Kariba.
Hein Allan
Looking for contacts.
Henning James
Lived in Gwelo for many years, schooled at Chaplin.
Worked at Post Office, Bata, and Municipality and then Dairy Marketing Board
Herbert Graham
Born in Bulawayo '56, attended Baines Junior and Gifford Tech in Bulawayo.
Left for SA in '78, live in Johannesburg.
Herbert Ronnie
Born in Que Que.
Moved to Fort Victoria in the latter half of the 70"s.
Herbert Sarie(nee Strydom)
Eveline High School Bulawayo.
Worked in the Telegraph office.
Herselman Jacob Salomo (Jacq)
Born 07 March 1979 in Umtali.
Also lived in Chipinga
Immigrated to South Africa in Feb 1982.
Hewitt Sarah (now Rippon)
Born 1967 with everyone else at the Lady Chancellor in Salisbury.
Attended Lewisam Primary until we left in 1979 for the big smoke of Jhb.
Now living with lots of ex-Rhodies in Magaliesburg.
Rhodesia was SUPER!
Heydenrych Gert
I lived Sauerstown Bulawayo went to Northlea school and worked for Rhotin Tregar Ind.
Heyes Christine (Chris)
Born in Salisbury 1952, lived in Waterfalls, attended Lord Malvern School.
Married Nigel Belton from the RLI, who passed away.
Later married Steve King from Zambia, Broken Hill.
Would love to hear from old friends or any one from Lord Malvern School.
I would love to hear from a very good friend Gordon Holloway last heard of was in Kariba working for CAPCO.
Hibbert Elspeth (nee Quine)
Lived in Marlborough.
Attended Avondale primary, Umtali Dominican Convent, Salisbury Convent and Mabelreighn Girls High.
Moved to South Africa in 1968.
Hill Iain
Born in Rhodesia, father Dennis Hill was a pilot for RUAC and did
the flight of angels over Vic Falls and Game flights
Hill Patrick
Schooled UBHS.
Left 1958.
23 years Rhodesian Army, what a great life
Hines David
Schooled at Ellis Robins Salisbury.
Lived Mabelreign.
Hingle Vanessa
Lived in Derby Road Bulawayo
Greenfield Junior School
Cogholan Junior School
Montrose High School
Hjul Kevin Grant Hansen
Mufulira, Zambia.
Gaths Mine, Mashaba.
Hodgson Shane
Fort Victoria.
Hodgson Shaun
Alfred Beit Juniour School
Allan Wilson Senior School
BSAP Support Unit
Hoffenberg Colin
Born Salisbury lived in Bulawayo went to Milton School.
Holmes Joe
I lived in Umtali, left UBHS end '69.
Married Ruth Howell ex Ft Vic moved south in '78.
We now live in Midrand Joburg.
Lost contact with a lot of old friends over the years and would like to hear from any of them.
Holmes (nee Bicknell) Therese Ann
Bulawayo Convent and then Eveline (1960 - 1963).
Married Boet Holmes 1966 now in Secunda SA since 1989.
Homan Mike
Ex Thornhill High School and served in the Air Force.
Phone No.27 11 345 2623
Homber Len
SkypeHomber Len
Salisbury, Gwelo, Melsetter, Wankie.
Horn (nee Bindon/nee Albasini) Shirley
Growing up I was at the RCH and went to Admiral Tait junior and then Roosevelt High.
Married Mike Albasini had two children and then divorced.
I then married Terry Horn whom I am still married to.
Left Rhodesia in 1981 to come to SA.
Would like any of the RCH Girls to contact me.
Horstead Smith Louise
Howard John Vernon Lane
Allan Wilson Technical High School and Salibury Polytechnic.
Worked for ESC at Umniati Power Station.
Howie Brenda
Great Site, wonderful way to find lost friends.
Went to Oriel Girls and have many memories.
Have 3 great children, Candice 21, Warren 18 and Dylan 16.
Miss the place but best to remember the way it was and have no intention of going back.
Howlett Mike
Prince Edward Boys High.
Dept of Customs and Excise.
Howie Iain
Churchill High Salisbury.
BSAP (Gutu, Salisbury info room).
Bulawayo Tech college.
Costains construction.
Hughes Hilary
Lived in Umtali.
Did my schooling there.
Got married.
3 of my children were born there and the fourth was born in Harare.
From 1970 to 1980 ran Specks Hotel Gatooma with my folks George and Evelyn Raven.
Left for South Africa after Bob got in to power April 1980.
Hughes Sarah Jean (nee Hussey)
Lived in Salisbury (Hatfield)
Attended Hatfield Girls High
Worked Hone & Pearce (accountants)
Married Brian Hughes 1969
Hugo Joy (Joyce)(nee Tink)
Born in Bulawayo
Now living in Cape Town
Hulley Susan (ne Arnott)
I was born in Que Que in 1970.
Went to school there and moved to South Africa in 1983 to continue my schooling where I am still living today.
My parents Rob and Eve Arnott also lived in Que Que for many years and living with me in Margate, South Africa.
Should anyone want to reach us feel free to on my email which I check about once a week.
Hugs and keep strong all!
Hunt Larry
Bulwayo, Gwanda, Mtoroshanga, Inyati, Salisbury, Fort Victoria.
Huson Mike
Bulawayo boy - Northlea High.
Joined the Rhodaf 1975 (29 PTC) and left after Robert took over and after my folks moved to RSA.
Joined SAAF 1980 and left 1997.
Now a contract pilot operating all over the world for aid organisations.
Married to Ursula with a daughter Lauren and a son Shaun.
Hutchings Robin
Worked Bulawayo Power Station.
Hutchison Alf
Visit my website
Hutchison Mandy
We lived in Salisbury until 1971.
Hutchinson Donald Graham
Schooled at Gifford High school 1970 to 1976.
Live in Pinetown South Africa since 1985.
Hyett Kevan
Salisbury Insurance Industry.
BSAP Reserve - PATU.
Idensohn Born Harleen (Sletcher)
Bulawayo (Nyamandhlovu) - Coghlan Junion - Eveline High School.
Illman Tracy (Kensey)
Born 1968 in Chipinga.
Lived in Hartley, attended Hartley Primary School.
Jackson_Valerie (Chapple nee Dixon)
Born English grew up Rhodesian!!
Arrived in Redcliff in 1960 and attended both Redcliff Junior and Que Que High Schools.
Worked in the laboratory at Risco when I left school.
Does anyone out there remember the Risco Christmas tree parties or the sessions at Risco club?
Were you in Betty Marais musicals?
Were your folks members of Alan Lowry golf club?
So many happy memories of a carefree childhood.
Jackson Sharon
I lived in Greendale, Salisbury and attended Courteney Selous High School and Oriel Girls High School.
I was in Form 1 in 1972 - then left for South Africa.
Trying to find my friend Mary Roscoe who also lived in Greendale.
Jaffa Paul
Ex-Milton School, Bulawayo, now living in Cape Town.
James Elizabeth
Lived in Harare and worked for Standard Bank for 20 years.
Then left and worked for a diesel fuel injection company.
Now residing in Durban and working for Club Leisure Group.
James Julene
Born February 1969 - Mater Dei.
Lived in Dete, Greenhill & Hillcrest in Bulawayo.
School: Henry Louw Primary 1975-1981.
Left for SA in mid 1981.
Youngest sister of Dennis and David both schooled at Milton and Hamilton......
Would love to hear from old friends, neighbours and classmates.
James Norma Vivienne (nee Whittaker)
Dett, Lupane,Wankie, Vic Falls, Salisbury.
James Sheri (nee Quinlan)
I lived in Bulawayo, attended Kingsdale Primary School and then Northlea High School.
Worked initially for the IRS
Jeffery Allen & Ohna
Harare Zimbabwe
Worked at CABS & Standard Bank
Jeffery Lyn (nee Roach)
Lived in Marlborough.
Jennings Colin
Hi, to anyone who remembers me from Bulawayo.
Went to Henry Low and Hamilton High, then worked for Treger Group and
the Rhodesian Army alternately.
Married Wendy (nee Goldhawk) in '75.
We left for the RSA in'81.
Now reside in Durban and have two great kids.
Please drop us a line.
Jennings Debbie
Born in Salisbury in 1956, educated at Dominican Convent, Salisbury.
Lived in Borrowdale and then Kariba for a few years.
Emigrated to Johannesburg, SA in 1981.
Johnson Elaine (Holland)
Oriel Girls High School
Institute of Languages
Johnson Wayne Walter
Was born in Que-Que.
Father Andrew Patrick Johnson.
Mother Barbara-Ann Groenewald.
Was placed in foster care in Worcester 1982.
Looking for family on both sides.
cell no.0823293394.
Johnstone Robertson Ron
Went to Hamilton,Plumtree and Chaplin.
Worked various,most memorable,Nat.Parks at Vic Falls,Wankie and Matopos.
Now in Montagu Cape South Africa, Estate Agent and lay Pastor).
Wife Dia and son Alex (5 weeks old, we waited 16 years for him)
Jones Chris
Lived in Braeside
Went to Churchill Boys High.
Jonker Chris
Lived in Byo. worked at City Electrical Dept.
Went to Hamilton.
Jonker Karen
Born Bulawayo 1964, Moray Primary School, Montrose Girls High School,
emmigrated to South Africa (Durban) in 1984, moved to Johannesburg in 1985.
Would love to hear from old friends.
Jooste Rita (ne Theron)
Visit my website
Schooled in Zimbabwe and Marandellas Junior/High 1970's.
Joseph Kim(nee Gordon)
Went to Greenside Primary then Hillside Primary before leaving in 1986.
Joubert Aldyth (nee Cormack)
Lived and worked in Salisbury.
Joubert Boet
Lived in Hatfield
Worked for ICL & WRS Electonics
Joubert Francois
Born in Bulawayo.
Attended ST Thomas Aquinas 73-74,Tennyson 75-79, and Milton High 79-83
Joubert Le Grange (Joe)
Rhodesian Department of Veterinary Services (ahi) Liebigs Ranch.
Emigrated South 1981.
Worked for De Beers Finch Mine and Venetia Mine.
Retired in Musina.
Joynt Greg
Lived in Gwelo and Bulawayo.
Went to Chaplan and Milton Senior.
Worked at Lever Brothers in Salisbury & Bulawayo Power Station.
Judson Patrick
Went to Allan Wilson in 1965, nickname was FISH - friends with Angus Kennedy.
Juul Selwyn Telfrid
Lived in Waterford Bulawayo and attended Milton High School.
Kaufer Wendy (nee Gous)
Went to Shabani Mine Primary School.
Also went to Fort Victoria High school for my first year and then immigrated to South Africa.
Father Peter Gous. Mother Enid Gous. Brother Michael Gous passed away 1994.
Kelly Jane (nee Baglow)
Went to Townsend School.
Left in 1977.
Worked for the P.T.C. Bulawayo.
Kendall Glennis
Mabelreign Girls High.
BSAP Harare.
Kennedy Carolyn(nee Clarke)
Kelly Yvette (nee Albert)
Attended Harare Girls High School
Kaye Ernest
Plumtree. Bannockburn. Marula. Bulawayo.
T/I Bulawayo
Kee James
Eastridge,Admiral Tait, Prince Edward,Churchill boys.
Keet Ann(nee Harrison)
Lived in Gatooma 1969-1974.
Attended Jameson High -then Gwelo 1975-1798 - Chaplin High
Kenrick Freda & Peter
Bulawayo and Salisbury.
Schools:Hillside Junior..Eveline High
Worked Bowmaker Finance and Meikles
Kerby Leslie
Went to school in Bulawayo 1954 to 1966.
We lived in Famona in a block of flats and then into a house.
Did army in 1966 then worked at the movie houses for a few years.
Transferred to Salisbury and worked on the railways in Concession for 3 years after which I went into the power station with the ESC.
Kerr Brenda(nee Fairlamb)
Born Bulawayo
Lived in Harare, went to to Queen Elizabeth School 1971 - 1975, then TTC in Bulawayo 1976 - 1978.
Married Stewart Kerr.
Now live in Howick KZN.
Would love to hear from old friends
Kershaw Jonathen Philip
Visit my website
Peter and Roz Kershaw where my parents and we left Halifax West Yorkshire in the UK to live in Chingola Zambia.
We lived there from 1968 to 1978.
We then moved to Salisbury (My mother Roz returned to Zambia and lived in Kitwe alone and later married a Dereck Coopland)
Moved to Marandellas until mid 1982 when we moved to Pretoria South Africa.
We finished our schooling at Belfast High School.
Any body knowing my parents or us please feel free to contact me.
Best regards to all Jonathen Kershaw.
Kett Andrew Sydney
4 Saint Athans drive, Bluff Hill Salisbury.
School Halinbury.
Keyes Colleen(nee James)
Attended Riverside Primary school, Kumalo Primary School in the 1970s,
Admiral Tait Primary School in 1973 and 1974,then Roosevelt Girls High School 1975 to 1976,
Eveline High School 1977 to end 1978.
I worked firstly in the Rhodesian Army - 6th Battalion as a Civilian Secretary/PA
to the Company Commander etc.
Then at Minet Sheldon Insurance Brokers, followed by Bradlows Stores Head Office, which then became the JD Group of
Companies as a PA to the Director, Systems Admin and Control until leaving to become a Housewife and full time mother.
Keyser Sandy
Born in Salisbury 9/9/1967 to Eddie & Doreen Thomas.
Have a sister Tracey and brother Calvin.
Lived in Vainona and went to Vainona Primary from 1973 - 1979.
Immigrated to RSA in 1980.
Would dearly like to reconnect with anyone who remembers my family.
Kershaw Mandy
Worked Lever Bros. Salisbury & Coombe & Bicknell & Manica Trading & Old Mutual Fire & General.
Kilian Carol(nee de Wet)
Macheke, Bindura, Salisbury, Umtali.
Kilner Noel
Born in Salisbury 1951 went to school at St Johns Hartman House and St Georges
Was in the army 1969 105 intake C Company.
King Champ
Grew up in Bulawayo, schooled at Kingsdale Primary, and Thomas Rudland, before completing High School at
Hederberg High in Somerset West.
Rhodesian Army Medcal Corp from 1965 - 1976.
Returned to South Africa where I have been involved in Sales and Marketing, and most recently (8 years) as an Estate Agent.
The sea is only 100 metres away, but I long for the highveld and open spaces and game.
King Heather
Born in Salisbury, Rhodesia in 1961.
Eastridge Junior School, Braeside. Hatfield Girls High - O Levels in 1978.
C.A.B.S. Air Rhodesia until we moved to SA in 1981.
King Nigel
Northlea School.
Mardon Printers Bulawayo.
Intake 161.
King Raymond
Waterford school Baines jnr.
Milton boys high.
Electrical appyship Rodesia Railway Bulawayo.
Army Intake 159 1indep.
Left for down south 1981.
Kirrane Jacqueline (nee Madgwick)
Schools: Jean Rennie and Queen Elizabeth.
Kleinschmidt Sandy
Born in Umtali 1958 - schooled at Dominican Convent, Umtali Junior and UGHS.
Worked Gargan Bros & Chadder and Umtali Post.
Kluckow Jenny(nee Musgrave)
Live in East London.
Some good things about it.. beach, hiking, laidback lifestyle, etc but still have deep longing for
Zimbabwe and always will have.. the people, the bush, the weather and just.. home.
Knight Reinet (Rene) (ne du Plooy)
Lived in Bulawayo, went to Eveline High school.
Lived in Wankie, then transferred back to "blue skies".
Married Anthony Knight (previously from Victoria Falls) then farming in north Shangani for Meikles ranches.
We immigrated to U.K.1987, returned to S. A. 1989.
Really hoping to make contact with any of my classmates, (Eveline)
Also anyone who knew Tony Knight from Vic Falls, North Shangani, Bulawayo, or 2RR.
Knight Sue (nee Davies)
Born in Umtali, Que Que Junior School and High School 1953 - 1963.
My father, Pop Davies was headmaster of the High School 1953 - 1963 and my mother the Art teacher .
Knoesen Sophie
Lived in Umtali.
Knoesen Trevor and Marie (nee du Plooy)
Trevor was raised in the "big city" of Mashaba and attended Guinea Fowl High School from 1965 to 1970.
Marie grew up in Gwelo and attended Cecil John Rhodes and Chaplin High School from 1967 to 1971.
We moved to Kempton Park from Gwelo in 1977, where we lived until 1990, then relocated to Port Elizabeth.
Trevor opened his own Productivity Management Consulting business in 1994.
We live in Port Elizabeth and have been happily married since 1974.
We have two children who live in Australia and U.K.
Kohl Mike
Was in Livingstone Zambia at Hillcrest High School, where I spent 3 of some of the most formative years of my life.
Moved to South Africa in 1969 and then back to Salisbury in 1972.
I was involved with ASA seeds as a Seed Maize and Sorghum inspector for a while.
Moved to Melsetter where I worked for Border Timbers on Tilbury Forest Estate.
Roped into 4th Batt., and spent more time in Mozambique than at work.
Would like to contact Shaun Griffiths (my army buddy)at the time, Francis Brindley - my high school girlfriend in
Livingtone ex., Hillcrest High School or anyone who knew me from 1954 - 1976, I would greatly appreciate you contacting me.
Take care. cell 082 856 8997 also Whatsapp.
Korb Godfrey Wouter
Bothashof School 67-78
Rhodesian Regiment 79-80
Living in Durban.
Korff Marelize (Pretorius)
Fort Victoria High School.
Lived in Nuanetsi.
Kotze Jacobus (Jack)
Visit my website
Lived in Fort Victoria from 1948 to 1961.
Went to Fort Victoria Primary School then to Guniea Fowl High School in 1959.
My parents owned Rendezvous Cafe in Fort Victoria. We lived at Riverside Farm.
Kotze Gert
Lived in Bulawayo, Bothas Hoff High school.
Moved to South Africa to work at Bowcliffe Klerksdorp
Kriedemann Linda
Born in Bulawayo.
Went to the Dominican Covent.
Kriel Glenys
Went to Eveline Girls High.
Worked for Standard Bank, Rhodesia Pay and Personel. Brabys Yellow Pages.
Lived in Romney Park Burnside, Malindela, Glenville and Nyamandhlovu.
Kruger Lara
Born at Lady Chancellor 14th March 1977.
Lived in Harare and Bulawayo.
Kruger Martha
Lived in Mabelreign, went to AB Primary, MGHS.
Lailvaux Linda
Lived in Milton Park.
Attended the Dominican Convent and Polytechnic.
Worked at Kaymac and Zimbabwe Cotton.
Laing Cindy Lee
Born in Que Que,(Joubert) grew up in Shabani.
Went to Eveline High 76 & 77.
We then we left Rhodesia.
I was adopted a Bloxham, married an Ex Rhodie ( hence the surname Laing ) Divorced.
Laing Derek
Born Bulawayo 1951.
Lived Broken Hill Zambia until 1967.
Bulawayo finished school at Northlea.
Moved to South Africa 1980 with my wife Lynn and 2kids.
Living in Kempton Park.
Laing Lynette
Attended Coghlan and Eveline in Bulawayo.
Married Derek Laing in 1973, left 1980, and
have lived in Kempton Park ever since.
Have a son and a daughter, and now a grandson and a grandaughter.
Would love to hear from anyone out there who knows me.
Laing Malcolm
Visit my website
Born in Bulawayo, attended Thomas Rudland and Northlea.
Married with four sons and live in Roodepoort JHB.
Would like to hear from school and army friends.
Lamb Lindsey (nee Bence)
I lived in Sunninghill and went to Lochview, Waterford and Townsend Schools.
Lang Thomas
Lived in Salisbury.
Went to Marandellas High School left 1964.
Langdon Dawn (nee Whiting)
Living in Cape Town now.
Born 1965 in Bulawayo, went to Dominican Convent.
Hoping to visit Zim soon and take my girls to show them where I lived.
Larkan Colin
Laubscher Amanda (nee Reyneke)
Went to QE then to polytech for a year.
Left Zims in 1972.
Still to this day become very homesick and can only say I am grateful for growing up in Zims.
Laver Mike
Went to Milton Junior and Allan Wilson Tech. Left Zim in 1960 and lived in England, Kenya and Hong Kong.
Moved to Cape Town in 1973 with my wife and 2 daughters.
Now living in Wellington, SA.
Lawless Dana
Eveline High School Bulawayo.
Lawrence Clyde
Lived in Borrowdale.
School:Prince Edward.
Lawson Shelley (nee Pickles)
Lived in Bulawayo.
Went to Moray Primary School and then Townsend High School.
I left Townsend in 1977 after doing 'O' Levels.
le Grange Hansie
I lived in Salisbury and worked for Diesel-Electric and moved to SA in 1979.
Lee Michael DW
Born and lived in Wankie.
Family relocated to SA in 1980.
Eldest son of Graham and Lynne (nee Barclay) Lee.
Whole family including folks residing now in Durban.
Leech Konrad
Attended Hillside Primary and then Hamilton Boys in Bulawayo (1960-1964)
Left for Johannesburg, where I still live.
Have had my own business since 1966 and have three sons and a daughter.
I establish suburbs and townships.
I would love to hear from anyone who knew me in Rhodesia and in particular
Derek Spiller and any of the Hamilton guys.
Thanks for a wonderful site!
Leo Benjamine (nee Herselman)
Lived near Melsetter, went to school there.
Father worked as forester for BSA Co. 1960 to 1965.
Then back to SA to school in Sabie.
Would love to hear from friends and family.
Lessing Paul
Prince Edward High
Belvedere Junior
Lived in Salisbury
Lessing Sam
Visit my website
Went to Norton Primary - 1962 to 1967, Gifford Tech High - 1968 to 1971.
Worked for PTC in Salisbury, Hartley, Karoi, Mangula, Makuti and Kariba.
Levack Alistair
I lived at 13-13th ave Mabelreign.
Levin Cheryl Ann (ne Van Vuuren)
I went to Fort Victoria High School.
Lived all over Rhodesia.Gwelo,Bulawayo,Shabanie,Que Que,Mashaba.
Lewis Arlene(ex Temple-Murray)
Beverley Building Society, Z.F.C.
Liddell Eric
Born in Bulawayo.
Went to Henry Louw ('64 to '70) and Hamilton High ('71 to '76).
Worked in PTC from 1978 to '83.
Lindquist Jeremy
Sinoia. owner of Sportsdesk - a sports and clothing outlet.
Coached Basketball at Sinoia High School and also at Girls High School in Salisbury.
Lindsay Hazel
Born and raised in Umtali.
Been in RSA since 1996.
Lived in Namibia for 5 years plus. In the military.
Lindsay Neil
Vainona Junior School (1969 - 1971)
Milton Junior (1972 - 1975)
Plumtree High School (1976 - 1981)
Lived in both Byo and Salisbury.
Professional Hunter.
Lips Matthew
I was at Fort Victoria High from 1972 to 1976.
I moved to Durban two days after writing my last M level and have been here ever since.
Never been back to Zimbabwe once, in all these years.
I'd love to hear from anybody (even teachers!) who might remember me.
Lithins Jerome
Attended Milton and Speciess
Taught at Hamilton in 77
Little David
Bulawayo City Council Elect Dept.
G & D Shoes
Lockley John
Lived in Bulawayo.
Milton school.
Rhodesia Packing.
Currently working for Nampak.
Logan Alf
Schooled in Broken Hill N.Rhodesia.
Rhodesian Army from Nov 1962 to 1980.
Lolliot Jack
Art Printers Group / Eric Davis / Charles E Harris .
Bands: - Living End / Gypsy / Mainstay.
Lombard Chibnall Shaun
Born in Salisbury, 1957. Went to Churchill (1970-74)
Worked for Aerotech/Agriair. Live in Midrand, RSA. self employed.
Would love to hear from all who know me.
Lombard Steve
Grew up in Marandellas.
Went to Godfrey Huggins Jnr and Ellis Robins Boys High.
Worked for PTC.
Emigrated in 1980
Long AJ (Tony)
Born: Gatooma 1945
Educated: John Kennedy, Digglefold, Jameson, Churchill, University college of Rhodesia.
Lived/worked: Gatooma, Chakari, Marandellas, Salisbury, Shamva, Selukwe, Selous.
Emmigrated: 1975 - now resident Tzaneen District.
Lotter Trevor
Worked in Native Department. Transferred to many district stations throughout Rhodesia.
Last posting to Head Office Salisbury.
Lottering Alida
Davies Hairdressing, Ok Bazaars, Haddon & Sly, Barbers TV & Radio, Dave's Art and printing - Byo. Cecil Hotel - Sby.
Lourens Smit Cheryl
Born Umtali, attended Umtali Girls High, left 1982.
Lovell Donald (Don)
Born in Bulawayo.
Went to Hugh Beadle, and Northlea High.
Worked for Electroreps as an Electrician.
Left Zim in 1990, to South Africa.
Since then, been working all over Africa, as an MEP Construction Project Manager, in the Brewery/ Coke Industry.
Lowe Bruce
Churchill Boy. 1984 Hockey Tour. David Livingstone Junior School. Eastlea...
Lowe Marc
Hi All,
I was born in Bolton UK in 1957, came to Rhodesia 1968,
Umtali junior school, Frank Johnson, Lord Malvern and Ellis Robins.
Called up for intake 154( 4 months at Llewellin) transferred
to 3 Squadron for rest of national service and call-ups.
Moved to SA 1987.
Luck Patricia (Paddy) (nee Davies)
No. 8 19th Ave Famona, Bulawayo.
Lunderstedt David
Schooled in Umtali.
Teachers college Bulawayo and taught Marandellas.
Lunderstedt Steve
Born Umtali 29/11/1956.
Educated Chancellor and then UBHS 1969-1973.
Salisbury Polytechnic.
Worked Umtali Post 1974-1980 before tranfer to Kimberley.
1,4 and 5 Indep RR, then 4RR.
Macartney Garth
Born 1947 in Joburg and taken to Rhodesia by parents( Cedric and Joan)with brother Larry.
Went to Hamilton in Byo on to TTC taught at CJR(Gwelo) Mashaba, Head at Umniati and Que Que Primary.
Moved to St Andrews ,Welkom,SA in`82 and to Zululand to start own business in 1986.
Married to Trish(Street--ex ZAmbia) for 32 years and have 2 girls,Claire and Sharon
Come and see us in Richards Bay
Macdonald Jean (nee Armstrong)
Raised in Salisbury, went to Nettleton Junior and then Hatfield High.
Did a year at Polytech and then worked for Collector of Taxes.
Married in 1978 and moved to SA June 79.
Will be leaving for UK soon after selling house etc.
MacFarlane John & Cheryl
Been in Richards Bay for 15 odd years. John ex Churchill, retired from Standard Bank.
Now Executive manager of the Zululand Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Cheryl ex QE and TTC, still teaching.
Macfarlane Linda
Lived in Inyazura.
Schooled at Chancellor Junior School and Umtali Girls High School.
Worked in Salisbury in BSAP
Mackay Marissa
Born in Byo and went to Montrose Girls High School.
Left Zimbabwe for SA in 1979.
Living in Randpark Ridge.
Would love to hear from old friends!
Mackenzie Jane
Visit my website
Was born at the Lady Chancellor in 56.
My dad was a tobacco farmer.
We moved around quite a bit, Bindura, etc.
Went to the Umtali Dominican Convent.
Left in 64 and moved to Bechuanaland.
Mackie Donald
Salisbury - Golden Stairs Nursery.
Air Trans Africa.
Ellis Robins School.
Gwebi Agricultural College.
Mackie Simone (nee Gordon)
Lived in Salisbury (Harare) went to Courtney Selous Junior school. Roosevelt Girls High, Commercial Careers College.
Worked Right Rain.Richard Daggits & U.D.C Livingstone building.
Mackintosh Rob
Born Gutu.
Primary school Umvuma Junior school, then Chaplin High Gwelo.
Rhodesian School of engineers (RedCliff) 19 sevety seven,then Kariba Boat sqn.
Centenary farm Patrol with Sgt Paul Holt ex S,Scouts
Major Louisa
Bulawayo Childrens Fashion House.
Monte Carolo Pub.
Major Ray
Oaks Major Engineering.
Manders Gail
Born in Umtali, lived in Imbeza Valley near Penhalonga.
Schooled at Dominican Convent 1963-1969.
Attended Umtali Girls High 1970-1975.Emigrated to SA in 1977.
Would love to hear from old school friends.
Parents Ron (died 1981) and Claire (died 2006) had the hardware business in Victory Avenue, Umtali.
Manning Colin
Schooled in Gwelo.
Worked for Rhodesian Army, then for Edgars, Zippers & Egars again & subsequently transferred to South Africa.
Marais Barry
B.S.A.Police. Agricura. Self Employed in Chiredzi.
Maraschin Loredana (nee Colaianni)
Visit my website
I moved to Bulawayo with my parents in 1960, from Rome , Italy.
I went to Coghlan, grade 1 in May 1960 and left in September 1965, when we moved to Johannesburg.
I married, had 4 children and qualified as an attorney.
Bulawayo was a beautiful city and Rhodesia, as I knew it then, an idyllic country.
Marcou/Hale Diana
Schooled at the Dominican Convent 1951-1962.
Taught at Dominican Convent, Arundel and St Johns College.
Mardon Jenny (nee Bates)
Hatfield High School
Mare Neville
Cranborne Boys High, Air Force 1964-1975, live in Durban
Marinos Nick
Salibury--Mount Pleasant.
Royal Rhodesian Air Force.
SA Mutual.
Owned my own gym then left for South Africa.
Maritz Darryl
Hillside Salisbury.Eastridge Primary.
Marshall Trevor
Ilanda suburb.
Milton High.
Marshall Lawrie
Grew up in Melsetter, Schooled at St Georges College, Salisbury.
Married Liz Lamprecht.
Worked for NCR for 18 years then came to South Africa in 1980.
We run our own business, Marshall's Engineering, in Pretoria doing steelwork in buildings.
Martin Maureen(Houghton)
Lived in North End, Bulawayo.
Went to Baines School.Remember Maureen Meredith, Olwyn Leach, Colin Bland.
Then went on to Evelyn before coming south.
Martin Richard
Ndola Northern Rhodesia.
Martin Shane
Living in Nelspruit Mpumalanga South Africa.
Born 1955 Bulawayo.
Que Que High School from 1970 to 1974 then worked for S A Scales from 1974 to 1980
Maxwell Max
Visit my website
I grew up in Umtali, and was schooled at UJS and UBHS.
After leaving school I trained as a Health Inspector in Byo & Sby.
I spent my army years as a medic in Inyanga, Bulawayo and Chipinga/Melsetter.
After the Bush War, I worked at CSC Marandellas until I left for S.A. in 1984.
May Dave
To all those Rhodesians whom I have had the great privilege to
share my life with and still love and think about today.
You are never far from my mind.
Went to Milton Junior Hamilton and then Milton Senior, mechanic with
Dulys in Bulawayo. left in 1980.
Next 5 years in the South pole.
Married with 2 children 4 and 7 years.
Have own car rental company in South Africa, cabs car hire
and live in Cape Town.
Life is mushey.
Mays John
Visit my website
Born in Enkeldoorn 12/06/1944 .
Lived mainly in Gwelo . Worked for Rhodesian Alloys and Rhodesia Railways.
Also worked for Swift Transport Salisbury.
I was in the Army , 10th Batallion Gwelo , and 8RR Salisbury.
Mays Peter
Hi to all Rhodies who attended Lord Malvern in the early 70s.
I was born in 57 attended Lochinvar Primary School and Lord Malvern High School.
I am now living in Germiston.
Would love to hear from ex Rhodesians of the same age group.
McAlister April
Born in Zimbabwe, Primary school in Zimbabwe.
Now live in Cape Town
McCallum Gary
Ptc,Salisbury.Penalonga Development.
McCalman Jeannie
Educated at Townsend High and Umtali Girls High and came nursing in SA in 1968.
McCluskey David Francis
Kitwe Boys High school 1960
Worked at Rhokana corporation mine 1960 -1972
McClelland Sharon
Went to Umtali Girls High.
Worked at Customs and Excise Umtali and Salisbury.
McCormack Gordon
Wankie, Shabani and Bullies
McDonald Bill
Broken Hill Northern Rhodesia.
McEwan Douglas Charles
Schools CJRhodes Gwelo, QueQue Primary, Shabani Primary, Chaplin High 1965 - 69
Emigrated SA 1981
Two daughters, 1 grand daughter living in NZ.
Currently living SA.
Planning to emigrate NZ
McGhee (nee Smith) Karen
Born Bulawayo 1955. Schools Tennyson and Townsend. Currently living in Benoni.
Love to hear from old friends.
Mcginn Terry
Churchill 62/66
Duly's tractors & Chibuku Breweries
McGlead Gavin
Went to school at Northlea High and am currently living in Parkrand Boksburg.
I invite any old friends to look me up.
McGowan Gail (nee Rowland)
Attended Shabani Primary from - 1970 1976 and boarded at Thornhill High from 1977 to 1981.
Studied at ILSA in Harare for a year and then worked at ZISCO for 6 months before
heading down to Johannesburg in 1983.
Went back to study for three years and qualified in the public relations industry.
Married Derek in 1991 and have two daughters.
McGrath Patricia
I lived in Bradfiled and then moved to Burnside.
I went to Moray Road Junior School and then to Townsend High School.
I worked at AA, Mutual Ins Co., Stewart Wrightson and RNTC.
McGuinness Anthony (Tony)
Last area I lived in was Waterfalls - worked for George Angus.
Served first in BSAP (brightlights) and later transfered to 2 Engineers boat squadron.
Left for SA in 1980.
McLachlan Ken & Cynthia (nee Clarke)
Born and Grew up Umtali, lived in Gwelo Que Que Salisbury and Norton before moving to South Africa.
Both went to School in Umtali boys and Girls High.
Now in Johannesburg.
Thank you for your efforts....
McMahon John Patrick
Student at St.Stephens College,Balla Balla,Zimbabwe.January 1967 to December 1970.
McMaster Stan
Ex Redcliff/Que Que High. Now moving to New Zealand.
McNab Gordon
6 Chester Place Hillcrest.
Leander Ave Primary then Moray Rd Primary and Hamilton High.
McNally Vanda
Lived in Bulawayo.
Worked at Bulawayo Central Hospital and Mater Dei Hospital.
McNamara Ken
Schooled at Greenfield Junior, Milton Junior, Hamilton High.
McNeilage Ian Lester
Lived in Bulawayo.
Was at Brady Barracks.
Married to Patricia Robinson.
McNeilage Patricia
Lived in Bulawayo from 1965 to 1981.
Married to Ian Lester.
McSherry Ian
Lived in Umtali
Went to UJS 1960-1965 then UBHS 1966-1969
Worked at UBPM 1969-1979
Mead Denis
Prince Edward School,Salisbury.
Lived in Greendale, Sby.
Meakin Vernon
Went to school in Bulawayo.
Joined regular army 14 years.
Worked for Cairns Motors.
Ran Dads bakery Crusty Loaf in Mabelreign.
Left Zim in 1988.
Mehliss John
Lived in Byo.
Junior School : CBC
Senior School:Plumtree.
Tert. education U.of Rhod;
Attorney in Harare before leaving in '83
Meldrum Kathy
Lived in Llewellyn Barracks, Bulawayo and Triangle.
Went to school at Heany Primary, Coghlan, Murray MacDougal, Que Que High and Fort Victoria High.
Mennegke Susan(Scholtz)
I lived in Old Enterprise Road, Highlands.
Went to Highlands Junior School and then Oriel Girls High in 1963.
Left Rhodesia during 1964 and returned in 1966.
Messina May
Salisbury. Meyer Brenda
Danziger Lardner Burke and Ferguson Ward and Doyle
Meyer Jean (nee Cheesman)
Grew up in Selous/Norton area.
Went to Norton School then Queen Elizabeth (left in 1966).
Married Dirk Meyer.
Became a professional tennis coach.
Moved to South Africa in 1982.
Live in Roodepoort.
Meyer Ronel (nee Barnard)
I was born in Wankie, 1964.
My parents were Jan and Nellie Barnard.
My dad worked at No.2 shaft.
Mienie Bert
Rhodesia Railways.
Millar Bruce
I was born in Bulawayo, went to Baines and Northlea.
Studied at Bristol University and The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School.
Went into show business and came out to Johannesburg in 1969 and am still here...
Miller Cynthia (nee Ball)
Born Kitwe Northern Rhodesia 15 March 1947 (nee Ball)
Miller Linda (nee Coull)
Born in Bulawayo and lived in Bulawayo, Ndola, Essexvale, Jesse, Kariba & Salisbury.
Now living in Limpopo, South Africa.
Attended Ndola, Essexvale & Coghlan Primary schools; Townsend & Queen Elizabeth High schools.
Worked at Standard Bank & Beverley Building Society in Salisbury.
Married with two children and one grandchild.
Miller Tony
Farmed on eastern border.
Schooled at Umtali Boys High.
Electrican trained at Mobile electrical in Umtali.
Now living in South Africa Since 1984.
Milne David William
Born 15/04/52 - Bulawayo - Southern Rhodesia
Education; Salisbury.
1957 - 1964 - Hatfield Junior School
1965 - 1968 - Cranborne Boy's High
1969 - Speciss College Harare
Member of Rhodesian Caravan Association - Lake Macillwaine
Defence Force - 1971 - Intake 123 - C Company - Llewellan Barracks - Bulawayo
IRR - c Company - Salisbury Drill Hall
MAG Gunner
Occupations: Internal Affairs - 1970 - Lupane - Bindura - Marandellas - Nkai
Textiles - 1972 - David Whitehead's - Hartley
- 1977 - Cone - Harare
- 1985 - Associated - Gatooma/Kadoma
- 1987 - David Whithead's - Chegutu
Emigrated to South Africa - 1989 - Port Elizabeth.
Now residing in Cape Town.
Milne Marilyn(nee Sadler)
Went to Northlea High School in Bulawayo Jan 1969-Dec 1970.
Went to Lord Malvern High School in Salisbury Jan 1971-Dec 1972
Minnaar Desmond
Salisbury, Prince Edward, left school 1972.
Bulawayo Army 1975 to 1979.
Mitchell Vernon
Moir Kathy(White)
Born in Umtali then went to school in Bulawayo.
Married to Gavin and have three children two of which are now married and one grandson who is now five.
We are now living in Johannesburg South Africa.
Momsen Jennifer
Lived in Salisbury & attended Nettleton Junior & Hatfield Girls High.
Momsen Leona
Lived in Salisbury, attended Nettleton Junior & Hatfield Girls High.
Monda Rex
Lived in Queens Park West.
Went to Newmansford Junior School, then to Northlea High School.
Brothers Graham and David.
Montgomery Lucille (nee van Vuuren)
Lived in Nkana opp Prince Charles School, and later 18-5th Ave.
Worked for Border Motors about 1 year.
Moore Craig Maxwell Leonard
Lived in Gwelo. Thornhill High School.
Rhodesian Airforce.
Left country in 1981.
Moore Rory
Gallahers Tobacco, Salisbury.
Morel Belfort-Frenchie
Ex army Rhodesian Light Infantry
Morgan John
Bulawayo suburb Glenville.
Schools Baines (1956 to 1960) & Gifford ( 1961 to 1965).
Bulawayo Technical.
Worked at Puzey & Payne.
Morris Peter Constantine-alias Speedy
Visit my website
As of 19th Sept 2009, after 35 years as Chairman & Convener of the
St Stephen's College Old Boys' Association Worldwide,
I have stood down and handed over the mantle of Chairman & Convenor to one
Stephen Hathway at the Big 50 Reunion held in Durban at the Shamwari Club.
He is married to Dawn and she is very comfortable and happy to be assisting him with his duties.
Steve & Dawn live in Wales.
He is a keen supporter of things to do with Saints Old Boys and a keen photographer, amongst other things.
His first important duty will entail putting the 6th Uk Reunion on in 2010 together, with the help of any other willing SOBs.
I have made many friends through the Old Boys Association and I will continue to be an
avid member of the Saints Old Boys, always helping members to find their
old school friends and to continue with recruiting new members into
the Association and possibly arrange local Reunions in and around South Africa.
On behalf of Brenda and myself I would like to say a big thank you to all
those persons who have been part of the Association.
Best wishes to Steve & Dawn as they venture into the future with the affairs of the Old Boys Association.
Speedy Morris
Head Boy
Saints Old Boys Association.
Mortassagne Faye (nee Leo)
Ex-Northlea. Living in Edenvale, Jhb.
Morton Patricia Ann (nee Marshall)
Born in Johannesburg.
Moved to Southern Rhodesia in 1952.
Went to Townsend School.
Worked for Rhodesia Railways and Teal Record Co. Bulawayo.
Would love to hear from any who remember me.
Mortimer Alison (nee Cooper)
Born 1942 and raised in Harare. Lived: Greendale, Avondale.
Schools: Admiral Tait Primary, and Roosevelt GHS.
Worked for Old Mutual, Sagit Trust Company (name changed?) and others in Harare.
Married Tony 1971.
2 children, and 3 grandsons.
Am one of the Golden Oldies!
Moses Trevor
Visit my website
Born in Bulawayo 11 Sept 1967, lived in Gwelo / Gweru until 1987.
Attended Riverside and Lundi Park primary schools and then Chaplin from 1980 ~ 1984.
Made the idiotic mistake of going to Eric Louw High School in 1983 when I should have stayed home.
I work as a film archivist at the address in my website:
I would love to hear from all who remember me.
Moss Mark
All over - lastly Concession..Concession Transport.
Moyo Sikhumbuzo
Went to school at Manondwane Primary School, then to Milton High School.
Attended A-level at foundation technical college, then did my teaching diploma at Hillside Teachers College.
Moved to S.A in 2007.
Worked at Trademarx Townlodge in Menlo Park.
I have been teaching at Queens High School since 2009 to date.
Mukombo Lucy
Born in Lusaka, Zambia
Went to Lusakasa Primary School in Lusaka, Kalonga Secondary in Kabwe.
Speciss College in Zimbabwe
Worked for ZimRe in Zimbabwe
I would like to get in touch with my old friends
Muller Freda (nee Curtis)
I was born in Nkana, Kitwe.
We then lived in Mufalera, Sinoia, Ndola, Luancha, Lusaka, and Salisbury to name but a few places.
We went to so many schools that I cannot remember them all.
The first school I went to was called Mary Moffet Primary School and the last was Lord Malvern High.
I got my first job at the age of 15 in Salisbury, it was an Engineering shop called
Salisbury Motor and General Engineering.
When I left there I went to work at a furniture shop in town called Jimmy's Furnitures,
The bosses son was called Maurice and he was a drummer in a band.
I then got married to a monster called Petrus Johannes Erasmus - can't talk about him - brings
back too many bad memories.
My late Dad was Bill Curtis and my late Mom's name was the same as mine, Freda.
My brothers were Billy, Frank, Allan and Danny and my sisters were Shirley and Lorraine.
In Salisbury we lived at 31 Hawthorn Drive, Lochinvar and I went to Lord Malvern High only until I was
15 so I cannot remember many people there.
I learned to dance when my brother Allan took me to the Lochinvar club, we had a lot of fun there,
dancing and jumping on the trampoleen.
I do remember Linda van der Merwe who lived on the corner of our street, Karl Voss, Jimmy Summers,
Dickie Mac Donald, Richard Ralph and Lettie from over the road to name but a few.
Maybe someone can remember the girl who won the mini-skirt competition at the club
and the girl who used to spray-paint her skirt, boots and bag with silver spray paint.
That was me.
Mullenbach Shirley
Lived in Harare. Alfred Beit Jnr School, Mabelreign Girls High, Salisbury Polytechnic.
Left 1988 for SA.
Married to Peter, originally Wankie born, moved to Bindura, his brother is Michael now living in Aussie.
Mullis Cathrine(nee Davis)
Lived on Gaths Mine, Mashaba in Fort Victoria.
Munro John
Plumtree from 1966 to 1971.
BSAPolice from 1971 to 1982.
Married with 2 kids who commute between Cpt and USA on business/pleasure deals.
Murdoch Eaton Veronica (Ronnie)
Dudley Hall Primary
Colleen Bawn Primary
Sinioa High
Que Que High
Standard Bank
Radio Limited
Murray Allan
I was at Fort Victoria High living in Chiredzi.
Worked in Gwelo and later Liebigs ranch in West Nicholson area.
Mutch Julie
Lived in Harare and attended Oriel Girls High until 1977.
Left Zimbabwe in 1983 and have lived in Cape Town since then.
I am an Adminstrator for "Oriel Boys and Girls School Harare" on facebook
Myburgh Margaret
I went to school in Chipinga, Umtali (Mutare) and Salisbury (Harare).
Worked in Salisbury (Harare), Bulawayo, Wankie (Hwange)and Concession.
Myburgh Michele (nee Macdonald)
Lived in Famona Bulawayo.
Attended Montrose Girls High 1971 - 1976.
Employed in the B.S.A.Police 1976 - 1982.
Myburgh Wayne Robert
Visit my website
I went to Umniati Primary School from 74-78.
Anyone else out there that stayed in or around Umniati.
My brother is Vaughan, Trevor(Dad) Irene(Mom)
Give me a shout, I'd like to be in touch with old classmates.
Nash Don
Byo Milton Waterford Casa Alba
Naughton Sue (nee Brunt)
Great website.
Went to Eveline High School left 1968.
Moved to Durban 1983 then Port Elizabeth 1989 and still here.
Would love to hear from old school friends.
Ncube Stella
Lived in Tsholotsho then moved to Bulawayo.
Neel Brian
Lived in Salisbury. Senior School- Guinea Fowl from 1964 to 1969. Teachers Training College from 1970 to 1972.
National Service. B.S.A.P.
Taught until 1980.Worked for Halsted Bros. until 1984.
Emigrated to R.S.A.(Hillcrest KZN.)
Married Pam Morant (1976) ex G.H.S. and TTC. Pam passed away in 1998. 2 Sons. Ryan and Mark.
Nell Johannes Fredrick
Apprentice at F.R.Evans 65-70
Railways Umtali 1970
Karoi 73-77
Railways Salisbury 77-78
Nell Keith
Visit my website
Lived in Salisbury - Owned Blount College until 1978 - was in SAS from 1977 - 1980.
Emmigrated April 1980.
Am keen to contact relatives of anyone killed in the Viscount disasters.
Nell Martin Manuel Noel
I resided in Umtali and went to school at Lord Malvern and Cranbourne Boys High.
Nel Ria (nee Saayman)
Visit my website
Lived in Zim 1971 - 1978. Best time of my life. Went to Bothashof School 1971-76.
Now in South Africa.
Would love to hear from old friends.
Nel Susie (Brits)
Lived in Harare.
Worked for Agricultural Loan Funds, Coghlan Bldgs. 1966/1969.
Nelson Kim
Went to Greenfield Primary School and Montrose Girls High.
Lived in Hillside, Bulawayo.
Nelson Richard
Went to Milton High from 1966-1969.
Worked for Barclay's Bank, Mobil Oil and Dunlop Rhodesia.
Emigrated to SA in 1980.
With Engineers from 1971-1980
Nicholls Douglas
Lived Rhodesville - Greendale area.
Attended Adimrial Tait, Churchill Boys High.
Worked Lyons Brooke Bond - Ajax Trading & Manufacturing refrigeration - aircon technician.
Nicholls Maureen
Bulawayo, North End. Anglo American.
Nicholson Alan
Lived in Gwelo and went to Chaplin School.
Worked for Stanbic Bank Zim and then Standard Bank Mozambique.
Nicholson Oscar
Lived in Macheke/Virginia.
Went to Macheke Primary School.
Nicol Athol
Niehaus Arno
Visit my website
Went to Munro, Sir John Kennedy and then Jameson High.
Worked at David Whitehead Textiles.
Niemand Dawn (nee Birk)
Lived in Salisbury.
Went to school at Queen Elizabeth.
Nixon Debrah Anne
Born 1965 and schooled 1970 -1980 in Bulawayo.
Noakes Dave
Grew up in Umtali,Schooled at CJS UBHS 1963 to 1968.
Worked for Railway workshops Umtali.
Inyati and Shamva Mines before going south to Tsumeb SWA, then to Durban.
Really miss Rhodesia and especially the people.
Would love to hear from anyone.
Nursten Merle
I was married to Clint Nursten - son of Rob and Renee Nursten.
We moved to South Africa in 2002 and are now living in Kyalami.
Our son Connor is now 15.
Oake Errol Arthur
Born Umtali, Southern Rhodesia 1964.
3 years later relocated to Bulawayo.
Went to School at Greenfield infant, Greenfield primary, then Hamilton Boys High Bulawayo.
Did app Rhodesian Railways as Millwright, then immigrated to South Africa.
Odendaal Anthony (Tony)
Visit my website
Born Mount Selinda, grew up in Chipinga, schooled Inyazura, Chancellor Jnr, Peterhouse and Sixth Form College(Byo) and Bulawayo Tech.
Worked in Salisbury, Gatooma, Bindura and Umtali as a health Inspector.
Left Rhodesia in 1981.
Joined SADF did 10 years then joined NDoH as a logistic systems manager.
In 2003 started a Consultancy with a pharmacist partner and have done work in SA, Malawi and Moambique.
Married to Martha and have two sons, Marc and Dean and two grandchildren, Aiden and Zandrine.
Odendaal Beverley
Born Salisbury, lived Karoi Sinoia Gwelo Chiredzi.
O'Donnell Neal
Born Salisbury 1946.School St Georges.
Brief interlude in Perth, West Aus.
Trained Andrew Fleming Hosp '78.
Army medic till '80.
Now registered with UCT as doctoral candidate at my late stage of life.
Oldham Alex
Born in Bulawayo 1967 - went to Townsend.
Would love to hear from old friends.
Now living in Maritzburg.
I miss Matopos!!
Olivier Laurence
Visit my website
Hi all,
Living in South Africa since 1977.
Last schooling was at Gifford Tech and Military time was with Signals Corp (73-77)
Id welcome contacts from old friends and a visit to my web site never did any harm.
Olivier Piet
Lived in Mangula,School Ellis Robins.
Joined R.L.I 1 Commando in 1977.
Moved to South Africa 1980.
Now living in Secunda (Mpumalanga)
O'Neill Russell
Elder son of Frank and Sylvia O'Neill.
Born in Kitwe 1958 and now reside in Cape Town since 1969.
I have my own business doing industrial machine automation and electronics
specialising in the clothing and textile trades.
Oosthuizen Christina (Crissy)(nee Duvenage)
Born Gwelo 1955.
Lived in Bulawayo, school Eveline High.
Loved disco's.
Oosthuizen Donald Gustaf
Barclays Bank Assay dept QueQue.
Steelplant Risco Redcliff.
Oosthuysen Renee (nee Payne)
Born in Gwelo.
Parents farmed at Somabula.
Went to Chaplin High School.
Openshaw Cathrine (Cathy)
Lived in Salisbury and attended Admiral Tait (1970-1973)
Dad was Arthur who worked for licencing department and mom Marion worked at Allan Wilson School.
Lived in Greendale and would love to come into contact with people who new us.
Orpen Richard
Lived in Luanshya N.R.
Luanshya Primary School.
Saint Stephens Collage Balla Balla.
Osborne Peter
Lived in Bulawayo.
Attended Moray then Hamilton schools.
Worked for PTC, STC, Railways.
Left Hamilton end 1964.
Owen Alyson (ne van Wyngaard)
Born in 1957 in Bindura but grew up mainly in Gwelo.
Attended Chaplin.
Worked at Andrew Fleming Hospital before joining Customs.
Worked in Salisbury and Bulawayo.
Married Stewart Owen, lived in Vic Falls.
Lived in Welkom then Pietermaritzburg, now living near Johannesburg.
Would love to have contact with anyone who remembers me.
Owens Peter
In Rhodesia 1956-1980 St Michaels, Hartmann House St Georges 1960-1971 ex Tobacco the Cape !
Pace Ted
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Shabani Mine, Hydro Dept of Irritation, Croc Hunter.
Page Alan
Worked at the Federal Treasury until 1964.
Moved to Grahamsown to R.u.
I retired in 1988 and moved to the Western Cape .
Page Erica (nee Thomson)
Worked in the Standard Bank in Manica Road and Cecil Square in 1948/1952.
Left Rhodesia in 1964 to settle in South Afica.
Page Rhona
Townsend High School, Bulawayo.
Palermo Paula (nee da Silva)
I went to the Dominican Convent in Bulawayo from 1969 - 1979
Palmary Janet(neeLockley)
I lived in Bulawayo from 1948-1961.
Attended several primary schools. Sauerstown Primary(Hugh Beadle) 1948-1954,
Newmansford and Thomas Rudland for a couple of years in between.
High school-Northlea 1955-1959. TTC(Teachers Training College-Heany)19610-61.
Moved to Kitwe Zambia 1962-1975. Now live in Randburg South Africa
Papenfus Elizabeth (Liz)
Grew up in Melsetter area. Then moved to Redcliff. 1980.Moved to SA.
Paper John
Went to Plumtree 1964-1968. Served in 4 RR until 1980.
Left in 1981 to Cape Town.
Parker Elaine (nee Cutsforth)
Lived 30km outside Salisbury. Went to Roosevelt Girls High School 1966- 70
Married Jimmy Parker, divorced in 2000, have 2 children.
Would like to chat to anyone who knows where the Duckenfield family are living.
Parker Jimmy
Lived in Southerton,went to school at Lord Malvern.
Worked Tool and Equipment Coventry Rd up to 1970.
Parker,formerly Flowers (nee Ehrke) Roslyn
Visit my website
Currently living in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape. Ex Harare, Mabelreign Girls High.
Would love to hear from old friends.
Parker Riona
I was born at Lady Roswell hospital in Bulawayo.
My parents are Erica Cooper and Richard John Sutton (whom im still looking for)
I would appreciate any information on him.
Park-Pearson Beryl
Waterfalls, Salisbury. Frank Johnson,
Prospect & Lord Malvern High School.
Government Auditors,
Clan/Trek Transport.
Parsons Denise [formerly Wright/nee Hoar]
Born 1953.
Lived in Banket for most of my formative years.
Schooling: Vumba Heights[jnr] & Roosevelt GHS [snr]1966 - 1970
Widowed 2004 & relocated to Cape Town 2006
Paterson Liz (nee Steele)
Lived in the Greystone/ Shangani area.
Went to Fairbridge,Bulawayo.
Then to Townsend.
Trained at Grey's Hospital Pietermaritzburg.
Then Addington.
Now living in Johnnesburg.
Patient David
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I am trying to locate my birth mother, Joy Henricks, who gave birth to me on 13 March 1961, in Broken Hill [Kabwe], Northern Rhodesia [now Zambia]
She lived at 20 Metcalf Ave and at the time of my adoption decree was believed to be living in South Africa.
Patterson Moira
Lived in Highlands in Salisbury .
Went to Oriel Girls High School and left the country in 1972.
Looking for Louise Sheard.
Patterson Stanley
We lived at No. 34 Balfour Rd and later moved to No. 112 Balfour Rd, Bellevue after my dad died.
Went to Hamilton Boys High.
Worked at Nimr & Chapman from 1970 to 1973.
My mom Monica and younger sister Dolores, left for SA in 1973.
Married with three children.
My dad worked at the Post & Telecommunications all his life.
My mom worked at Meikles, Saunders and later started her own dress making
business, called Silhouette Dress Makers.
My four sisters went to Evelyn High.
They are from the oldest Pamela, Laura, Olwen and Dolores.
Pawley Louise(nee Chapman/ex Walters)
Lived in Hillside,Salisbury.
Junior School was Eastridge (1957-1959)
High School was Roosevelt (1960-1963).
Would love to hear from old friends and relatives.
Pearson Leonie (nee Roach)
Lived in Salisbury.
Went to David Livingstone Junior School and Queen Elizabeth Girls High School.
Married to Billy Pearson, ex Rhodesian Air Force.
Peddie Avril
Born in Bulawayo, now living in Randburg. Feel free to contact me.
Penny Lyndon John
SkypeLyndon John Penny
Born in Bulawayo and schooled in Bulawayo.
Worked in the Post Office
Penny May
Lived in Chiredzi.
Schooled at Chiredzi Junior School and Umtali Girls High.
Worked for Air Zimbabwe/Rhodesia at Salisbury Airport (Reservations)
Pentecost (ne McCarthy) Molly
Born in Salisbury 1959.
Schooled in Hatfield, worked at CABS & Beverly Building Soc.
Brothers name was Douglas he died 2 years ago, sisters Jane, Patsy and Bridget Mum & Dad Jon and Pamela.
Does anyone remember me ?
Perfect (nee Hickie) Melanie
What a lovely site :)
Trevor& Connie Hickie(ex Gwelo RAF,Salisbury and Rhuwa) now in Scotland.
My sisters, Lindsay Holden(AUS) & Valerie Binder (USA)
I have two girls and a little grandaughter and we live in Cape Town.
Perie Ingrid
Hi there
Am in Port Elizabeth.
Perino Debbie
Born in Salisbury/Harare 1962.
Attended Mabelreign Girls High.
Now live in Claremont, Cape Town.
Perry Sheila (nee Austen)
Salisbury worked A.A.Mutual.
Admiral Tait Junior.
Roosevelt Girls High.
Married to Des Perry.
Petersen Kathleen
Born in Harare 1966.
Schooled at Lewisam Primary School and Oriel Girls High.
Left Zimbabwe in 1978.
Lived at 433 Antelope Lane, Mandara for my 12 years.
Petzer Lindah (nee Venter)
Lived & worked in Bulawayo, Curling & Co.
Got married and lived in Sby
Pickers Rob and Cheryl
Born in Sinoia
Attended Sinoia High School 1971 1976
Intake 155 C Coy then 4 Indep Wankie
Worked in the survey department at Mangula Mine 1978 1982
Moved to Pietemaritzburg 1983 - todate
Married to Cheryl (nee Richmond from Bulawayo) in 1997
Pienaar Nick
Lived in Bulawayo .
Worked at Railway Mechanical Workshop.
Pieters Soekie
Lived in Mrewa/Mtoko area.
Schooled at Umtali Girls High and Mabelreign Girls High.
Pieterse Pieter
Jameson High school worked in Gwelo.
Pietersen Joe
Salisbury, Que Que, Gwelo, Fort Victoria.
Pifre Luisa Maria
Umtali 5th avenue, close to Bomache and Greenwood Park.
I went to Sundavid School in 1972.
We moved to Salisbury were I went to Houghton Park school.
I went to Salisbury Polytecnic 1980.
Worked for Gianni Hair salon by the Herald news paper.
My sister Paula worked for Cabs.
Pilz Kerry
Born Mutare( Umtali ).
Umtali Boys High, Harare, Mount Pleasant High 1977,
Cranborne Barracks 1978 2nd brigade...
Pitzar Beverley-Ann
Bulawayo School: Eveline High 1973 to 1975.
Pocock Tara
Born 1980 in Harare. Daughter of Chris Pocock and Sue (nee Johnson).
Schooled at Lilfordia (Norton) and Peterhouse Girls (Marondera)
Pohl Emily (nee Wentzel/Elliott)
Lived in Wankie.
Went to Thomas Coulter.
Lived in Mtotoshanga.
Went to Eveline Girls High.
Went to Salibury Polytechnic.
Lived and worked in Umvukwes.
Pohl Kloppers Debby
Triangle/Chiredzi Junior school, Fort Victoria High School.
Left to come to SA straight after school.
Poole-Muller Deborah Joy
Lived and grew up - Greystone Park, Salisburg
School - Dominican Convent, Salisbury
Worked UDC Finance - secretary, Andrew Flemming - Student Nurse.
Air Rhodesia - Ground Hostess
Potts Patricia (nee Quirk)
Grew up in Umtali and worked at Farmers Co-op.
Moved to Salisbury and then to South Africa 27 years ago.
Love to hear from old friends.
Powell Christine Kelsey/now Smith
Mufulira and Kitwe.
Pratt Daphnie,Taffy
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Lived in Chadcombe.
Went to Hatfield Girls High.
Worked for Standard Bank, SBY, Rhodesia
Preece Jenna
Born in Bulawayo 1987,went to the covent in Bulawayo and then to GC in 2000 and 2001.
Would love to contact anybody that remembers me.
I am currently doing my last year of high school and onto working next year.
You might remember my parents Rohan and Nikki Preece and my elder sister Taryn who
graduated cum laude in Hotel Management.
Would love to hear from anyone who might remember us..
Preston Rose
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Went to school in Livingstone:Hillcrest High
Worked on Railways in Livingstone.
Pretorius Cheryl Ann (ne Smith)
Lived in Khami and then Bulawayo. Townsend and Northlea High
Price Annette (nee Bodotti)
Schooled in Rhodesia from 1959-1970.
Salisbury Convent and 1970 at Mount Pleasant High Salisbury.
Price Donald (Don)
Plumtree School
RLI 1(Indep)Coy
Price Ken
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REPS junior school, 1951-53
Plumtree school, 1954-60
University of Cape Town (Civil Engineering), 1961-64
Working & living in Cape Town since 1984.
Prichard Jennifer (now Ladeira)
Gwelo - Thornhill High.
Salisbury - S Rhodesia Govt.
Grant Advertising.
Quaite Maureen
Born Gwelo, school Chaplin,lived Gwelo, Fort Victoria and Wankie
Rademeyer Linda
Lived in Gwelo and Chiredzi.
Schooled at CJR Gwelo and Thornhill Gwelo
Rademeyer Stuart
Gwelo, Chiredzi, Fort Victoria.
Radloff Ivan
Born in Que-Que, went to CJR, Somabula, Thornhill High (1961 to 1966) and then Chaplin in 1967.
Lived in Gwelo as a teenager and then Bulawayo and emigrated to RSA in 1982.
Rainbird Dave
Born 1953 Salisbury,schooled at Cranborne Boys High.
Worked for Steven & Dawneys and Rhodesian Army
Ralph Paul
Born in 1956 in Salisbury.
Went to Munro, Southerton and Lord Malvern Schools.
Am widowed and dangerously good looking!!!!! Please no chancers!!
Living now in sunny Durban.
Rankiner Elizabeth (Liz)
Born 1951
Lived in Borrowdale, went to Borrowdale Junior and Oriel Girls.
Worked for Halsted McDonald Travel in Salisbury 1970-74.
Now live in Kwazulu-Natal
Redfern John
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Honorary National Secretary
Flame Lily Foundation
Redman Clinton
Lived in Bulawayo, attended Christian Brothers College and joined BSAP.
Stationed at Queens Park, Bulawayo.
Joined Sun International and worked at Sun City and Morula Sun Surveillance Department.
Reeder Nigel
Went to School Tennyson and Milton High.
Left in 1983 to South Africa.
I have worked for Angloplatinum for the last 24 years.
Reid Alan
Lived in Harare and Bulawayo.
Went to Allan Wilson and Bulawayo Tech Hotel School.
Worked in Vic Falls, Mutare, Harare, Kariba.
Reid James Douglas(Jim)
Worked on the Raiways in Umtali & Salisbury.
Principle Hobby Amateur Theatre.
Rendall Cindy
Lived at Empress Nickel Mine, worked in Gatooma/Salisbury and moved to SA.
Have 2 beautiful daughters and been engaged to Gavin Caldwell for 20 years now.
He too is from Empress/Bulawayo.
Loving SA.
Retief June
I and my husband, Pieter, lived in Rhodesia until 1980.
We lived in Llewellyn barracks and both worked in the army.
Our two daughters Chantelle and Shelley were born in Bulawayo and Salisbury respectively in the early 70's
Rhodes Karen (now Levey)
Born and bred in Salisbury, GHS from 1971-1975.
Now living in Shongweni, SA.
Rhodes Patsy (Hoffman)
Born in Salisbury (Harare).
Farmed in Concession.
Living in SA.
Rich Lorraine (nee Macdonald)
Lived and went to FVHS and lived in Salisbury.
Went to GHS
Richardson Charlie
Used to live in Salisbury. Worked for Clan transport and now living in S.A.
Rietveld Tracy (nee Hall)
Mashaba, Zimbabwe.
Riley Pamela Jean
Educated Salisbury, Frank Johnston, Nettleton and Lord Malvern.
Married 1971.
Moved to Byo and worked at CABS.
Robb Andre
Born in Salisbury 59 (mount pleasant) went to junior school at Lifordia, senior school Jamison in Gatooma - then into
army RLI until 1980.
Moved to SA and am in PMB at present.
I have been in SA for 31 years, but still miss my life in Rhodesia ever day.
What is it that made our life in Rhodesia so heart sore today? - you must remember that all our lives in those days
were without cell phones, laptops, emails, etc etc, man o man please someone bring them back
Roberts Karen
I lived in Famona Bulawayo.
I was educated at Montrose Girls High.
First worked for the Reserve bank
Robertson Alasdair
Lived in Salisbury.
Left end of 1978.
Was in Form 2 Marlboro High at the time.
Would like to hear from any one who remembers me or any one that I might now.
Born Bulawayo.
Went to Milton Worked for the Railways.
Intake 137
Robertson Stuart
Rhodesian Air Force 13th course-1962.Thornhill Air Base.
Roby Dave
Lived in Luanshya Zambia 1951-1968.
Moved to Umtali and Salisbury 1968- 1982 .
Completed national service A company 106 intake.
Rodger Colin
Hugh Beadle and then Northlea 1960-64.
Lived North End, last 4.5 month intake.
Left Rhod 1980. Now KZN Midlands
Rodrigues Rui
Rose (nee Hopkins) Karen
Born Salisbury 1958. Schools Vainona Junior & Mount Pleasant High.
Married Kevin Rose ex Prince Edward School.
Now living in Johannesburg.
Have one daughter, Natalie, doing BSC Financial Mathematics at Pretoria University.
Rose Kay (Karen)
I went to Sinoia Primary and Sinoia High School.
I lived there from 1966-1976.
I now live in Johannesburg South Africa.
Rose Viv
Lived in Bulawayo until 1972.
Went to Newmansford and Gifford High.
Played in Eldorados Band 1959 - 1963
Rorke Doreen (now Sherren)
Born in Bulawayo (Lady Rodwell) 1954.
Grew up in Gatooma.
School at Eiffel Flats and then Sir John Kennedy.
Senior School Eveline in Bulawayo and finished off at Jameson in Kadoma.
Rosenberg Deborah (nee Lyte)
Lived in Malawi.
Moved to Rhodesia.
Went to Regina Mundi Gwelo boarding school then on to Salisbury Girls High Boarding Scool then Oriel Girls High School.
Ross William (Billy)
Started Wankie in 1955.
RR Broken Hill & Bulawayo.
Also Selukwe, Que Que and Gwelo. Tech School Cam & Motor Gatooma.
Left Rhodesia 1978 to stay at Sasolburg.
Still here, now retired.
Rossi Andrea
Lived in Harare.
Studied at University of Rhodesia.
Rous Charmaine (nee Dumas)
Born and bred in Bulawayo in 1964.
Attended Hillside Junior School and later Townsend High School.
Was passionate about dancing and went to Dorothy Ainscough and Chisholm Schools of dancing.
Would love to hear from anyone who knew me in the "good old days".
My parents, Alex and Rene Dumas owned the Bellevue Filling Station in Bulawayo.
Immigrated to South Africa in 1981 and lived in Johannesburg for a while.
I am now a veterinarian (also married to one) and we live and practice in Colesberg.
Rouse Dave & Antoinette
Grew up in Waterfalls Salisbury. Brother Paul, Sister Delyse.
Went to Lord Malvern High. Farmed with Phil Botes at Centenary East.
Served 4 Sig Squadron & BSAP Reserve. Sig Tech Rhodesian Railways
(Ingezi - Heany Junction - Salisbury Signals & Radio.
Returned to SA after Paul was killed during follow-up operation of Fletchers killers.
Now settled in Cape Town for last 20 years +-.
Rowland Mark
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Born in Shabani 1967.
Went to Shabani Primary and then St Georges College in Salisbury.
Lived in Jhb since '82
Rowley Debra
Went to Queensdale Junior and Hatfield Girls High.
Lived in Chadcombe.
Immigrated to SA in 1981.
Visit my website
Born Salisbury 1958, schooled Shabani primary and Gifford high ('71-'77)
Would love to contact anyone who may remember me!
Royston Kevin Victor
Lived Bulawayo Harare.
Northlea School,Umtali Boys High, Churchill High.
Harare Polytechnic.
Celebration Church Harare.
Rushworth Stephen
Born Kwenda 1947
Ruzawi 1955-1959
Plumtree 1961-1965
Living in Cape Town
Russell Robert
Lived In Bulawayo.
Went to Newmansford Jnr.
Northlea, Guinea Fowl, and then Milton snr.
Worked at Treger brothers.
Now living in Cape Town SA
Rust Hillary Ann (Mynhardt)
Cold Storage Commission.
Rutherford Debbie
Born in Wankie in 1964, educated at Wankie Primary School and then Eveline High School.
Immigrated to South Africa in 1980.
Rutherford Kathy(nee Weineck)
Born in Gwelo, went to CJR and Chaplin school.
Worked at Grindlays Bank and Founders Building Society.
Married Rob Rutherford in 1979 and lived in Saudi Arabia for a few years and now in Randburg.
Have two children and now divorced.
Would love to hear from folks that I went to school with and worked with back in the days of our youth.
Salamon Angela
Attended Baobab Junior School (Vic Falls), Mount Pleasant High School and then Harare Polytechnic.
Now a teacher at Hilton College in South Africa.
Salmon Timothy
Lived in Salisbury left for SA 1981.
Salzer Glynis
Umtali, Fort Victoria, Salisbury.
Samuel Norman
Hamilton High up till 1967
Living in Randburg 25 years - in photographic world
Four kids with Linda and now four grandchildren
Scannell Ronnie Jerry
Bulawayo Rhodesia Railways.
Redcliff RISCO.
Scarff Virginia (nee Price)
Lived and school in Gwelo.
Convent, Regina Mundi and Chaplin.
Went to Teachers Training College in Bulawayo.
Taught at Victoria Falls at Baobab Primary on 1974/75.
Transferred to Gwelo where I taught at Riverside School.
Married Andrew Scarff in 1979 ex Hamilton.
Emigrated to South Africa in 1984.
Scheepers Marlene
Filabusi - Townsend High; Bulawayo Rhodesia
Schmidt Carl (Joe) (Smit)
Went to school at Sir John Kennedy then to Jameson in Gatooma.
Did my national service with 3 Independent Company in Inyanga.
Worked at Dulys in Bulawayo, then Dulys in Fort Victoria and then back to Dulys in Bulawayo.
A short stint at Modern Motors in Bulawayo before leaving for South Africa in December 1988.
Please contact me.
Schofield Bernard
Lived in Salisbury worked for PTC then joined 12 Signal Squadron.
Schoultz John (Shorty )
Marlborough Ellis Robins School.
Army 1RLI.
Schutte Linda (nee Cooper)
Schools: Frederick Knapp, Kitwe High.
Schwulst Mark
Redcliff Junior School
Emigrated to South Africa end of 1978
Scott Anthea (nee Sletcher)
Lived and schooled in Bulawayo.
Worked for Rhodesia Railways.
BSAP Gokwe.
Scott Sheryl
Grew up in Redcliff, went to Redcliff Primary school until 1978.
Scrooby Ron and Mary (Dell)
Ron worked at Risco in Redcliff and went to school at Redcliff Junior then Que Que High.
I went to Hartley School then Jameson and my last year was Que Que High.
Scruton Michael
Lived in Waterfalls, Salisbury.
Attended Frank Johnson, Primary School & Allan Wilson, Technical High School.
Seaton David
Gwelo Riverside School 1966.
CJR junior school then Salisbury Lord Malvern High.
Sedgwick Janet A
Visit my website
Lived initially Bulawayo, Famona & Malendela then Salisbury (Harare) Highlands.
Schools: Moray Road, Townsend and Roosevelt.
Worked primarily at Commercial Careers College, Homeakers, C I H Retail.
Seimons Urshula
Lived on a farm on the great northern road.
Went to school at Parker primary till 1963.
Selby Michael
I was born in Salisbury in 1970, moved to S.A. in '80.
My dad, George, was in the B.S.A.P Reserve.
Served at Nyamaropa, on Green Convoy and a few other places.
Sellick Russel John
Went to David Livingstone Kindergarten 1958/59.
Went to UK and then went to Vainona Primary for last term 1961.
Then back to David Livingstone Primary 1962 and first term 1963.
Later on went to Oriel 2nd and 3rd term 1966 and finally Falcon 1967 to 1970.
I am in touch with some people from those years and schools.
Ironically the ones I really want to find were in school with me in Zambia like Stephen Hicks, who also went to Falcon.
Sellmann Paul
Attended Kumalo Jnr.School. Gifford Tech High.
Worked at Nimr & Chapman & All Metal Founders
Seymour Julian
Lived - Lusaka, Bulawayo, Gwelo, Victoria Falls, Broken Hill.
Shaw Robbie
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Born 12/03/66 Dad's Name BILL SHAW still living in ZIM. Went to ALLAN WILSON HIGH SCHOOL.
Shepherd David
Born in Salisbury. Went to Prince Edward School.
Left Zim in 2002. Now live in Fish Hoek Cape Town.
Shepherd Ian
Prince Edward School.
Shout Dan
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Born Bulawayo 1981. Moved to the RSA with family in 1983, then Namibia in 1988.
Attended junior school in Oranjemund in Namibia and senior school at SACS in Cape Town.
Professional musician.
Have own music business in Cape Town and am Johnny Clegg's saxophonist & keyboard player.
Johnny Clegg
Shovlin Timothy
Went to school at Hamilton High until 1981 then went to Selborne College to the end of 1983.
Simmonds Edward Thomas
Born in Shabani, Rhodesia, 11 December 1936.
Father Frank Thomas Simmonds, Mother Grace Jean Simmonds, nee Chalmers. Brothers Dudley Minogue and Alister Frank.
Went to Milton Junior and Bulawayo Technical School.
Apprenticed as an electrician at Shabanie Mine.
Worked in Northern Rhodesian Elecrticity Corporation Commissioning Hydro Electric Power Stations at Kasama, Abercorn and Fort Rosebery,
Commissioned a diesel Power Station at Serenje.
Was Resident Engineer on the Dawn Gold Mine near Bulawayo for a while then landed up Section Engineer of the Temaraire Section of the Gaths Mine in Mashaba.
Was Greta Park Golf Club secretary for two years and Club Captain for two years before coming to South Africa.
Worked for Eskom at Kriel Power Station for two years and transfered to Lethabo Power Station to assist with the Electrical Commissioning and
setting up the Electrical Maintenance Section.
Transfered to Kragbron Power Stations to decommission and preserve for return to service.
Simunye Power Stations, set up by Eskom to look after return to service Power stations had to eventually to demolish the two power stations
due to age and old techknowledge.
Retired from Simunye Power Stations and took over as Estate Manager of the Kragbron Township.
Last employment was as a Manager for an Electrical and Instrumentation firm of consultants on an acid water reclamation plant near Witbank.
Now retired at 77 years of age.
Sinclair Des
Born in 1963, schooled at Thomas Coulter Wankie from 1969-1975.
Then Gifford High 1976-1980.
Started apprenticeship at Shabanie in 1981, was not bonded and left for RSA in 1982.
Now living in Rustenburg, happily married to a SA lady and blessed with 2 lovely children.
All those friends and of mine, Debbie my sister and father Des, please do make contact, it's always appreciated.
To Georgina its a lovely site and thanks for your hard work and dedication.
Regards Des.
Sinek Jacqui
Marlborough Primary School
Highlands Junior School
Oriel Girls High
Roosevelt Girls High
Speciss College
Worked at Glen Forest training centre
Slabbert Cornelia
Went to school at Chaplin high 1970-1972.
Lived and worked in Umtali 1972-1977.
Lived and worked in Salisbury 1977 to 1979.
Worked in Beit Bridge 1979 -1980.
Slabbert Mark
Went to Lord Malvern High.
Joined the RLI in 1974.
Left to come to South Africa 6th July 1980
Slack Mary(nee McCulloch)
Dudley Hall school, Queen Elizabeth Girls High School.
Worked in Bulawayo.
Sletcher Travis
Born Chipinga.....Father farmed in Nyanandhlovu...schooled at Milton Junior then senior.
Sloan Ian
Born Broken Hill (Kabwe) Zambia.
Went to Springvale as a border before moving to Umtali where I went to UBHS.
After National Service travelled overseas for a year before settling in Durban.
Moved up to Springs (Joburg area) in 1990 - still here for all my sins
Sloman Richard
School: Marlborough Jnr, Salisbury 75 - 77
John Cowie, Rusape 77 - 80
Mount Pleasant, Salisbury 80 - 83
Currently live and work in Pretoria
Smit Dawn
Lived in Mayo Ranch.
Smit Herman
Hi all Super Rhodies.
Born 1967. Educated in Mangula and Sinoia. From Doma area near Tchichinini.
Left for SA in 1980.
Completed schooling at Grenville Rustenburg.
Have 2 daughters, presently working for Anglo Platinum as an Employee Relations Manager.
Would like to chat to anyone who knows me.
Smit Joanne
I was born in Bulawayo, and left in 1984.
I still have family in Zim.
Smit Petrus (Piet)
Jacaranda Av, Rowena Bulawayo
Northlea School Left school 1964
Worked at Premier Electric
Radio Manufacturers
Smit Willie
Born in Gatooma.
Ministered in various towns in Rhodesia.1960-1978.
Living with my son ,Charles, in Benoni. South Africa
Smith Caitriona (nee Coogan)
Born Ireland but lived in Malawi then Ndola Zambia went to Convent.
Back in Johannesburg after a 2 year period in Dublin.
Looking for Ndola Convent fellow pupils!!!
Smith Chris
Lived in Harare.
Schooled at Frank Johnson Junior and Allan Wilson Tech High School 1966-1969.
Smith Dee
Married,then Farming in Concession
Smith Derek Owen
Eiffel Flats (Cam and Motor) jnr from 1945.
Que Que High from 1950.
Teachers Training College 1956.
Bulawayo Chronicle.
Llewellyn Barracks 1958.
Love to hear from any of the oldies.
Smith Erick
Farmed at Odzi, school at Umtali Boys High.
Mother was Koer Smith well known in tennis and hockey in Umtali.
Smith Helen
Was born in Bulawayo.
Spent schooling years in Messina South Aftrica, at Laerskook Messina and Eric Louw High School.
Attended Engelbrecht College of Commerce & Accountancy in Bulawayo 1972.
On 1 June 1979 married to Ivan Derick Smith previously of Shabani Rhodesia.
Smith Jack
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Hi! I went to school at Bothashof and my father farmed at Middle Sabi.
Smith Jeanette
Daughter of Jim and Jeanette Bergoff ex Avondale West.
Left for SA 1981.
Previously married to Ian Smith (Smutty Smith) of Kariba.
Returned to SA 2003 as not able to remain in Zim as no longer a citizen. Otherwise would still be there.
Ex Alfred Beit, Bothashof and MGHS.
The ache never goes away!!!!
Smith Linda
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I grew up Mufulira on the Copperbelt in Northern Rhodesia, in the 50s and 60s.
I attended the Mary Moffat, Ross Avenue Primary School and Mufulira High School, before going to boarding
school in South Africa between 66 - 68.
I have written a book which I have published myself under Fish Eagle Books titled Returning to Myself.
It is semi-aubtobiographic and tells of the wonderful life we lived in the Rhodesias,
the collapse of the Federation and the ruin of these three countries.
It also tells of the horrors of the ongoing Congo war.
My book looks at society's disfunctional ways and offers a higher way of living and being.
Smith Mary Ann (nee Stevens)
Born in Gwelo,I went to school at the Convent in Salisbury, now Harare.
Came to South Africa and went nursing in 1985.
I also worked for Novartis
Smith Yvonne (nee Loring)
Went to school in Que Que.
Lived in Bulawayo till 1968 then went to Salisbury till 1981 when I came to South Africa.
Smuts John
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Worked at RISCO 1970s-Redcliff.
Then to Conollys Bulawayo.
Had smallholding Norwood just outside Bulawayo on Vic Falls Road.
Smythe Derek
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Born '58 in Bullies. Schooled in Salisbury, Allan Wilson 70 - 75. 3 Indep Inyanga.
Left for RSA 77.
Settled in Zululand, married, one daughter.
Snyman Carol Ann(nee Brown)
Born in Umtali.
Attended Chancellor Junior then Umtali Girls' High.
Worked at Barclays Bank,Cabs,and Rhodesia Wattle Co.
Snyman Wilhelm
Salisbury: Schooling, Blakiston Junior and High schooling Prince Edward.
Soncini Sandra (Sandie)
Born in 1965 in Queue, moved to Salisbury in 1971 and attended Hatfield junior, then went to GHS.
Loved the ice rink till it closed.
Knew people like Sue Robinson, Rosie Listorti, Jean James and Katy Stamatagionnis.
Nice site, wish Rhodesia was still alive.
Sparrow Leesa
As a child I went to Courtney Selous in Harare.
Later moved to South Africa.
Returned to Bulawayo.
Finished schooling in Namibia.
Returned to Marondera and later moved back to Bulawayo where our family opened a company called Afri-trax
Spurr Brian
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Born Bulawayo in 1949.
Prince Edward High School.
Squires Cheryl Anne
Lived in Mount Pleasant, father was CEO of Car Mart, Tiny Squires.
Went to school in Borrowdale with Laureen Anne Brits, we were best friends.
She later married John and I would love to hear from her.
Starke Robert
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Lived in Cunningham Road, Greendale.
My father Donald was with AECI.
Stearns Carol (nee Shaw)
Schooled in Gatooma, Marandellas, and Umtali. Lived in Salisbury after school, now living in Johannesburg.
Will always be a Rhodesian at heart. Great site, well done.
Stedman David
Lived in Que Que - father was an engineer at Risco and mother a Librarian.
School at Falcon College.
National service at 3 (Indep) Coy, Inyanga and E Coy 4RR.
Sister, Elizabeth Stuart-Walker still lives in Harare.
Steel Philipe
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Worked at Rhobank.
Steele Andy
RLI 67 - 71 Engineers 71 - 81
Various civil contracts left 84.
KZN 84 - 92.
JHB till now.
Steenkamp Daan
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Schooled & lived at Bothashof 1959-1970.
I now live in Pietermaritzburg & practice as an attorney.
Stephen Bruce
Worked at PTC in Salisbury from 1972 to 1979.
Stephens Mike
Lived in Kwekwe during the 70's and early 80's.Started with Grindlays Bank and ended up with Lancashire Steel.
Had much to do with Sable Park and Round Table no.5.
Now living in Nelspruit.
Am a tour guide operating mainly in Kruger Park.
I can be found on face book with a photo of me and a millipede!
Sterley Norman Grant
Cape Town.
Ex Falcon College.
Stevenson Dean
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Living in 4ways Johannesburg, 3 children, and flying for a living.
Went to school in Bulawayo, Henry Low and Hamilton.
Born Salisbury 1966
Stewart Mathieson Anne
Lived in Salisbury, Bulawayo & Umtali.
Worked for National Food.
In the Rhodesian Army for 6 years.
Stewart Peter
Born in Umtali.
Moved to Fort Victoria and attended Fort Vic Junior and High - final year at Milton.
Studied BA and Teaching Diploma at the College of Knowledge Rhodes University.
First post 1973 at PE, then military service, followed by Chaplin and Sinoia High.
Went in commerce 1980 with Astra Holdings until 1987.
Self employed prior to moving to South Africa in 1989.
Steyn Heather (nee Young)
Born Que Que.
Junior school in Limbe Malawi at La Sagess Convent. High School at Fort Victoria High.
Trained as nurse in Salisbury and Umtali.
Worked in the Middle East and now back in South Africa.
Other places I lived in Rhodesia were Gwelo, Gwanda and Geelong.
Steyn Schalk
My name is Schalk Steyn, known to most of my Rhodesian friends as Squeaky,
I was born in Gatooma on the 16th December 1957, grew up on the Cam and Motor Mine , went to school in Hartley, Gatooma and finished off in Que Que.
Did my appy training on the Cam and went to Bualawayo Tech College.
Did my military training in Bulawayo intake 159 RAR posted to Wankie and the Falls then moved to Beit Bridge ended up with 4RR in Umtali.
Moved to SA in 1982 to Phalaborwa, worked on the mine here for the past 31 years.
Married a Rhodesian girl from Que Que in 1980 but we were divorced about 6 years ago. Re-married now.
I have two Children a girl and a son, my daughter lives here in Phalaborwa and my son lives in Cape Town, you may have heard of him, Dale Steyn, plays cricket for the Proteas.
I would love to have my name on your web site to try make contact with old friends and family from Rhodesia, trying to find my cousin Lindie Lee Wilke.
Steyn Sue (nee Craig)
Lived Bulawayo + -1963-1973. Went to Eveline,did hairdressing and worked at Radio Ltd..Record Bar.
Was married to Mansel Baker.Lived at Llewelyn Barracks where he was Postmaster.
Stidworthy Colin
Born in Bulawayo.apprentice on Railway, then Robolts.
Married Sheena Mackenzie.
We came to SA in 1983.
Live in Natal.
Stott Evie(nee Little)
I lived in Malawi.
Went to school in Salisbury at the Domican Convent 1953-1958
Strauss Ronel (Ronnie)
I lived in Gwelo.
Went to Riverside and Thornhill High School.
My parents are Fred and Kotie Strauss who still live in Gwelo as well as my brother Freddy.
Streak Cliff
From Bulawayo.
Streak Faith (ne Yeatman)
Henry Low, Khumalo, Townsend and Lowden Lodge.
Worked at the Telephone exchange for 1 year 1974.
Sudlow Charles
Customs, Army,Chibuku.
Sutton Dallas
Lived in Luanshya.
Last 2 years of schooling at Gilbert Rennie in Lusaka.
Now living in Durban and working for Mediterranean Shipping Company.
Swan Richard
53 Thomas Rudland School Bulawayo.
58 Milton senior Bulawayo.
62 Rhodesian PTC.
Swanepoel Gavin
I lived in Waterfalls and went to Frank Johnson and Lord Malvern.
My Dad owned the Seven Miles Hotel.
I left in 1979.
Swanepoel Ruth(nee)Whittaker
I was born in 1959 and attended Townsend Girls.
I moved to SA in 1981, met my husband Edward (Swany) in Durban, married in 1989 and have twin girls.
Swanepoel Trevor
I was born in Bulawayo 1950.
Swindon Malcolm
Lived in Salisbury 1969 - 1975.
Looking for old friends
Tait Mathew
Salisbury/Harare Greendale.
Tanski Mike
Born in Canada 1956, lived Gwelo 1963-65, Wankie 1965-66, Gatooma 1966-67, Kamativi 1967-68.
Would really enjoy hearing from anyone that remembers me
Taylor Stuart (Titch)
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Born in Salisbury 1953,lived in Marondellas, Goromonzi and Salisbury.
Went to following Schools - Blakiston, David Livingstone, Chipinga Jnr. and Guinea Fowl.
National Service intake 123.
Studied Horticulture Pretoria.
Reside in Benoni South Africa.
Taylor Tim
Born in Salisbury 1950, School in Marandellas, worked for ESC, left 1978.
Now working for ESKOM in Ermalo.
Terwin Rowan
I lived in Hatfield and went to Hatfield Junior and then Churchill BH - left in 1967.
I went to England for two years and have eventually settled in the Eastern Province -Somerset West.
If there is anybody thet knew me, please let's hear from you.
Teulon Ingrid
I was born in Que Que & went to Que Que High School.
Left for college in Salisbury & worked there until I left in 1981.
Have been all over the world since then, but now live & work in Johannesburg.
Thabangu Nqaba (Terence)
I lived in Bulawayo.Mpopoma.
Worked at Security Mills and Textile.
Thackwray Louis
Lived: Salisbury; Gwelo; Que Que and Bulawayo.
Worked: Rhodesian Light Infantry and School of Infantry.
Theron Edith
Schooled at Hatfield Girls' High, then worked at Barclays Bank Manica Road.....then went to WITS.
Third Samantha(nee Simpson)
Lived in Umniati
School Que Que 1974
Thompson Clair (nee Wilson)
Lived in Salisbury for 24 years of my life.
We lived in Milton Park and Avondale just before we left.
Married and divorced Keith Thompson and have a daughter Karmen.
Thompson Lynne (Lynette) (nee Petzer)
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I grew up in Umtali and last attended Umtali Girls High at the end of 1980.(I was 15)
Moved with my family to Stutterheim in South Africa,for a year, then
Port Elizabeth with my parents, 2 sisters (Ava & Sheryl) and Brother (Troy).
I have sadly lost contact with so many of my closest friends from Umtali and
would love to catch up with them.
If "ANY ONE" remembers me from "Way back then", please, please contact me.
I would love to hear from you!
Love Lynne : 6 January 2009
Thompson Mervyn
Born 1943 Churchill School.
Worked Arbor Acres.
Would like to contact Heather and Patricia Turner (maiden names)
Parents were Tony and Phil Turner - thanks
Thompson Rhona Patricia(nee Lottering)
Welfare Office Bulawayo(Tredgold building)
Rhodesia Womens Service 2nd intake.
Thompson Virginia (Ginny)
Went to Hatfield, Courtney Selous and David Livingstone Primary School.
I don't recall much from that time before becoming a boarder at Macheke Primary.
Then went to Thornhill High School as a boarder, and finally Queen Elizabeth High, Salisbury.
Lived in flats La Maison at the corner of 6th St and Livingstone Avenue, Salisbury which is now a hospice!
Have an older sister Carol.
I am now married with 4 sons and living in Gauteng S.A.
Would love to get in touch with Fiona Jones who I heard was nursing at Salisbury Hospital.
She had a younger brother Colin and her Mum was the late Iona Jones.
After leaving school I worked at the Telephone exchange in Salisbury.
Those were the days when you had to book calls to SA and you could have up to a 12 hour delay!
Thomson Yola (ne de la Rue)
Born in Gwanda, lived in Colleen Bawn.
Went to Eveline Girls High in Bulawayo - was in Northward Hostel.
Worked for Rhodesia Railways and then United Portland Cement
Tlou Alfred Kgaugelo
I went to Manama Mission - Gwanda South Zimbabwe.
Now I'm in Johannesburg South Africa.
Todd Michael Cliff
Border at Hillside Junior Byo,1973/74, Northlea High Byo 1975/77.
Moved to Salisbury mid 77.
Went to that boys school next to Mabelreign Girls High (seemed to have forgotten it's name)1977 / 78.
Rhodesian Herald 79/82 appy.
Started own buss 85 until 1997.
Closed due to Mugabes economic structural programme.
Started new buss 1998 until 2007.
Closed after loosing money in the indigenous bank closures.
Left mid 2007 for S.A.
Currently reside in Alberton with wife Michelle and two daughters plus grand daughter.
Toffa Cleedon James
I used to stay in Matsheumhlope Bulawayo.
I went to school at Tennyson Primary then to CBC.
I then went to Masiyepambili then Speciss College.
Tonkin Sharon (nee Keth)
Lived in Harare.
Worked Dept of Roads, Lyle matthews and Asscoc and Brian Colquhoun and Ptners.
Tonks Gavin
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Went to school at David Livingstone and Churchill High. Left in 1974.
Tregaskis Trig
Went to school at St. Georges College.
Worked at Radio Ltd in Salisbury and as a DJ for Radio Jacaranda.
Married to Moreen Knowles and have three kids.
Genie, Bernice and Douglas.
Currently living in Umhlanga Rocks, Natal.
Would love to hear from old friends and Old Georgians wherever you are.
Trombas Alexia
Lord Malvern.
Farmers Co-op.
Truworths, RSA.
Truebody Phillip
Khumalo Junior (1959-65)
Milton Senior (1966-71)
Worked for Byo Electrical Dept. (1973-81)
Lived in Khumalo North & Paddonhurst.
Left for SA during 1981.
Now in Kempton Park.
Tucker Arther
Lived in Bulawayo from 1960 to 1976.
Turner Brian
Went to school at Allan Wilson and Oriel Boys.
Worked for ICM for many years then had my own business.
Served in RIC and moved to Mozambique in 1997.
Now living in SA since 2008.
Turner Margaret Nina
Lived in Bulawayo in the 60' was married to Geoff Turner (Meikles).
Worked at RailMed as an ajuducator.
Tutt Fiona (was Hawthorn)
Went to Khumalo Junior School, graduated Dominican Convent Bulawayo end 1983.
Moved to South Africa. Now living in East London.
Ungerer Jaycee
Skypehotladyinred 1
Bulawayo Triangle Sugar Estates.
Evelyn High School.
Van As Lynn (nee Colman)
Grew up in Mangula/Salisbury/Umtali - 1968-1986.
Jnr schools. Mangula/Courtney Selous/Umtali.
Dellas High school.
van Aswegan Peter
Went to Hillside Junior, Hamilton High, Plumtree then Milton to finish.
van den Heever Gary
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Went to Gifford - left at the end of '76.
Lived in Bulawayo.
van der Merwe Lauraine (nee Du Preez)
Went to Queensdale School and then onto Hatfield High in about 1975 to 1979.
Lived in Salisbury
van der Merwe Marita
Daughter of Hendrik Oosthuizen
Tjolotjo Plumtree
van der Merwe Warren
Born in Bulawayo 68.
Father Patrick van der Merwe.
Mother Stella van der Merwe (nee Hill).
2 sisters Angie (deceased) and Karen.
Lived in Heany Avenue also Gweru moved to SA in 70's.
van der Struys April
Born in Bulawayo, March 1971. Now living in Jhb.
van der Westhuizen Gary
Lived in Fort Victoria.Did all my schooling in Fort Vic.
Left for South Africa in 1981.
van Deventer Carole
I went to Umniati Primary School from 74-77.
Anyone else out there that stayed in or around Umniati, like maybe in Que-Que or Gatooma.
My brother's name was Robert Hardie, he was at Thornhill in Gwelo.
Give me a shout, I'd like to be in touch with old classmates.
Van Droogenbroeck Marcel
Lived and worked in Alaska, near Sinoia. Worked in the laboratory.
Was later transferred to Mangula as Chief Chemist.
van Eck Debi
van Heerden/Ronald (ne Lock)Jenny
Lived in Salisbury.
Schooled at Belevedere Junior School and Queen Elizabeth High. (Spent 2-3yrs in Bevan Hostel.)
My first year out of school (1980) I started nursing at the Andrew Fleming Hospital.
Left for S.A in 1981 after my father and 2 dear friends were killed in the war.
Qualified at Greys Hospital in Pietermaritzburg, then went to do Midwifery in Cape Town where
I met up with a few ex-Rhodesian girls there too and obviously had some great times together.
From then on we all went our separate ways ....
Hope to track a familiar name/face down from the "Good 'ol Days!"
Was Jenny Lock at school and nursing, then became a Ronald in Pietermaritzburg.
Now a Van Heerden in Cape Town.
van Heerden Munro
Bulawayo. School.
Hamilton High.
Work - Railways.
van Huyssteen Lesley
Born in Bulawayo - school Townsend - worked for Air Rhodesia.
van Rensburg Carol
Went to Eveline High
Married 1970 - worked for typografter.
Moved to Newcastle 1982
van Rensburg Mike
Belingwe / Shabani.
van Rensburg Nico
Born in Salisbury went to Admrial Tait School, Churchill High and Cranborne High.
Worked for Rhodesia Railways
van Rensburg Sally (nee Graham)
Bulawayo Convent - 1960-1966
Townsend High - 1967- 1971
Southampton Ins. 1972 - 1974
Truworths - 1975 - 1980
Meikles H/Office - 1980 - 1984
van Rensburg Valerie (Fairfax-Francklin)
Queen Elizabeth 1966-70.
Polytech 1971.
Old Mutual - left there 1980.
van Rooyen Ashley Nikki
Northlea High School, Byo.
Worked at Standard Bank.
Father is Michael Iacovou from Triangle, Rhodesia.
Then left to go to Cyprus
van Rooyen Pauline Mary (nee Clarke)
SkypePauline van Rooyen
Born Bindura, raised Mangula/Sby.
Schooled Umtali Dom Convent/Mangula Primary/Sinoia High/Mabelreign Girls.
Joined BSAP 1972.
Left Zim in Jan 1981.
van Staden Maria (nee Smith)
Grew up in Gweru.
Went to Chaplin School in Gweru. and C.J.R Junior school.
Got married to Johan van Staden in Gweru.
He also went ot Chaplin School.
van Staden Sue (Bosman)
Lived in Queeensdale Salisbury most of the time and for about a year in Bulawayo.
Worked for the Standard Bank -Salisbury branches and Bulawayo branches.
van Vuuren Andries
Lived in Green Walk Rd, Wankie from 1972 to 1992.
My Parents were Luckas & Leonie & my sister is Deline.
Went to Thomas Coulter Junior School & then Northlea High School in Bulawayo.
Worked at the Wankie Power Station as a Coded Welder till 1992.
I have been married to Pat van Vuuren nee TAYLOR since 1991.
We moved to Richards Bay, South Africa 1994 & I work for Mondi Paper, Richards Bay Mill
van Vuuren Antis
Bothashof School Harare.
van Vuuren Pat (nee) Taylor
I lived in Wankie at 15 Edinburgh Rd from 1973 to 1983 went back in 1991 & left 1994.
Went to Thomas Coulter Junior School then Eveline High School In Bulawayo.
My Parents are Alice & John Taylor & my sister is Yolanda Taylor who is now married to Steven Adams.
My Dad was the Horticulturalist at Wankie Colliery & my Mother was the No1 Club Secretary.
I married in Wankie 1991 to Andries van Vuuren, then we moved to Richards Bay, South Africa 1994
van Wyk Dianne (nee David)
Born 1965.
Went to Baines K.G.
High Beadle and Northlea
van Wyk Joey
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Lived in Lochinvar and attended Lord Malvern High in Salisbury during the sixties
van Wyk Nick
Lived in Sinoia, Umtali, and worked for myself.
van Zyl Andr
Born 1961 in Bulawayo. Attended Moray junior.
Attended Gifford Tech High.
Started electrical apprenticeship at Railways before leaving for SA in 1980.
van Zyl Peter
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Born in Byo.
Schooled Northlea.
Worked Signal Technician Rhodesia railways
van Zyl Piet
Lived in Macheke -schooled at Diggelfold School Marandelas. Known as Anna Shlenk.
van Zyl Ron and Lyn
I was born Sinoia,went to PE and lived in Sinoia.Tengwe and Salisbury.
Married Lyn Kriedemann, born Luanshya, went to Evelyn.
Her folks farmed on the Nyamandlovu rd.
My folks farmed on the Alaska mine rd, in Sinoia.
Vaughan Nigel
We arrived in Salisbury from the UK in 1960.
I went to Marlborough Junior School and then had my first year of high school at Ellis Robins, before our family left Rhodesia and moved to South Africa.
Then spent the rest of my high school career at Eshowe High in Natal.
Velthuysen Ben
Lived in Umtali and went to Umtali Boys High.
Venner Thernon
Went to Northlea Byo, Worked Customs , Served in Artillery
Venter Andre
Lived in Hartley (Chegutu)
Worked in Salisbury, farmed until 1980 moved to SA.
Now living in Cape Town.
Venter Hannes
Marandellas High School.
Farmed in Rusape.
Friends Stockills,Wolhutes.
Venter Rosalind (nee Goosen)
I grew up in Filabusi & Bulawayo.
Now living in South Africa with my 4 kids.
Parents are Oscar & Liz Goosen, sisters Eileen & Megan.
Would love to hear from old friends or any Rhodie living in Gauteng (Joburg / Pretoria area)
Vermark Angeleen (Angie) (nee Johnson)
1959-1977 Went to Que Que High.
Lived on Nasbey Plots and Redcliff.
My father was Bones Johnson and Mother Marthra.
I married Vernon Vermaak.Have 2 boys and 2 grandchildren.
Like to get in touch with all my friends..Too many to name.
Both parents have passed on.
Vermaak Crosby
Started off at Q/Q Junior ended up in Q/Q High.
Immigrated to S/A where I have been living since Rhodesia.
Vermaak Ken
Lived in Gwelo went to CJR and Chaplin.
Worked on Rhodesia Railways and for the Ministry of Water Development.
Left Rhodesia 20 August 1980.
Now live in King William`s Town Eastern Cape.
Vermaak Tracey-Lee Rendall
I lived in Impress Nickle Mine.
Vermeulen Linda (nee Van Staden)
Went to Evelyn.
Married Jono and lived in Wankie from 1975 - 1981.
Immigrated to Secunda, SA. Been there ever since.
Born and Breed Bulawayo Girl.
Vermeulen Willem
John Cowie, Rusape
Macheke Primary School, Macheke
Marandellas High School, Marandellas
Vickery Ted
Lived in Hillside, Bulawayo.
Went to Henry Low and then Hamilton.
Worked at PTC and then Supersonic.
Left for Cape Town 1981.
Verster Andre
Hi all.
Left Gods own country in September 1980 for SA.
Have lived and worked in Johannesburg since then.
Got divorced in 1999 and have two lovely kids (Max 24 and Nicola 22).
Have remarried to a delightful Belgian lady and would love to hear from any
ex-Rhodies who remember me from Milton High or the PTC from 1971 - 1980.
Viljoen Desire
Centenary, Mt Pleasant High and North Park Primary.
Viljoen Cheryl (nee Heuer)
I lived in bullies have been living in SA since 1981.
I am married with 3 children and living in Richards Bay.
I am looking for Jeffery Davidson he went to Hamilton High.
I used to go to Montrose High and if there is anyone who remembers me, email me so that we can chat.
Viljoen Mark
Born Gatooma 1944.
Moved to Bulawayo.
Milton Junior 1952 to 1956.
Milton Senior 1957 to 1961.
Post Office Salisbury 1962 to 1963.
Samuel Osborn Bulawayo seventies.
Viljoen Penny( nee Phillips)
Girls High School.
Worked at Andrew Flemming Hospital and Family Planning assoc.
Left Zim in 1982.
Married with 2 sons.Widowed in 1992.
Now living in Bryanston, Johannesburg.
My sisters Liz, Debby and Cathy (Phillips) all went to GHS.
Vine Trevor
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Born 1946.
Attended Cranborne Boy's High.
Joined the Airforce 1964.
Left 1981 and now residing in Jo'burg.
Vismer Alfred Philip
Attended and taught at Milton High School Bulawayo 1959 - 1970.
Vivian Lauraine
I was born and grew up in Avondale, Salisbury.
I went to Avondale School and GSH and I left in 1980.
Vogel Margaret
Attended Que-Que High 1976 -1978.
Vorster Timothy Gavan
Went to Wilson High school class of 1981.
Harare Zimbabwe and Chaplin High school class of 1978 Gweru.
Waite Terrance
Visit my website
Marlborough Junior School 64-70. Allan Wilson Technical High School 71-76. Specis College 77.
BSA Police 1/78, Bulawayo.
Wakeford Earle
Thornhill High School,Gwelo.
Greys Scouts intake 163.
Walker Nola (ne Seaton)
I was born in Harare in 1961.
I attended Highlands Junior School and Oriel Girls High School.
I have a brother Craig and a sister Tammy.
I have been married to Colin for 26 years.
I have a daughter, Kirsty-Leigh who is 24 years and a son, Roger who is 23 years old.
I would love to hear from anyone who knows me.
Walters Louise
Lived in Beatrice, Gatooma, Fort Vic, Salisbury.
Wampach Brenda (nee Arthur)
Born 1958 in Bulawayo.
Went to Coghlan Junior/Townsend High.
I married Dave Wampach in 1976 and we are still happily together.
We have two daughters, Chantelle and Tanya.
My siblings are June and Willie.
If anyone remembers me I'd love you to correspond with me.
I am looking for my dear friend Lynn Freestone (her brother is Roy).
Should anyone know of her whereabouts I'd appreciate it if you can let me know.
Fabulous website.
Walker Cathy
St Christophers in Gwanda, Eveline Girls High and lastly Northlea.
Worked for Nu-line furnishers before I left in 1989 to move to SA.
Waring Richard
Lived in Dett and Bulawayo.
Junior schooled at Sir Roy Welensky in Dett and then High School at Hamilton in Bulawayo
Warner Theresa
We lived in Bulawayo. I went to Baines and then to Eveline(75-79).
My dad was Colin and worked on the Rhodesian Railways.
Warren Zelda
Moray Junior School, Montrose Girls' High School, Bulawayo Technical College.
Lived in Napier Ave, Hillside, Byo.
Warton Richard Hector Christian
Born a grandson to an 1896 pioneer.
Father was in BSA Police for 23 years.
I schooled at Churchill, but I was extremely thick and didn't really achieve much.
Left & joined BSAP as a cadet.
Left & joined RRAF, after 3,5 years left, (too many Poms).
Joined the RLI for 10 years, best time of my life.
Living in KZN.
Married to Colleen for 32 years, (Rhodie of course) and have two excellent sons, Keith & Steve,
who have a great future ahead of them.
Warwick Wendy (nee Crowe)
Ex Bulawayo was at Eveline and Northlea ebsite
Born in Umtali, educated in Harare at Blakiston Junior and Queen Elizabeth High Schools.
Went to Tech in Durban and stayed at NAWRA HOUSE with Zim colleagues.
Now living in Ballito and ST Lucia on North Coast KZN running a tour/safari company.
Waterston Gary
Lived in Salisbury.
Went to Borrowdale and Nettleton Junior.Cranbourne High school.
In 1974 I started my apprenticeship to become a jockey.
I rode in Rhodesia till 1981 then moved to South Afica.
Watson Kevin
Resided in Bulawayo.
Schooled at Northlea. Left for SA in 1979
Now living near Phalaborwa in Limpopo Province (RSA)
Watson Kevin
Resided in Bulawayo.
Schooled at Northlea. Left for SA in 1979
Now living near Phalaborwa in Limpopo Province (RSA)
Wawn Keith
Lived in Salisbury, went to Hatfield Junior and Cranborne High schools.
Worked for Barclays Bank and Cellophane Packaging.
Live and work in Cape Town.
Webb Hietink Donelle
Born Harare 1959,(nee Webb) Lady Chancellor (mom worked there as midwife)
Schooled Marlborough Junior School, moved to Malawi in 1967 for 4 years.
Schooled Blantyre Junior School, Hillview Primary School, Limbe and St Andrews High, Blantyre.
Moved back to Zimbabwe then schooled at Mt Pleasant, Harare.
Married Jan Hietink in 1980, and we left Zim in 1984 to East London
Webster Mike
Worked at Salisbury Portland Cement from 1967 to 1985.
Played soccer with Belvedere Rangers and Raylton.
Served in Salisbury PATU till independence.
Weinmann Yvonne
Married to Arthur.
He went to Prospect Primary then Cranborne High.
Left 1962.
I went to Prospect Primary then Hatfield Girls High and left 1967.
Moved to SA 1979.
Have moved all over.
Weir Johnny
Hi everyone,what a great site.
I was born in Bulawayo 1943 started at Raylton school,then Milton junior, Tech,Northlea & finished school at
Hillcrest High in Livingstone.Yip moved around.
I worked for the Railways & then for Clan Transport.
Moved to East London in 1982 have 2 grown up children residing in Sweden & 1 here with me in SA.
Let me end by saying that I am really PROUD to say that I am Rhodesian,
what great people we are, what a great country we had.
Would love to hear from long lost friends & Rhodesians
Welgens Shani
Lived in Bulawayo.
Schooled at Montrose Girls High and Que Que High.
Worked at Telephone Exchange.
Welman Jos
Born in Gatooma 1950
Schools:Gatooma: Munro : 1956. Sir John Kennedy 1957 - 1962. Harare Bothashof 1963 - 1967
Army: 1975 - 1977
Currently living in Grahamstown , Eastern Cape.
Director of the Rhodes University Centre for Entrepreneurship.
Wessel Ingrid (nee Burdon)
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We lived in Cecil Avenue, Hillside, Bulawayo.
I was educated at the Dominican Convent, Bulawayo.
My first job was with Barclays Bank in Selborne Avenue.
Wessels Peter Christopher
Lived in Bulawayo, schooled at Northlea, worked at Shell.
West Denise (nee Botha)
Lived Fort Victoria, went to school there, last teacher Mrs Scott.
Friends, Joy Pistorius, Ann Gush, Sylvia Miller, Goofy Page, Valda McLeroth, Clarice newman to name but a few.
Westley Cheryl
Went to Greenfield, Montrose then Townsend.
Emigrated to PE after writing O's.
Would love to trace my old school buddy who emigrated to Oz in the early 80's - Rosemary Holden.
She attended Montrose with me.
She had a brother Kevin.
She went out with Andrew Van Staden??
Wheatley Malcolm
Schooled at Milton in Bulawayo.
Worked in BSAP from 1978 to 1984.
Emigrated to England 1984, then to South Africa 1987.
Now residing in Gonubie, Eastern Cape, South Africa.
Wheeler Syd [nee Bailie Barry]
Anyone not yet on the Chaplin data base - please contact me.
White Kay
Skypekay pazera
Lived in Queensdale then Waterfalls.
Went to Queensdale Junior School and Lord Malvern High until 1973.
Worked at UDC Ltd
White Kevin Charles
Jameson High School.
White Natalie Charmaine
I was born in Salisbury, Rhodesia on 1st May 1953.
Lived in Richwell Avenue, Mabelreign with my mother, Val and father Aubrey Cecil White.
Would love to find Madelene Janet Robertson (formerly White born de Kock).
Janet has a brother Bruce De Kock.
Janet was born on 24 October 1945.
She has a son, Eric D White born on 5 November 1965, and I think a daughter U'Galene Robertson born on 24 July 1969.
Whitehead Raine
I was born in Salisbury,Rhodesia.
Schooled at Avondale Junior and Mt Pleasant Senior schools.
Did my nurses training at Andrew Fleming Hospital.
After that settled in SA as they had no post for qualified white nursing sisters.
Whittaker Gavin
Lived on Arcturus gold mine.
Wilkinson Pam(Nicholls)
Gwelo Convent High School 1964 - 1969, Salisbury Convent 1970.
Worked for Rhodesia Broadcasting Corporation in Bulawayo 1971 - 1973
Williams Alison (nee Barwise)
Attended Mt. Pleasant High. 1977 - 1981.
Worked at Old Mutual 1983 - 1985.
Would love to hear from anybody that knew me.
Williams Anthony
Born 1966 Gwelo - Primary school CJR, Secondary Chaplin (O's) & Falcon (A's), 6yrs ElecEng (WitsTech - Jhb).
Returned to family farm near Guinea Fowl for 10yrs, finally beaten by Mugabe, moved to Jhb.
Married to Robyn (1998), two lighties - Kelly (7) & Roland (3).
Actually quite content - considering!
Enjoying the 'success' of land reform in Zim - of course Bob is a hero...!
Miss the tightly knit community & innovation of farming folk, the beautiful countryside and the space.
Williams Jumbo
Went to Prince Edward.
Trained at TTC in Bulawayo and Served in the RAR and RR.
Williams Raymond (Ray) Vincent
At Saints College Balla Balla in late 60's while living in Kabwe (Broken Hill) Zambia.
Lived in Salisbury/Harare from around 78 to about 87 before moving to Jo'burg area.
Worked at Farmers Co-op and then Seed Maize which became Seed Co of Zim.
Was involved in model planes for many years.
Married to Lynn Marie nee Robinson with only daughter Natalie.
Currently live in the Strand just outside of Cape Town. Still drink too much beer!
Williams Sonya (nee Penfold)
6 Spencer Ave
Marymount College
Wilsher Cheryl
Hello Out There.
Went to Marandellas High, Mabelreign Girls and Frodsham Commercial College ( up to to 1980 ).
Wow has time passed.
To all I knew / know - Hope you are all well !
Wilson Ken
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Visit my websites
Salisbury. Schooled at Ellis Robins and worked at Grindlays Bank. Left in 1973 for S Africa.
Wilson Michael
Went to John Cowie in Rusape then from 76 went to AW.
Wilson Rick
Hi All,
Umtali Boys High Until 1966.
Would Love to hear from 'old' friends.
Anyone know the whereabouts of Pat and Dawn(nee Pieterse, Judy (nee White, Neville Bellringer,
Michael Burns and Andrew van Rensburg from Umtali.
No I don't still ride Motorbikes.
Wilson Thomas
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Mangula primary 1972-76.
Winfield Michael
Went to school in Kalulushi and Mufulira.
From 1967 to 1976 worked for the Rhodesian PTC in auto installations.
Winhall Pete
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Norton Junior School 53 to 59
Plumtree 60 to 65
Univ of CT 66 to 69
Safari operator in Kruger and Diamond Dealer in C.Town
Winson David
Attended Gifford High School.
Left 1978.
Winton Sheelagh
Lived in Khumalo and Paddonhurst Bulawayo.
Went to Khumalo School and Convent High School.
Left in 1989.
Woan Barry Robert Charles
Born Bulawayo. Schooled CBC Bulawayo.
Joined BSAP and served in Bulawayo and Salisbury.
Wood Andrew
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Finished schooling at Hamilton Byo and after a short but interesting period working at
Haddon and Sly with Bernie and Mary.
I joined the BSAP.
Married Janet Evenson in 1973 and we have been happily married ever since, she's happily and I'm married!
Wood Sharon(nee Roy)
Lived in Bulawayo.
My parents are Robert Roy (he was in a band the Satellites) and Margaret nee Boyce.
Miss Bulawayo, Eskimo Hut, Trade Show, Hillside Dams etc
Woodhouse Barbara (neTrow)
Born Fort Victoria, Lived Chilimanzi, School St Peters Bulawayo, Umvuma.
Served Rhodesian Forces RWS 1975 to 1981
Woolnough Allan & Christine
Born Bulawayo 1957, School Lord Malvern in Waterfalls, Salisbury.
Left Zims 1985, own and operate my own company in South Africa, Two Daughters, yougest doing Phsycology degree at Pretoria Varsity.
Wordsworth Chris
DOB Bulawayo 6-3-51
Milton Junior, Milton Senior, Falcon College 1967
Worked for Air Rhodesia in the plating Shop. Then with Field Tech Sales in Salisbury.
Emigrated SA 1981
Between Air Rhod and Fields did allsorts of things.
Served with Rhacr.
Reside Kempton Park.
Wulfsohn Ruth (now Rodger)
Hi there!
Born in Salisbury 1960, went to Sharon and Queen Elizabeth and Mount Pleasant.
Have two daughters and now live in Cape Town since 2003.
Would love to hear from old school friends.
Wyley Ken
Sir John Kennedy and Jameson High 1956 to 1962.
Rhodesian Nuffield Trials Gwelo 1961.
Yates Fern
I was born in Salisbury in 1968 and went to Admiral Tait and Blakiston Primary Schools respectively.
I left in 1980 and lived in England for four years.
I then returned to South Africa in 1984 where I now live in Cape Town.
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